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Dr. Dolgoff Responds to Dara-Lynn Weiss's Vogue Article

Dr. Joanna Dolgoff Responds to Dara-Lynn Weiss's Vogue Article
New York Magazine
... Cowles Dr. Joanna Dolgoff, a pediatrician and child obesity specialist, already set the record straight on Good Morning America that she doesn't approve of the way "diet mom" Dara-Lynn Weiss forced her 7-year-old daughter, Bea, to lose weight.

New York Magazine 

Why The Whole Diet (And Not Just Diet Soda Intake) Matters For Good Health
Huffington Post
With all the studies coming out linking diet soda with a bevy of health issues -- including increased stroke and heart attack risks, and even weight gain -- one may wonder whether it's actually the drink that is causing the health problems, ...

Complicated link between diet soda, health – Study
Participants with the highest rate of metabolic syndrome, at 32 per cent, were those who drank diet soda and downed the typical “Western” diet including lots of meat, processed foods and sugar. – Reuters Photo Some studies have suggested thatdiet soda ...

FDA scrutinizes diet drugs and BPA; Barbie gets bald friend
The advisors cited what one member called "the checkered history" of diet pills, including some that have been removed from the market for damaging hearts. If the FDA adopts the change, it could discourage companies from developing new obesity drugs, ...


Researchers Examine Interplay of Diet Soda and Overall Diet
Laboratory Equipment
Are diet sodas good or bad for you? The jury is still out, but a new study sheds light on the impact that zero-calorie beverages may have on health, especially in the context of a person's overall dietary habits. For the average person, the scientific ...

Lighten Up: Diet and exercise equals weight loss
Hanford Sentinel
Eve McGuire and Nicole Gonzales, both of Kingsburg, are now regulars of the kickboxing class offered at Xcelerate Fitness. (Mary Lou Aguirre/The Recorder) Here's a news flash: Consistent exercise and diet, as in eating less, equals weight loss.

Weight Loss Success: At 12 Years Old, Brooke Mennella Lost 90 Pounds
Huffington Post
My family and I were also scared for my health; I couldn't live to be 200 pounds without any complications. My mother signed me up for a gym and got me a personal trainer. How I Lost It: I enjoyed working with the personal trainer and attending Les ...

Chocolates help you lose weight
Times of India
Lead by Beatrice Golomb researchers from the University of California used data from a study of cholesterol-lowering drugs on healthy adults. The new research took into account how often the study's subjects ate chocolates and how this related to their ...

Lifestyle changes and supplements can improve blood pressure
Modifying lifestyle factors like diet and exercise, along with incorporating nutritional supplements, can make a significant impact. Priority No. 1: Lose weight. If you're heavy, shedding just 10 pounds can lower blood pressure enough to make it ...

Drop Pounds Quickly, Safely For Spring Break
Research shows that dieters lose weight more quickly on a low-carb diet, but generally only for the first six to 12 weeks. So if you want to drop weight quickly, cutting back on starchy carbs -- bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, cereal, crackers -- can ...

Can Diet Soda Be Part of a Healthy Diet?
Everyday Health
Science is still undecided on whether diet soda is good or bad for you, but a new study sheds some light on how diet drinks can impact a person's overall health. By Annie Hauser, Senior Editor THURSDAY, March 29, 2012 — Study after study has confirmed ...

Proper diet, balanced breakfast helps student performance
Kansas State Collegian
According to Dianna Schalles, director of nutrition services at Lafene Health Center, the progression from high school to college can play a toll on students' nutrition. “Lots of students are in transition from their high school days, living at home, ...

Anne Hathaway on '500 calories a day crash diet' to slim down for Les ...
Daily Mail
By Emily Sheridan Anne Hathaway is having to resort to a drastic diet to lose weight to play her latest role. The actress, 29, has been ordered to lose 16lbs in less than three weeks to play dying prostitute Fantine in the movie adaptation of Les ...

Daily Mail

Anne Hathaway On 500 Calorie Diet: Actress To Slim Down For Single Mother Role
International Business Times
She is on this drastic weight loss diet for her role of the dying prostitute, Fantine, in the movie adaptation of "Les Miserables." The 29-year-old actress has been ordered to lose weight so that director Tom Hooper can realistically shoot her as the ...

International Business Times

'I was able to diet like a star'
Independent Online
Pictures: Boxer Ngwenya One of the tricks Hollywood stars use to lose weight is having low calorie meals delivered daily to their homes, an ingenious idea that removes the elements of temptation and choice from a diet plan. I was happy to volunteer to ...

Independent Online

Lifescript Launches New Diet and Fitness Section
Einnews Portugal
Women's health website launches a comprehensive new Diet and Fitness section on its web site to help women eat right, exercise, and get to their healthiest weight. March 29, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ --, a women's health and ...

Green Coffee may aid Weight Loss
New research from a small study has revealed that extract from unroasted coffee beans may help people lose weight when paired with regular exercise and a good diet. Always talk with your doctor before starting a supplement. Joe Vinson, Ph.D., ...

Too little calcium, water linked to kidney stones
Fox News
iStock Older women whose diet include too little calcium or water -- or too much salt -- have an increased risk of developing kidney stones, a study confirms. Researchers found that among more than 78000 US women in their 50s and 70s, ...

Coffee beans help with weight loss
Looking to lose weight? Try green coffee beans! Scientists have reported striking new evidence that green, or unroasted, coffee beans can produce a substantial decrease in body weight in a relatively short period. In a study presented at the 243rd ...

Raspberry Ketones: Raspberry Ketone Pure Weight Loss Supplement Wins Best in Class
PR Web (press release)
But what's the truth about raspberry ketone weight loss results? Raspberry Ketone: The Miracle Fat-Burner in a Bottle to help boost your metabolism and burn excess fat naturally. Red raspberries are nothing new when it comes to their healthbenefits, ...

PR Web (press release)

Kate Middleton Weight Loss Concerns Caused by Odd Diet?
Gather Celebs News Channel
It may be the crazy Dukan diet that she is on. Look, Middleton's weight has been constantly in and out fo the gossip news for a while now. The question is has anyone actually looked at Kate'sdiet? All the haters (tabloids) seem to do is point fingers ...

Does switching to diet soft drinks improve health?
By Kathleen Blanchard RN on March 29, 2012 - 11:16am for eMaxHealth Recent news that diet soft drinks might lead to stroke, heart and other health problems has left consumers confused. Weight loss programs suggest diet drinks are better for reducing ...


The green coffee bean: A miracle weight-loss drug?
The Week Magazine
The raw, green coffee bean may contain a natural weight loss substance that disappears when roasted. Photo: CC BY: asgw SEE ALL 81 PHOTOS Coffee may be the lifeblood that keeps most workplaces humming, but new evidence suggests that the drink's ...

Escape 4 diet danger zones
USA Weekend
A diet danger zone puts you to the test. Let us help you escape danger. At a “health” store: Products with health claims still have calories. “We call it the health halo syndrome: foods that are disguised as good for you but aren't, such as energy bars ...

Water down your diet
Drinking plenty of water during weight loss is important to prevent your skin from sagging afterwards. Water also lubricates and cushions the joints. 6. Removing waste. Water aids in removing wastes from the body through sweat, urine and feces. 7.

Raspberry Ketone: Dr. Oz Touts 'Miracle' Weight Loss Supplement, But Is It Real?
Huffington Post
Supplement companies are scrambling to release a new weight-loss aid called red raspberry ketone. Just today, Pure Health released a 400 mg capsule. Their timing couldn't have been better: Dr. Mehmet Oz touted the aromatic compound, derived from red ...

Health Tip: Partners Have a Role in Pregnancy
U.S. News & World Report
Quit smoking, manage stress, eat a healthy diet, avoid illegal drug use and limit alcohol use to reduce the risk of fertility problems. Partners should have a medical checkup to discuss personal health, medical history, family history and medication ...

Study Says Green Coffee Beans Promote 'Substantial' Weight Loss
Scientists are now reporting that the quest for weight loss could be found in green coffee beans. So much so, that people who took a daily dose of the bean's extract lost 10% of their body weight on average. Is that just too good to be true though?


Green Coffee beans - the new weight loss formula
By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD Green coffee beans could be the newest weight-loss fad as a new study finds that the bean extract may help people lose weight. When roasted at 475 degrees, coffee beans are sometimes described as rich and full-bodied.

Diets for People with Diabetes
About - News & Issues
I have lost over 100 pounds and I am still hacking away at that number. This weight loss came from trying many different diets and plans until I found the right one for me. As my lifestyle or preferences changed, so did my diet.

Doing it Right: Beach ready
(NECN: David Jack) - Fitness expert David Jack has some exercise tips for toning that body and making it presentable for the bathing suit and the beach. He's worked with editors of Men'sHealth and Women's Health and their book, "The Belly-Off Diet.

Diet/Health Question (Taco Bell)? - Yahoo! Answers
Idk how to start this but I'll try. I plan on eating Taco Bell (1 Chicken and 1 Bean Burrito at a time for dinner) 6-7 times a week for the next year or more as I live at ...

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Should a Child Diet for a Magazine?

Should a Child Diet for a Magazine?
WebMD (blog)
By Hansa Bhargava, MD In a recent article in Vogue magazine, a mother talks about how she put her 7-year-old daughter on a strict, no-nonsense weight lossprogram. By her own admission, her methods included depriving her daughter of dinner as well as ...

WebMD (blog) 

Complicated link between diet drinks, health, study finds
Fox News
iStock Studies have hinted that diet-soda lovers could face higher risks of diabetes and heart disease, but new findings suggest that overall diet may be what matters most in the end. Several studies have found that people who regularly down diet soda ...

Realtor has changed diet, lifestyle in attempt to beat colon cancer
Vancouver Sun
He's healthier than he's ever been, 40 pounds lighter, eating a healthy diet, exercising daily and, most importantly, living well. Gramek, 58, takes more time off work to spend with his friends and his partner, Wendy, doing everything from boating and ...

Complicated link between diet drinks, health: study
By Amy Norton | NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Studies have hinted that diet-soda lovers could face higher risks of diabetes and heart disease, but new findings suggest that overall diet may be what matters most in the end. Several studies have found that ...

Health effects of zero-calorie beverages
Times of India
Researchers have shed light on the affect that diet beverages may have on health, particularly in the context of a person's overall dietary habits. A number of studies have implicated dietbeverage consumption as a cause of cardiovascular disease.

Complicated link between diet soda, health:study
March 29 (Reuters) - Some studies have suggested that diet soda lovers could face higher risks of diabetes and heart disease, but one recent US study of several diet drink consumers found that overall eating habits may be what matters most in the end. to Host Spring Fitness Challenge, Prepare Dieters for Summer Months Ahead
PR Web (press release) announces that it will host a fitness-based Challenge this spring, providing expert-designed workouts and offering prizes to help participants get in shape for summer.'s new Fitness Challenge will use weekly guides like the one above ...

PR Web (press release)

Lifescript Launches New Diet And Fitness Section
Sacramento Bee
"For women who want to lose weight and improve their health, we have a huge amount of information," says Laurie Berger, Lifescript Editor-in-Chief. "Our Diet and Fitness section is encouraging, informative, and has several fun, interactive tools that ...

Green Coffee Beans May Aid Weight Loss
By Kathleen Doheny March 28, 2012 -- Ground green coffee beans, taken daily, seem to spur steady weight loss, according to new research. In a small, 22-week study, researchers found that 16 overweight men and women lost an average of 17 pounds.

Online Dish: Mommy Dearest Puts 7-yr-old Daughter on Diet for Vogue
Critics “weigh” in after a weight-obsessed mom puts her 7-year-old daughter on a strict diet and then flaunts her weight loss in Vogue. Meet a mother who has struggled with her own weight and body image issues for 3 decades, socialite Dara-Lynn Weiss.

Low-carb diet unsafe for those prone to heart disease
Zee News
Washington: Low-carbohydrate diets may help people lose weight, but they could prove deadly for those with a family history of heart disease, a new study has claimed. In experiments on mice, researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham found ...
Zee News

Coffee Beans As Weight Loss Medicine
According to new evidence, unroasted coffee beans may be able to play a big role in those who are trying to lose weight. Scientists found that unroasted, or green, coffee beans can produce a substantial decrease in body weight in a short period of time ...


Rev up metabolism with these 5 tricks
And for more great ways to and lose weight and stay slim for good, pick up a copy of The Men's Health Diet today! It combines the latest findings in exercise and nutrition with practical how-to advice that will transform your body into a fat-burning...

Vogue essay about 7-year-old's diet is lambasted
Washington Post (blog)
This week, there's been an online uproar over Dara-Lynn Weiss's essay in the April issue of Vogue about the diet to which she subjected her daughter, Bea. Weiss discusses how, after her daughter's weight was becoming a health problem, she set out to ...

'Healthy Restaurant Roadtrip' Reveals Healthy-Eating Travel Adventures and Advice
MarketWatch (press release)
Pouring over the menu for a dinner dish that won't sabotage the diet? Four cities and nearly 1400 miles later, the “Healthy Restaurant Roadtrip” reveals that it's easier than you might think to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle ...

Diabetes and lifestyle, cosmetic regulations and Depend ads
By Kim Painter, USA TODAY Diabetes and lifestyle: Overweight people with type 2 diabetes who lose weight and improve fitness can get an important payoff in improved mobility, a study of 5000 people shows. Lifestyle changes can have "a tremendous impact ...


Six Foods You Should Be Eating
Fox News
Getty Lack of diversity is one of the most common pitfalls in the quest to maintain a healthy diet. However, nowadays there are many options that can satisfy almost any request, from aiding to control appetite and blood sugar swings to decrease ...

Why Calories Count: Do Some Diets Work Better Than Others?
The Atlantic
At the extremes of weight-loss diets, the Atkins and South Beach diets are low carbohydrate but high fat, while the Ornish diet is low fat, high carbohydrate [1]. To compare the effects of such diets outside metabolic wards, researchers must deal with ...

Fitness: Good news for chocolate (milk) lovers
Montreal Gazette
And they did it under normal pre-season training conditions while the athletes were following their regular diet. Each athlete had either low-fat chocolate milk or Gatorade immediately after morning practice and again two hours later.

Weight loss, exercise improve mobility in diabetes
By Gene Emery | NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Losing weight and improving fitness may ward off some of the mobility problems that older overweight people with type 2 diabetes often face, according to a new study. The lifestyle changes helped mobile ...

Girl, 19, risks health by eating nothing but Margherita pizza for EIGHT YEARS
Daily Mail
Very occasionally she will try some pasta and chips or a packet of cheese and onion crisps, but she is now so used to her junk food diet that even this slight variation in her diet makes her feel sick. She said: 'The thought of trying other foods makes ...

Daily Mail

Examining how diet soft drinks impact your health
Scope (blog)
But findings have also shown that switching to diet drinks can promote weight loss. To better understand the health impact and interplay of diet soft drinks and overall diet, researchers at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill examined not ...

Scope (blog)

Apptitude: Help for getting fit and trim
Philadelphia Inquirer
With the Fooducate app, you can read the bar codes to keep your diet healthy. Instead of sitting around texting and playing games on your phone, why not use it to help you get fit this spring? There are loads of apps for that, and here are a few to ...

Is celebrity Dukan diet off the menu like so many before?
Daily News & Analysis
The Dukan was voted the worst diet of 2011 by the British Dietetic Association. Like his many predecessors who have offered a magic route to weight loss, Dukan has made a fortune. His book The Dukan Diet has worldwide sales of eight million.

Affordable Health Care Suggestions from Health Advocate Sharon Kleyne - the ...
Virtual-Strategy Magazine
"When health symptoms arise," Mrs. Kleyne explains, "before running to the medicine cabinet, try to learn everything you can about the symptoms. Often, they can be treated through diet and lifestyle changes. If you do go to the doctor, ...

Are Diet Pills Safe?
by Kristine Lockwood · Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 04:38 pm GMT -4 · Health At 3 am, infomercials claiming weight loss by pill-popping with testimonials from beautiful, model-like “real people” can be incredibly persuasive. Diet pills may be ...

Coffee Beans Help with Weight Loss
By Demetria Hobbs, Ivanhoe Health Correspondent (Ivanhoe Newswire) – Looking to lose weight? Try green coffee beans! Scientists have reported striking new evidence that green, or unroasted, coffee beans can produce a substantial decrease in body weight ...

Diet, exercise key to avoiding diseases
Sky News Australia
Diet, exercise key to avoiding diseases Updated: 05:14, Thursday March 29, 2012 Almost every Australian has at least one preventable risk factor that makes it more likely they'll develop a chronic disease during their lifetime, while more than half the ...

William Anderson weight loss: How I went from the fattest kid in class to ...
Daily Mail
By Victoria Wellman William Anderson grew up as the fattest child in the class and as young as seven had already been put on his first diet. Now he's a trim, successful psychotherapist who has not only developed his own weight-lossmethod but believes ...

Daily Mail

Margarita madness: Food phobia teen risks health by eating nothing but cheese ...
Since then, Sophie has lived on a diet of pizza, sometimes eating the stuff for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The performing arts student said: "I love pizza, each brand offers a new flavour, but it's all the same food so I don't have to try new foods.

Toward a Lower-Cesium Diet
Wall Street Journal (blog)
After that, health authorities decide how much radioactive exposure their populations will tolerate annually from food, and how much exposure they'll likely get from other sources. The acceptable level assesses the anticipated physical impact of ...

Should overweight kids be put on a diet? No, says Children's Hospital Boston's ...
When New York City writer Dara-Lynn Weiss found the obesity label stuck on her 7-year-old, she immediately took action, putting her daughter on a strict diet for the past year -- a painful experience that she recounted in the April issue of Vogue ...

Wellness programs can put state health plan costs on a diet
MedCity News
Wellness programs that encourage workers to stop smoking or lose weight are showing up in more health insurance plans, state health plans included. But North Carolina's State HealthPlan took a different course this year. A comprehensive wellness plan ...

Diet Detective Interview with Consumer Reports' Food Watchdog
Diet Detective: Can you explain the concept of sustainable food production practices? Urvashi Rangan: It's a holistic approach to producing food that considers the health and welfare of the environment, the workers and the animals in a way that ...

Surge in prediabetes underscores importance of diet and healthy ...
By Beat diabetes
Type 2 diabetes is dangerous, irreversible and challenging to manage. Prediabetes is serious as well; however it can be controlled much more easily and even reversed through basic dietand lifestyle changes. According to the US Department of Health and …
Beat Diabetes

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5 foods you should be eating for your best body

EatingWell: 5 foods you should be eating for your best body - inside and out
Chicago Tribune
Choosing nutritious foods helps your health in two ways. First, a diet packed with fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats helps you feel fuller on fewer calories, which is key in keeping your weight in check.

The Calendar Diet: Lose Weight for Spring The Healthy Way
Dr. Melina, a frequent guest on "Live with Kelly" and "Dr. Oz" sat down with me to talk about weight loss, "The Calendar Diet," and healthy eating over 40: Q: What are the biggest diet mistakes women over 40 make on daily basis?


Coffee Bean Extract Linked to Weight Loss
ABC News (blog)
“Based on our results, taking multiple capsules of green coffee extract a day — while eating a low fat, healthful diet and exercising regularly — appears to be a safe, effective, inexpensive way to lose weight,” study author Joe Vinson, ...

New Book Keeps Readers Healthy and Gastronomically Satisfied
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
Lifestyle diet introduced by Dr. Dan Eichenbaum does not need one to weigh, measure, compare, exchange, look up, or keep track of anything MURPHY, NC (PRWEB) March 28, 2012 For the past 20 years, Americans continue to gain weight and develop ...

Dukan Diet Guru Faces Ethics Hearing
ABC News (blog)
The doctor behind the Dukan Diet is under fire for suggesting there be an exam teenage students in France pass by staying thin. Dr. Pierre Dukan, whose Atkins-like diet has been credited for the famous figures of Kate Middleton and Gilsele Bundchen, ...

Diet, exercise help avoid disease: study
New research released on Thursday shows that people could do a lot to improve their healthsimply by eating more fruit and vegetables and getting more exercise. "Just over 90 per cent (of adults) fail to consume the recommended amounts of vegetables ...

This Just In: Healthy People Live Longer, Study Finds
ABC News (blog)
The reverse of that coin — the impact of healthy habits on preventing disease and death — has been a mantra in the medical community. Now a new study adds weight to that, finding that healthful behaviors, like exercising and eating a balanced diet, ...

Meet the diet addicts: Three Scots women reveal every weightloss plan they've ...
Scottish Daily Record
Nicola has tried the Kellog's Special K diet several times, too. She said: “It's meant to be cereal for breakfast and lunch, then a healthy balanced meal at night time. “It's probably not worked for me because it's not been a healthy meal.

The Biggest Threat of Dara-Lynn Weiss and Vogue's '7-Year-Old On a Diet'
Daily Beast
Manhattan socialite Dara-Lynn Weiss sparked widespread outrage by putting her 7-year-old daughter on a diet, writing about it in Vogue—and getting a book deal. But Isabel Wilkinson says the backlash and Weiss's humiliation are just compounding the ...

Daily Beast

Fitness and the Marines: A hard-core partnership
The Salinas Californian
Nordin is a native of Sweden who lives in Los Angeles and makes a living as a fitness expert. She's a former bodybuilder and trained the winner on the Scandinavian version of "The Biggest Loser." She is not, nor was she ever, a Marine.

Lighten Up: Diet and exercise equals weight loss
Kingsburg Recorder
By Mary Lou Aguirre Here's a news flash: Consistent exercise and diet, as in eating less, equalsweight loss. It's exactly what the participants in the "Lighten Up Challenge 2012" are discovering. Kingsburg residents Eve McGuire, Nicole Gonzales and ...

Will the Dukan Diet lose its attraction?
If Dr Pierre Dukan is struck off in France, yet another celebrity diet promising guaranteed weight loss could bite the dust. By David Robson When Dr Pierre Dukan was asked to account for his diet's best-selling success in Britain, he replied: “It works ...

Dukan diet doctor in hot water
Independent Online
By Daily Mail French medical orders have filed complaints against celebrity dietguru Pierre Dukan, whose diet was reportedly used by the Middleton family ahead of Kate's wedding to Britain's Prince William. London - Diet guru Pierre Dukan, ...

Independent Online

Moderate Drinking Helps Men After Heart Attack?
“For many men after experiencing a heart attack, major diet and lifestyle changes are recommended by their physicians, [but] our study indicates that for men already consuming moderate amounts of alcohol, continuing to consume moderate amounts may be ...

Green coffee beans linked to weight loss
If you want to lose weight, go green—green coffee beans, that is. The authors of a new study report that consuming less than an ounce of ground unroasted coffee beans per day resulted in about a 10% weight loss in less than 6 months.

Coffee Bean Diet Results in Fast Weight Loss Announced at American Chemical ...
By Timothy Boyer on March 27, 2012 - 5:13pm for eMaxHealth At the 243rd National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS), researchers reveal a startling finding from a weight loss study that showed how that an extract from green ...


Health Experts Oppose Dukan Diet
French Tribune
It seems that there is going to be tough time ahead of Dr Pierre Dukan, whose best-selling diet has caught the attention of one and all. While the well talked about Dukan Diet had benefitted many, it has not gone down so well with the medical ...

French Tribune

Dukan Diet Founder to Face Ethics Hearing
Dr. Pierre Dukan, the French founder of the controversial Dukan Diet, thinks so. Thediet guru is now facing an ethics hearing for suggesting that high school students in France be rewarded for not being overweight. In January, Dukan — whose ...


Vogue article on 7-year-old's diet sparks outrage
New York Daily News
By Lindsay Goldwert / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS In her Vogue article, Dara-Lynn Weiss asks, 'Who was I to teach a little girl how to maintain a healthy weight and body image?' Do you think Dara-Lynn Weiss was too tough on her daughter?

New York Daily News

Have Diabetes? Lifestyle Changes May Help Mobility
Experts who weren't involved in the research praised the study for showing, once again, how critical lifestyle changes can be. “I think this is an important study which comes to state what's been said again and again: that you have to lose weight and ...

Less salt good for diet
Fraser Coast Chronicle
LOWERING your salt intake can help to get your body back on track, according to Hervey Bay dietician Peter St Henry, who said a diet rich in salt could lead to hypertension. Sodium chloride or salt as it's commonly known, is found in most foods and is ...

Spring into health with colorful foods
Kansas City Star
Taking the time to evaluate the foods you put on your plate, and in your mouth, is a first step to getting on track for better health. A 2011 survey by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found that while 89 percent of Americans felt diet and ...

A short-term cleanse can wash away your diet sins
Cleansing diets have seen a resurgence in the past decade, with fads such as the Master Cleanse's cayenne-pepper and lemonade diet. By MARY SHEDDEN | The Tampa Tribune Forget the calendar. Spring arrives the second you pull on that new bikini and ...

Controversy after mom puts 7-year-old on strict diet
March 27, 2012 (WLS) -- Childhood obesity is a major issue, but one mother'sweight loss tactics are drawing intense criticism. The woman put her 7-year-old daughter on a strict diet and then she wrote about the experience for Vogue magazine.

Interactive Family Care Promotes Nutrition and Weight Loss Services to Enhance ...
MarketWatch (press release)
The practice's weight loss program is designed to help reset patients' metabolism, so patients can successfully lose weight and keep the pounds off. The Richardson chiropractor also provides lifestyle advice, non-invasive laser surgery for weight loss, ...

Spicing food with chilies boosts heart health
Times of India
Latest scientific evidence has revealed that chili peppers are a heart-healthy food with potential to protect against the No. 1 cause of death in the developed world. The study focused on capsaicin and its fiery-hot relatives, a piquant family of ...

Celebrity diet guru Dukan accused of unethical conduct
Times of Malta
French medical experts have filed complaints against celebrity diet guru Pierre Dukan, whoseweight loss formula was reportedly used by the Middleton family ahead of Kate's wedding to Prince William. The man behind the Dukan Diet Cookbook... is accused ...

The health benefits of drinking red wine
Fox News
While too much alcohol can harm your body, recent research suggests that one or two glasses of wine a day may actually help your health. Although no beverage can supplement the perks of daily exercise and a well-balanced diet, moderate consumption of ...

Tell you running fast weight loss diet pills weight loss attention ...
By kira
How to lose weight effectively and healthy, jogging to lose weight is exercise weight loss method of selecting most of the sisters, the main purpose is because running is aerobic exercise helps heart and lung function, fast weight loss diet pills ...
Guangzhou Romano Co., Ltd.

Things Diet Experts May Not Tell You About Weight Loss
By Liz Jeressi
With bikini season right around the corner, here are some weight loss secrets that experts don't like to share. 1. You have to EAT fat to BEAT fat. Obviously, eating too much of the wrong fat is terrible for your health and waistline. But, a diet rich ...
94.3 The Point

Diet or Regular – Soft Drinks May be Linked to Heart Disease ...
By HealthStatus
HealthStatus – How is your health? Bringing you ... The conclusion of the study is that people drinking soft drinks are at higher risk of heart disease than people not drinking them, regardless of the kind of soft drink- diet or regular. This was not ...
HealthStatus - How is your health?

Snooki weight loss diet secret reveals top 3 weight loss myths | The ...
By Pat Williams
The Snooki weight loss diet, inspired by Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi's loss of 17 pounds and new slimmer appearance is something worth knowing for every woman that wants to lose weight. ...The top three myths about dieting are – 'you have to starve to lose weight quickly' – this is false, Snooki did it without starving; 'Salad is always a healthy meal' – this is false, it is possible to load up a salad with dressing and other things that result in many more calories; 'Vegetarian diets always result ...
The Australian Eye

Peanut butter diet health concerns? - Yahoo! Answers
I have a research project due on this and I'm wondering what some health concerns migh be from this diet. I havent been able to find much on the internet so ...
Diet 101: DASH Diet | Healthy Eats – Food Network Healthy Living ...
The DASH Diet was created for those with high blood pressure, but was recently voted Best Overall Diet for Healthy Eating by U.S. News. Find out what it's ...

Is this diet healthy? - Yahoo! Answers
Is this diet healthy? I'm trying to slim down and my plan is basically to drink two meal replacement shakes for breakfast and lunch followed by a normal meal at ...

Diet/Fitness. Photo of Addie Mathews Addie Mathews. 107 followers, 25 pins. Comment · Repin Like. Hahahaha!!!! Thanks A for sharing! 1 like 1 comment ...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chocolate lovers are thinner, study says

Chocolate lovers are thinner, study says
Detroit Free Press
The research involved 1018 healthy men and women, who exercised on average 3.6 times a week and had a balanced, nutritious diet. The body mass index of participants who ate chocolate five times a week was one point lower than people who did not eat it ...

The Chocolate Diet?
New York Times (blog)
Chocoholics may know that in recent years chocolate has been linked to a growing list of health benefits. Studies have found, for example, that regularly eating chocolate may lower blood pressure and cardiovascular risk, and improve cholesterol and ...

New York Times (blog) 

Frank Martin Lose Weight 2012 Celebrities Diet Free Report
The Star-Ledger -
By sabones555 Frank Martin Lose Weight 2012 Celebrities Diet Free Report - Isn't amazing how all of the celebrities you see have a celebrity eating habits for weight reduction to take care of their weight. Some of them are shapely and healthy looking, ...

Zou Bisou Bisou Lose Weight 2012 Celebrities Diet Free Report
The Star-Ledger -
By sabones555 Zou Bisou Bisou Lose Weight 2012 Celebrities Diet Free Report - Isn't amazing how all the celebrities you see have a celebrity eating habits for losing weight to take care of how much. A number of them are shapely and healthy looking, ...

Tim Tebow Press Conference Lose Weight 2012 Celebrities Diet Free Report
The Star-Ledger -
By sabones555 Tim Tebow Press Conference Celebrities Diet Free Report - Isn't amazing how every one of the celebrities the thing is use a celebrity eating habits for weight reduction to keep their weight. Many of them are shapely and healthy looking, ...

Renee Graziano Lose Weight 2012 Celebrities Diet Free Report
The Birmingham News -
By sabones555 Renee Graziano Lose Weight 2012 Celebrities Diet Free Report - Isn't amazing how every one of the celebrities the thing is use a celebrity diet program to lose weight to keep how much. A lot of them are shapely and healthy looking, ...

Roy Williams Lose Weight 2012 Celebrities Diet Free Report
The Birmingham News -
By sabones555 Roy Williams Lose Weight 2012 Celebrities Diet Free Report - Isn't amazing how all of the celebrities you see have a celebrity diet regime to lose weight to maintain how much they weigh. Many of them are shapely and healthy looking, ...

Jennifer Lawrence Lose Weight 2012 Celebrities Diet Free Report
The Birmingham News -
By sabones555 Jennifer Lawrence Lose Weight 2012 Celebrities Diet Free Report - Isn't amazing how each of the celebrities the truth is possess a celebrity diet program for weight reduction to keep their weight. A lot of them are shapely and healthy ...

Want to lose weight? Add chocolate to diet, study suggests
North County Times
To figure this out, Golomb and her team looked at a database the university had collected earlier on diet and health. The study looked at the eating behavior and health of nearly 1000 study participants. One of the questions asked of the study ...

Kim Kardashian Lose Weight 2012 Celebrities Diet Free Report
The Birmingham News -
By sabones555 Kim Kardashian Lose Weight 2012 Celebrities Diet Free Report - Isn't amazing how all the celebrities the truth is use a celebrity eating habits to lose weight to maintain how much. Many of them are shapely and healthy looking, ...

Putting 7-year-old on a diet: Responsible, or reprehensible? (blog)
Was "Vogue mom" right to put her obese 7-year-old on a diet? Yes; she had to take action for her daughter's health. She had the right idea, but went about it the wrong way. No, her daughter is too young to diet. Yes; she had to take action for her ...

The Dukan Diet Cookbook, the Essential Companion to the International Diet ...
MarketWatch (press release)
Developed by Dr. Pierre Dukan, a French medical doctor who has spent 40 years helping people to lose weight, the Dukan Diet rejects counting calories and promises permanent weight losswhile allowing adherents to eat as much as they like, ...

Weight-loss surgery can "reverse" diabetes, studies confirm
CBS News
Scale, measuring tape, diet, lose weight (Credit: istockphoto) (CBS/AP) Nearly 26 million Americans have type 2 diabetes, and now researchers say they may have a way to reverse the disease for many of them. Their studies give clear proof that ...

CBS News

Mom's Diet for 7-Year-Old Daughter in 'Vogue' Sparks Backlash
ABC News (blog)
The debate centers on the article's author, Dara-Lynn Weiss, the mother of the child at the article's center, 7-year-old Bea, and the year-long Weight Watchers-type diet Weiss put Bea on tolose weight. When Bea was six, Weiss writes, the family's ...

Healthy, satisfying foods to eat before bedtime
>>> this morning on joy's diet sos, daily diet dilemmas. joy bauer is here to discuss everything from the healthiest snack bars to the best foods to eat at night. good morning to you. >> beverly in san jose , california, is up early this morning and ...

'The Drunk Diet': Lady Gaga's ex writes a memoir, and I read it so you don't ...
Entertainment Weekly
by Breia Brissey For the latest installment of “I read it so you don't have to,” I took on Lüc Carl's memoir, The Drunk Diet. The book, which hit shelves earlier this month, is being billed as ”one part fitness guide, one part New York memoir, ...

More child weight-loss tips? Vogue writer who put 'obese' seven-year-old ...
Daily Mail
By Tamara Abraham The mother who sparked outrage after putting her seven-year-old daughter on a diet has signed a book deal. US Vogue writer Dara-Lynn Weiss's story of how she restricted the calorie intake of 'clinically obese' Bea, has been picked up ...

Daily Mail

Dry allergy spray, sitting and death, a child diet debate
But few doctors would endorse a strict diet for a small child -- and presumably none would endorse publicly berating a seven-year-old girl for craving snacks. So it's not surprising that a Vogue writer who did just that -- and more, including denying ...


Mother's strict diet for 7-year-old raises controversy, criticism
Fox News
In a controversial article appearing in the April issue of Vogue magazine, author Dara-Lynn Weiss writes about the strict diet she imposed upon her daughter after a pediatrician suggested she was clinically obese. Bea, who stood 4-feet, 4-inches tall, ...

High-fat diet inflames diabetic gut
Futurity: Research News
U. WARWICK (UK) — Recommendations that people with Type 2 diabetes should eat a high-fat, low-carb diet to encourage weight loss may be misguided. Earlier research has suggested that such a diet helps weight loss and controls blood sugar levels, ...

Add popcorn to your healthy diet
LA supermarkets contain a variety of healthy foods as well as a variety of less, and downright unhealthy, food products. Most would not consider the POPular—pardon the pun—snack food, popcorn to be included among a healthy diet; however, researchers ...

Diet programs don't teach healthy change, encourage spending
K-State Collegian
By Laura Thacker Fad diets have come and gone for years, and there always seems to be some new program or pill advertised on television claiming that weight loss is just a “small” payment away. These diets all seem to have something in common: people ...

Dr. Mark Liponis, MD, Canyon Ranch Medical Director Reveals the Key to Losing ...
MarketWatch (press release)
LENOX, Mass., March 27, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At last, a diet book that provides a unique solution to help shed those unwanted pounds that never seem to go away. For those who haven't had success with other diet books, even with total commitment, ...

A diet that works? Fat chance
Brisbane Times
In August last year the Black Swan actress upset women everywhere with her less than helpful observation that ''people who say they can't lose weight are lying''. Kunis shed nine kilograms for her role in Black Swan and celebrated her weight-loss ...

Brisbane Times

You, your diet and high triglycerides
Baxter Bulletin
What does it mean for your health? Often an elevated triglyceride goes hand in hand with a low HDL “good” cholesterol level and may increase the risk of heart disease. Generally, anything you do to lower triglycerides likely will increase the ...

Why Calories Count: The Cause of Public Health Nutrition Problems
The Atlantic
Consumption of too few or too many calories is an important -- arguably the most important -- cause of public health nutrition problems in the world today. Problems with calories affect billions of people in rich as well as poor countries.

What's the very best diet? The one you can stick to
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Any diet that cuts calories will work, she says. And what may surprise you is that physical activity is not necessary during this weight loss period. All that's needed is a “negative energy balance” — taking in fewer calories than the body uses.

Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Dukan diet guru accused of damaging public health
Herald Sun
FRENCH medical groups have filed complaints against celebrity diet guru Pierre Dukan, whosediet was reportedly used by the Middleton family ahead of Kate's wedding to Prince William. Both the French and the Parisian medical councils accuse Dukan, ...

Diet and Fitness During the Mad Men Era
But the '60s was not without its lose-weight-and-look-great diet fads: it was the time of fake sugar, a housewife that would become a weight-loss icon, and more. Read on to find out what Joan, Betty, and Peggy may have been doing to keep their ...

Should 7-year-olds be put on strict diets?
CBS News
VIDEO: 12-year-old teaches town to lose weight Bullied boy loses 85 lbs., inspires others to lose Weiss wrote she decided to enroll her daughter into a "Red Light, Green Light" diet program. The mother detailed her struggle to keep Bea fit and how she ...

CBS News

The HcG “Snake Oil” diet
Washington Times
MIAMI, March 26, 2012 - As numerous new diets, exercises and nutritional supplements are rolled out on today's saturated weight loss driven assembly line, one must make sure not to fall victim to marketing trickery and whimsical gimmicks.

Washington Times

Top Red Flags For Bogus Weight Loss Claims (blog)
To avoid financially contributing to this unbelievably lucrative but generally ineffective industry, the FTC urges that you view fad diets and quick weight loss regimens with a healthy portion of skepticism. If the advertisement guarantees speedy ...

Weight-loss surgery effective against diabetes, studies show
Los Angeles Times
McCray no longer needed to take diabetes medication and insulin after her weight-loss surgery. (Bebeto Matthews / Associated Press / March 23, 2012) By Melissa Healy, Los Angeles Times In findings that promise radical changes in the care of the 20 ...

Los Angeles Times

Join KDHE for World Salt Awareness Week
Winfield Daily Courier Online
TOPEKA — The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) is promoting World Salt Awareness Week, March 26-April 1, to raise awareness of the link between a diet high in sodium and high blood pressure and to encourage Kansans to monitor their ...

Researchers find diets high in saturated fat not associated with adverse ...
Science Codex
A collaborative team of researchers has found that cats are able to consume a diet relatively high in fat without raising cholesterol levels. The research also showed that, as long as cats' daily calorie intake remains constant, increasing the ...

Snacking on Chocolate Linked to Low BMI
ABC News (blog)
Researchers from the University of California, San Diego, asked more than 1000 healthy men and women about their chocolate consumption as well as the rest of their diet and physical activity. Those who ate chocolate more often during the week had a ...

Low-Carb Diets Imperil People Prone to Heart Disease
A low-carb, high-fat diet might help some people lose weight, but it could be deadly to those with a family history of heart disease, according to research presented March 25 at a meeting of the American College of Cardiology in Chicago.

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