Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happiness Feedback Loop

  • Limit your focus to small, manageable goals
  • Think of each component task as a small end in itself

The Happiness Feedback Loop at Work | Greentarget - JDSupra: " . . . . A recent National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health report included some fascinating statistics: one-fourth of employees view their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives, and three-fourths of employees believe the average worker has more on-the-job stress than he or she would have had a generation ago. As the world seems out of our control these days and the stress seems about to overwhelm us, one of Achor’s seven principles to focus on is the “Zorro Circle.” Limit your focus to small, manageable goals, he says. Then expand the circle as you accomplish each small goal. Don’t obsess on what the end result should be or try to do a bunch of activities in a half-hearted way to reach the finish line quickly. Instead, think of each component task as a small end in itself. That’s the better strategy. . . ."

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Analysts warning, ObamaCare plans like Medicaid

The doctor won’t see you? Analysts warn ObamaCare plans could resemble Medicaid | Fox News: "Those signing up for private health care coverage on the ObamaCare exchanges may be in for an unpleasant surprise -- they'll have insurance, but they might have trouble getting the doctor to see them.  As hundreds of thousands enroll for coverage beginning Jan. 1, analysts are warning that the plans are likely to give them access to fewer doctors and hospitals. So much so, they warn, that the system could begin to resemble Medicaid, the health care program for low-income Americans...."

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dogs, Companions, Guardians, 99.9% Wolf

Stop coddling your dog—he’s 99.9% wolf - Quartz: "... Now, three years after he tried to kill himself, Millan is rebuilding. He is in a serious relationship, has a new TV show, and a new dog psychology center, where he is getting back to his roots by recreating his grandfather’s farm in Mexico—a humble place with livestock and adobe that is about as far from Hollywood as it could be, permanently occupied by the immortal spirit of his favorite dog, Daddy. Of the vital function that dogs perform, Eckhart Tolle says: + They keep millions of people sane. They have become guardians of being...."

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Anti-ageing compound, human trials, turns clock back

Anti-ageing compound set for human trials after turning clock back for mice | Science | "Australian and US researchers hope an anti-ageing compound could be trialled on humans as early as next year, following a key breakthrough that saw the ageing process reversed in mice. The study, involving Harvard University and the University of NSW, discovered a way of restoring the efficiency of cells, completely reversing the ageing process in muscles. Two-year-old mice were given a compound over a week, moving back the key indicators of ageing to that of a six-month-old mouse. Researchers said this was the equivalent of making a 60-year-old person feel like a 20-year-old...."

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sex and Intimacy After Childbirth

Sex and Intimacy After the Baby Arrives - ".... For the first three months, “my ‘sexual’ fantasy was for nobody to touch me,” she said. Though his interest had not flagged, Mr. Williams said he was in no rush and a little apprehensive: “It didn’t seem like an option for a while.” The couple did start to have sporadic sex at three months, although it was often painful for Ms. Williams. Setting some rules helped stoke her desire; one was no touching of her breasts, which had grown to an H-cup to his delight, and her discomfort. They kept trying, and more than a year after delivery, “now sex is great,” she said. “Women need to know it’s O.K. to be gentle with themselves and be patient,” she said. “If you have open, honest intimacy, it will come back.”"

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Grant Study Reveals Love is Happiness

Grant Study Reveals What Makes Us Happy - Business Insider: "Vaillant’s key takeaway, in his own words: “The seventy-five years and twenty million dollars expended on the Grant Study points … to a straightforward five-word conclusion: ‘Happiness is love. Full stop.’ ”"

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

GMOs, Feeding the World

GMOs Could be an Important Tool in Feeding the World | MIT Technology Review: "...“It’s an overwhelmingly logical thing to do,” says Jonathan Jones, a scientist at the Sainsbury Laboratory in the U.K. and one of the world’s leading experts on plant diseases. The upcoming pressures on agricultural production, he says, “[are] real and will affect millions of people in poor countries.” He adds that it would be “perverse to spurn using genetic modification as a tool.” It’s a view that is widely shared by those responsible for developing tomorrow’s crop varieties. At the current level of agricultural production, there’s enough food to feed the world, says Eduardo Blumwald, a plant scientist at the University of California, Davis. But “when the population reaches nine billion?” he says. “No way, José.”" (read more at link above)

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