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5 ways to spot a bogus diet

5 ways to spot a bogus diet
USA Weekend
One of the newest fad diets making headlines is the Dukan Diet — a pseudo-version of the Atkinsdiet that's popular in France. It's a highly restrictive plan of protein-rich, low-fat meals, lots of oat bran and tons of water. ...
Diet pill prescriptions rise by 65%
by Mike Swain, Daily Mirror 29/07/2011 STRESSED-OUT Brits are comfort eating to make themselves feel better – then swallowing diet pills to help them lose weight. Diet pill prescriptions have soared by 65% in the past year, say pharmacists, ...
Drug that cuts heart stroke risk
Times of India
The study was conducted on rabbits given a standard diet, a cholesterol-enriched diet or a cholesterol-enriched diet with ivabradine. It revealed that as well as improving the myocardial performance index, ivabradine greatly improved left ventricular ...
Class Sees Banned Drugs in Diet Pills
Courthouse News Service
By JAMIE ROSS FORT LAUDERDALE (CN) - Recidivist abusers of drug laws are selling a diet drug with bogus claims it is "exclusively from all-natural herbs," though it is "intentionally spiked" with Sibutramine, a dangerous appetite suppressant banned by ...
Diet's working for one of UK's fattest orangutans
CBBC Newsround
One of the UK's fattest orangutans has lost a fifth of her body weight thanks to a strict diet of fruit and veg. Oshine weighed a whopping 100kg - twice her normal weight - when she arrived at Monkey World in Dorset from South Africa, where she was ...

Can vitamins help boost your memory?
Montreal Gazette
But McNeill, who wasn't involved in the new study, said some people -- especially those who are deficient in vitamins and minerals -- might get a memory benefit from boosting the nutrients in theirdiet. Emmanuelle Kesse-Guyot of the University of ...
Information Diet: Tim Gunn
Are you a TV junkie, or on an airtime-restricted diet? I'm a TV junkie. I find television to be very therapeutic. If you're a couch potato, what do you watch, and how: TV, laptop or tablet?I love well-written, scripted television—comedies like How I ...
Cornell professor's food epiphany documented in new film
Ithaca Journal
Colin Campbell, an emeritus professor in nutritional science at Cornell University, is author of the book "The China Study" about the benefits of a plant-based diet. He is featured in the film "Forks Over Knives", that will be playing at Cinemopolis ...
Gearing up for the 100-mile diet
Collingwood Enterprise Bulletin
But, I do think it will give me a better understanding of what is available in the area, and, since mydiet is more onerous, I think it will probably take more than a week for me get the hang of it. Vegetables are easy. Two words: farmers'market. ...
Swedish study links diet, school grades
OREBRO, Sweden, July 28 (UPI) -- Swedish researchers say young people whose diet is high in folate, the natural alternative to folic acid, are more successful in school. A study headed by Torbjorn Nilsson, a professor in biomedicine at Orebro ...
Real Housewife Taylor Armstrong reveals diet pill addiction & abusive marriage
Taylor Armstrong, the rail-thin star of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, recently made headlines when she lost a noticeable amount of weight after relying on herbal diet pills. But now it's her claims that she was physically abused by her husband ...
ABC News
"The 17 Day Diet: A Doctor's Plan Design for Rapid Results" by Dr. Mike Moreno (Free Press) 7. "The Greater Journey" by David McCullough (Simon & Schuster) 8. "The Dukan Diet" by Pierre Dukan (Crown Archetype) 9. "Of Thee I Zing" by Laura Ingraham with ...

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