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New Diet Pills Offer Option to Off-Label Obesity Drugs

New Diet Pills Offer Option to Off-Label Obesity Drugs
Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal Health Journal. Welcome, Logout .... The environmental researcher from Folsom, Calif., tried many diet regimes, without success, until she found a weight-loss center in nearby Roseville, where phentermine, a prescription appetite suppressant, was part of the plan, along with a high-protein, low-carb diet. "Much to my ... But some obesity specialists, including those at prestigious medical centers, have been prescribing medications to help patients lose weight for decades, both on and off-label.

New FDA Approved Diet Drugs Coming This Fall
Wall Street Journal (blog)
... new diet drugs—the first in 13 years—as a new era in weight-loss management. But some obesity specialists, including those at prestigious medical centers, have been prescribing medications to help patients lose weight for decades, both on and off-label.

Higher expenses weigh on Schiff Nutrition 4Q
Next story in Diet and nutrition America's hatred of fat hurts obesity fight ... Dogswell recalls cat chicken jerky treats · 3 health concerns dudes should discuss with docs · Circumcision advocate tackles the cringe factor · Killers' parents become instant pariahs ...

What's the Deal With the Wheat Belly Diet?
Davis says that the diet can not only help you lose weight (and get rid of the tummy bulge he refers to as "wheat belly"), but explains that ditching wheat can also alleviate and prevent a whole slew ofhealth problems including high blood pressure, heart disease, acne, and IBS. Davis explains that wheat contains a unique ... Some critics agree that giving up wheat may aid in weight loss and also offer health benefits, but it's not because today's wheat is a "franken-plant." The majority of critics believe it's because we eat ...

Eat Healthy, See Better, and Lose Weight with 5 Diet Tips from Cheap Contact ...
Of course, looking good and feeling confident are important byproducts of a good diet, but as with any regimen, the overall wellbeing and proper functioning of the body should be of utmost significance. Instead, many take health for granted, not realizing the ...

Diet, exercise can cut men's health risks
Dr. Griffin Rodgers at the National Institutes of Health suggests men who are overweight or obese can improve their health -- and, if they're dads, set a good example for their kids -- by doing some simple things. Start by making a plan that includes good eating ...

Regular exercise and a healthy diet may help women manage menopause
While the natural change doesn't require treatment, nurse practitioner Nicole Parish says a lifestylechange can make dealing with symptoms a little more pleasant. "A lot of women find that regular exercise and a healthy diet does help them control a lot of the ...

Diet weight loss, change of life etc etc? - Yahoo! Answers
Kick start diet ideas? Hi guys, I want to know what are Dj e good diets out there ... Try eating 1500 calories a day. 300 calories per meal, 5 times a day. Don't forget ...

Is the water diet healthy? - Yahoo! Answers
Is the water diet healthy? or is the cramberry diet better? i just want to loose a couple of pounds, cos some of my friends are so skinny! (i want to loose wieght on ...

Amazon.com: Customer Discussions: How to lose weight without ...
Read and Share the joint health expert review team on: http:// healthweightlosstutors.blogspot.com.Health, diet and weight loss - How to lose weight without ...

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Fitness retreat inspires women to live healthy

Fitness retreat inspires women to live healthy
We're on spin bikes, set up on the shady patio of the Shore Club on Miami's South Beach district for the two-day Muscle Milk Fitness Retreat. From yoga to strength classes to running and cycling, the mission is to provide a variety of daily fitness opportunities ...


Healthy take-away treats: Top 20 under 100 calorie snacks
Times of India
To be honest, it is okay to indulge in the not-so-healthy options every once in a while, but we all need a few handy options to keep our healthy diet intact. So, if your ... of soy nuts. Read more Personal Health, Diet & Fitness stories on www.healthmeup.com ...

From diet-friendly desserts to organic bacon at Healthy Choices
GMA News
The team behind healthy-eats restaurant Sugarleaf has opened a new store that features all sorts of products that are good for you, from diet-friendly desserts to organic bacon. The shelves are stocked with products that are good for you. Photo from Sugarleaf ...

The Checkup: Best Weight-Loss Tool? Food Diary, Study Says
Philadelphia Magazine (blog)
Overall, the women in the exercise group lost slightly more weight than those in thediet-only group. But food journaling, researchers found, was the best behavior for promoting weight-loss across the board: “Those who turned them in more regularly lost an ...

Philadelphia Magazine (blog)

Norwich scientists seek older people for health study
Norfolk Eastern Daily Press
There are a wide range of factors that influence the ageing process, but lifestyle, and in particular diet, are the easiest to change. The study aims to explore how a healthy diet can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, dementia and ...

Olympians' diet can give you a competitive edge
New Zealand Herald
While the basics of a healthy diet are important for success at any sport, each discipline has additional specific requirements that can make the difference between running out of steam halfway down the track, and crossing the line first. Once you've been ...

New Zealand Herald

Health benefits of honey
Times of India
Apart from its great taste, honey has lots of health and nutrition benefits. Honey is a great natural source of carbohydrates which provide strength and energy to our bodies. If you are suffering from fatigue, then honey can help you a lot. Honey is known for its ...

High-carb diet tied to breast cancer risk for some
International News Network
In general, a diet with a high glycemic load is not a particularly healthy one, noted Christina Clarke, a research scientist at the Cancer Prevention Institute of California in Fremont, and a consulting assistant professor at Stanford University. "These types of diets have been associated with many negative health outcomes," said Clarke, who was not involved in the study. So although the current findings do not prove cause-and-effect, they can give women another reason to make healthier diet choices, according to ...

Diet And Exercise Rules For Weight Loss Success : Premier Diet ...
By haleyjonas
Premier Diet and Fitness · Home ... Lose Weight. To help you when it comes to losing weight, you must try to monitor the amount of calories you consume. You will lose weight if your calorie expenditure exceed your caloric intake. Eating a lot of calories can hinder weight loss. Try to write down all of the calories ... Although there are some healthy ingredients in egg yolks, they're also loaded with cholesterol and fat, and that likely makes them a bad fit for your current diet. The egg whites ...
Premier Diet and Fitness

Diet/lose weight questions? (14yr old girl)? - Yahoo! Answers
This is what I eat in a day: I'm 5'3, 14 and 55 kg (I want to lose 10kg) I do very mild exercise but I'm hoping to start working out more. How many calories do you ...

New diet pills spur hope and warnings

New diet pills spur hope and warnings
Minneapolis Star Tribune
One consumer watchdog, the Health Research Group, called the latest FDA approvals "reckless." Consumer Reports has urged consumers to stay away. "Bottom Line: We recommend avoiding all weight-loss drugs and supplements," the magazine said in an ...

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Healthy soda goal for Coke, Pepsi
Tulsa World
The world's top soft-drink companies hope that's the elusive trifecta that will silence healthconcerns about soda and reverse the decline in consumption of carbonated drinks. But such a formula could be years away. That's because the ingredient that makes ...

Diet can help with menopause: Study
Welland Tribune
While the study was designed to see the effect of this healthy diet strategy on symptoms, they found that women in the healthy diet group did lose weight. In fact, a ... This is not the first study that has looked at weight loss and reduction of hot flashes. A study in ...

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Website Works for Weight Loss
Muncie Free Press
News · National · Health. From Dr. Oz to Starbucks, 2012 is the year of Green Coffee Extract. Staff Report. DENVER, CO - When it comes to losing weight, there have been plenty of diet pills and plans that have come out over the years. However, most never really worked. ... Dr. Oz does not fool around when he mentions something that he thinks will have a positive effect on people's healthand their ability to lose weight. ... One of the things the website mentions is that green coffee bean extract is natural and healthy.

Muncie Free Press

Readers: New Diet Drugs Won't Change Practice
MedPage Today
Several commenters noted that diet pills and bariatric surgery are "tools" to help control obesity. They go along with education and lifestyle changes. In response to those who blamed the individual for being heavy, one woman asked if they also would not ...

High carb diet may put postmentstrual women at risk of cancer
Business Review India
Middle aged women who may have a liking for sweet and starchy food may fall prey to a rare but more deadlier variety of breast cancer. Researchers at International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon have come to the conclusion that a high carb diet is ...

Night workers likelier to have heart attacks?
India.Com Health
Shift work has long been known to disrupt the body clock and be linked to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, but the overall impact on cardiovascular health has been unclear. A team of international researchers analysed the results of 34 ...

Rheumatoid arthritis drug limits stroke damage
India.Com Health
In the recent experiments, IL-1Ra reduced the damage to the blood-brain barrier by 55 percent inhealthy rats and 45 percent in rats with underlying health conditions. In all types of rats, the drug reduced the amount of activated microglia cells by 40 percent ...

Is The Paleo Diet Healthy?
Is The Paleo Diet Healthy? The Paleo diet is short for Paleolithic diet. Some people refer to it as the caveman diet. It is based on what some people presume is ...

TOPIC: What's your best diet/fitness advice? - MyFitnessPal.com
If you could offer your #1 piece of diet and fitness advice, what would it be? My #1 piece of dietadvice is to make one meal a salad everyday. My #1 piece of ...

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High-carb diet tied to breast cancer risk

High-carb diet tied to breast cancer risk
Print; Font: +; -. Older women who eat a lot of starchy and sweet carbohydrates may be at increased risk of a less common but deadlier form of breast cancer, a new study suggests. Don't miss these Health stories. Image: AIDS 2012 International Conference. Pete Marovich for... In general, a diet with a high glycemic load is not a particularly healthy one, noted Christina Clarke, a research scientist at the Cancer Prevention Institute of California in Fremont, and a consulting assistant professor at Stanford University.

As far as weight-loss quick fixes go, consumers on their own
Pills and diet plans promising to help shed pounds within days have transformed the weight-loss industry into a more than $62-billion-a-year business, compared with about $38 billion 10 years ago, estimates Market Data. But most diet ...Consumers are instructed to use HCG Platinum, or "bottled confidence," in conjunction with a diet consisting only of foods from a "healthy foods list. ... "This is largely, if not entirely, a complete fraud," said physician Sidney Wolfe, director of thehealth research group at Public Citizen.


High-carb diet tied to breast cancer risk for some
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Older women who eat a lot of starchy and sweet carbohydrates may be at increased risk of a less common but deadlier form of breast cancer, a new study suggests. The findings, from a study of nearly 335000 European women, ...

Kirstie Alley Weight-Loss Products Can't Dance, Suit Claims
ABC News (blog)
“In peddling the Organic Liaison Programs, which are sold online and on QVC, Ms. Alley attributes her weight loss to the program, but in reality, Ms. Alley's weight loss is due to nothing more than the tried and true concept of diet and exercise,” the suit says.

Why a healthy diet is smart thinking
The Australian
Those who were breastfed at six months and had a homemade diet featuring wholesome foods such as legumes, cheese, raw fruit and vegetables at 15 and 24 months had an IQ that was up to two points higher. In contrast, at all ages, a diet featuring lots of ...

Plant-based diet gains ground across Franklin County
Chambersburg Public Opinion
Choices for health: Zac Andres serves up a vegetarian meal Wednesday at the healthy eating dinner at Wilson College, Chambersburg. « 1; ». CHAMBERSBURG - When Healthy Eating Adventure proponent Patti Nitterhouse looked across the dining room Wednesday at the 100 people who are or could be changing to a plant-based diet, she described the scene before her as "Grassroots social change in action." Nitterhouse, Dr. Liz ... She has become an advocate of this lifestyle in her 21 days. "More people really ...

Diet Detective's Guide to Healthy Nutrient-Dense Foods That are High in Calories
Not really my area, since I generally help people lose weight in order to live healthier lives. But the part about "healthier lives" struck a nerve. I realized that whether you're gaining weight or losing weight, many of the health issues are similar. So I decided to ...

With weight-loss deals, consumers on their own
Tucson Citizen
Some super-savvy marketers of weight-loss products hope they've got your number. Pills anddiet plans promising to help shed pounds within days have transformed the weight-lossindustry into a more than $62-billion-a-year business, compared with about ...

Is this new diet healthy or not? - Yahoo! Answers
Is this new diet healthy or not? Ok so i posted this question earlier but i dident add any details because it was hard doing it through my phone. Ok so Im 16 im 5' 7 ...

Diet/Fitness apps?
Master Posts: 2379 2000 100 25. Location: Puyallup, WA Online. I just downloaded a free one last night - myfitnesspal (I think...) seems pretty cool. You can have ...

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Diet, Not Exercise, Key to Obesity, Scientists Find

Diet, Not Exercise, Key to Obesity, Scientists Find
This suggests that overeating is more to blame for obesity than the modern sedentary lifestyle. Of course no doctor worth his or her salt will tell you to lay off the exercise. Many studies have shown ... TAGS: diet exercise health obesity research science study ...


Kirstie Alley sued for false advertising over weight-loss program
Los Angeles Times
Kirstie Alley is facing a class-action lawsuit claiming that the dramatic weight loss touted by the "Dancing With the Stars" celeb did not come merely from her using her weight-loss program but rather from an extreme diet and exercise regimen, including while she was on the reality show.... "I've lost 100 pounds, and I'm down to a size 6 and still counting ... thanks to Organic Liaison," Alley said in one ad, and "I can assure you that if you follow this program, you'll get healthier, lose weight and not be 'annoyingly' hungry.

Soda companies racing for a new sweet spot
Artificial sweeteners like aspartame that are used in diet drinks don't have any calories but are seen as processed and fake. Natural sweeteners that come from plants present the most promising alternative, but companies haven't yet figured out how to mask ...

FDA gives new weight-loss drug OK
Tulsa World
The activation of this receptor by fenfluramine and dexfenfluramine - weight-loss drugs that were part of the fen-phen diet phenomenon of the 1990s and which were withdrawn from the market in 1997 - was assumed to have been related to those drugs ...

Eat antioxidant rich foods: May protect against pancreatic cancer
Whether it protects against pancreatic cancer or not, eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is always a healthy move. Need some ... Jennifer Milanese strives to live a healthy lifestyle despite having a somewhat hectic home and work schedule. She works ...

Diet food of the week: Oatly Chocolate oat drink
Celebrity Gossip & Lifestyle Magazine · Love ... Diet food of the week is our new feature, where we look at a particular food you can still treat yourself too whilst trying to lose weight. Exercise of the Week: ... Healthy eating could boost your libido ... Keeping focus and your hand out of the cookie jar whilst on a weight lossscheme is hard work, so we all need a little indulgence from time to time. But that... But you don't have to have a food intolerance or allergy to enjoy the great taste and health benefits of Oatly. Oatly is ...


Slideshow: Lea Michele demonstrates vegan diet virtues by baring her bosom
And now, for anyone who wonders if a vegan diet benefits the bosom, "Glee" star Lea Michele decided to display her curvy cleavage by baring all at Monday night's Fox All Stars red carpet event, reported the Huffington Post yesterday. In contrast to her typical knee highs and ... One key to staying healthy on a vegan diet involves selecting protein. Lea's choice: soy and nuts, ... A workout with a personal fitness trainer also keeps her in shape, Lea told Women's Healthmagazine. View slideshow: Lea Michele Bares ...

Preventing Kidney Failure With Diet
So if the standard American diet can be so toxic to the blood vessels in our heart, back, abdomen, and pelvis, contributing to heart attacks (Heart Attacks and Cholesterol: Purely a Question of Diet), spinal disc degeneration (Cholesterol and Lower Back Pain), aneurisms (Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms: Ticking Time ... A founding member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Michael Greger, M.D., is a physician, author, and internationally recognized speaker on nutrition, food safety, and public health issues.


Reducing choices does not help weight loss
The Sun Daily
... help people lose weight. Raynor's team asked 200 overweight and obese adults to makelifestyle changes aimed at losing weight. These included taking part in group meetings that discussed healthy behaviour, eating a calorie-reduced diet and increasing ...

How maternal diet ups risk of adulthood hypertension
Zee News
In a study in rats, Drs. Gao, Yallampalli, and Yallampalli of the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, found that the high maternal testosterone levels associated with a low-protein diet are caused by reduced activity of an enzyme that inactivates testosterone, allowing more testosterone to ... Fetal programming is a term used to describe the impact of maternal stress on an unborn child's physical characteristics at birth, as well as its long-term health. ... Workout and healthy dietis essential to get a perfect butt.

Zee News

Is the two shakes a day meal replacement diet healthy? - Yahoo ...
I am 254 pounds and 6 foot 1 tall. I need to do so…

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Worst Diet Advice: 'Only Eat When Hungry'

Worst Diet Advice: 'Only Eat When Hungry'
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
Now imagine that you show up to that meal famished, and yet rather than order that heavenly meal, you instead opt (bitterly) for a "healthy" choice (and possibly even mutter "stupid diet" under your breath). Now consider how you might have reacted to making ...

5 Ways to Sneak More Veggies Into Your Diet
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
Of course there is much more to what I do as a nutritionist… and much more to healthy eating than that… but consuming more vegetables is one of the most important steps in improving the quality of your diet. For all the excesses in the current American food ...

Mediterranean diet improves health
Medical Xpress
July 25, 2012 in Health. Mediterranean diet improves health. Associate Professor Catherine Itsiopoulos of the Centre for Dietetics at La Trobe University highlights the benefits of a Mediterranean diet and lifestyle in a new La Trobe University podcast. "The Cretan diet has the lowest ... From research findings Dr. Itsiopoulos has established ten key principles for implementing a healthy Mediterranean style diet into any type of cuisine: • Use olive oil as the main added fat (60 mls/day) • Eat vegetables with every meal ...

After denying Scientology diet product link, Kirstie Alley gets hit with lawsuit
Kirstie Alley doesn't seem to have the Midas touch when it comes to her Organic Liaison weight loss supplement. First she had to deal with claims that her diet system was connected to Scientology. That debate took place on the "Today show" and immediately ...

OFF BEAT: Lawsuit claims Kirstie Alley is lying about her weight (loss)
Business Insurance
The 61-year-old actress credits the Organic Liaison diet program for her weight loss. But in a lawsuit recently filed in Los Angeles, a plaintiff claims that Ms. Alley's weight loss is due to her performances on “Dancing with the Stars” and cutting back on her ...

Primal living embraces earlier lifestyle
Daily News - Galveston County
He has seen others following the lifestyle lose weight and ease symptoms of chronic diseases. ... “This is for anyone who is interested in health topics, diet and exercise and becoming healthier,” he said. ... The Lifestyle Eating quality sources of protein (meat, fowl and fish), lots of colorful vegetables, some select fruits (mostly berries), and healthy fats (nuts, avocados, olive oil). Eliminate grains, sugars, trans- and hydrogenated fats. Natural movement fitness, how our ancestors might have exercised before indoor ...

Daily News - Galveston County

Excess Weight Got You Down? Read On For Some Helpful Tips ...
By haleyjonas
Premier Diet and Fitness · Home ... Luckily, by using the handy information, you will understand exactly how to apply weight loss concepts in your situation. Having a partner in ... When trying tolose weight, keep yourself busy so you have less free time to devote to eating or thinking about food. ... However, saying that you are on a diet makes you feel that you cannot eat and may make you feel down. ... You can alter some of your favorite recipes to make them fit into a healthy lifestyle.
Premier Diet and Fitness

Study: Adding Almonds To Your Diet Could Help Heart Health ...
By Mike Dougherty
A new study finds adding almonds to your diet won't stop the weight loss and will help your heart. If you're counting calories to lose weight, counting out the almonds may not be a good plan. Researchers found adding almonds to the diet will ...
CBS Philly

Diet Without Salt. Salt Free Diet – weight – loss online | Slimming ...
Diet with no salt,at least salt for free diet plan can help your family adjust your sometimes you may feel do just fine Salt oh brings man and the benefits and.

Three Common Dieting Mistakes to Be Aware Of | Diet and Health
Slimming down can be challenging, and there are certain mistakes that can make it more difficult than it has to be. For starters, you need to choose the right.

Incorporating More Whole Foods Into Your Child's Diet – Health ...
Ideally, adopting a good nutritional diet would be basic, simple and easy to understand. The reality of the situation is that navigating the myriad of conflicting ...

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What is Gluten?

What is Gluten, Anyway?
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
However, to ensure that wheatgrass or barley grass juices are safe to consume on a gluten-freediet, you need to make sure that no seeds accidentally make their way into the juicer. While the... Others, however, find that cutting out gluten only to replace it with gluten-free versions of these same empty-calorie, high-glycemic, processed snack foods is of no benefit for weight loss, energy levels, or improved health. (Foods ... Her personal blog, www.tamaraduker.com, focuses on healthy eating and gluten-free living. 

Kirstie Alley Weight Loss: Actress Sued For Reportedly Lying About How She ...
Huffington Post
Alley credits her weight loss to Organic Liaison, a weight loss program she helped develop, founded on the basis of "liaising" dieters from their daily eating habits to a healthier organic diet. The plan includes organic weight loss products, natural dietary ...

Government OKs diet drug
The News Journal
Qsymia (pronounced kyoo-sim-ee-uh), which suppresses appetite and increases the feeling of fullness, boosts patients' weight loss when used along with a diet and exercise plan. Until now, the drug had been called Qnexa. Some experts are concerned that ...

I don't believe in crash diets: Deepika Padukone
New York Daily News
The actress says the secret behind her perfect figure is not any crash diet, but a combination of regular workouts and healthy eating. "I think ideally one should not reach a stage where you have to go on crash diets. You need to be conscious on a daily basis. I feel that this should be your lifestyle," Deepika told IANS. "For me, working out and eating healthy is a part of mylifestyle. ... the 26-year-old says she doesn't mind being a 'healthy' version of it. "I feel that size doesn't matter, fitness and health should come first.

Anne Hathaway's vegan Catwoman diet
Mother Nature Network (blog)
Want to learn more about making the switch to a plant-based eating regimen? Read this article, which breaks down the vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed for a healthy diet. Plus, this infographic breaks down the environmental cost of a vegan diet vs. a ...

Mother Nature Network (blog)

Keep bones strong with healthy diet
Daily News - Galveston County
Keep bones strong with healthy diet. By Dr. Victor S. Sierpina ... Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption and bone health with doses between 800 international units to 2000 international units being commonly recommended. Vitamin D comes from sun ...

Vegetarianism five and a half times more likely with an active eating disorder
When individuals with a suspected or diagnosed eating disorder adopt a vegetarian diet, health care professionals might worry that this choice could function as a socially acceptable way to legitimize food avoidance. Yet there has only been limited research ...


Diet.com Launches New Recipes Section, Refurbishes 1100+ Healthy Recipe ...
DigitalJournal.com (press release)
Diet.com, one of the web's leading resources for diet, fitness, and nutrition content and tools, has announced a complete overhaul of its nearly 1200 recipe pages, updating the format of each recipe entry, adding hundreds of new recipes and furnishing the pages with over 1000 new images. The diet and fitness site's Recipes section, ... Since its founding, Diet.com has been a valuable online resource for dieters and those seeking information on living a healthy lifestyle. As one of the web's leading resources for diet, ...

Mediterranean diet improves health
Associate Professor Catherine Itsiopoulos of the Centre for Dietetics at La Trobe University highlights the benefits of a Mediterranean diet and lifestyle in a new La Trobe University podcast. 'The Cretan diet has the lowest death rate from heart disease,' says ...


Avoid Carbohydrates in the Morning to Lose Weight?
Diet Blog (blog)
The Theory: In the morning, eat plenty of complex carbohydrates like oatmeal and fruits to rev the metabolism. The body has been fasting all night, and you want to break that fast with a balanced meal including healthy carbohydrates. The Problem: This theory ...

Diet Blog (blog)

Kirstie Alley sued over weight-loss claims
Monsters and Critics.com
Marina Abramyan filed a lawsuit at Los Angeles Superior Court on July 20, which claims Kirstie's extreme weight loss was the 'result of an above average exercise regime and extremely low calorie diet'. She also claims that 'DWTS' 'tracked [Alley's]weight ...

Monsters and Critics.com

'Breaking Dawn' star Robert Pattinson: 'I'm on an all-liquid diet'
"Twilight" sensation Robert Pattinson isn't a fan of exercise or healthy eating, but vanity recently motivated him to embark on a strict diet to get ripped for a shirtless photo shoot. “I'm on an ... Samantha Chang, Celebrity Fitness and HealthExaminer. Samantha ...


Cheese can help beat diabetes: study
The Hindu
A new research has claimed that cheese can prevent diabetes, even as the currenthealth guidelines advise cutting back on dairy products. British and ... “We recommend a healthy balanced diet, rich in fruit and vegetables and low in salt and fat. This study ...

The Hindu

Do Diet Drugs Really Work?
CBS Local
Both Belviq and Qsymia helped people lose weight in clinical studies, but they do it in very different ways. Qsymia will be available the fourth quarter of this year, and ...They will only be prescribed to obese adults or overweight adults who have at least one additional health-related issue. Those include Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, ... People taking Qsymia for up to one year had an average weight loss of 8.9 percent over those taking an inactive placebo. However, these numbers cannot be used to compare ...

CBS Local

Kirstie Alley sued over Organic Liaison weight loss product
Kirstie Alley is being sued over her claims that a weight loss product called Organic Liaison is partly responsible for allowing her to lose about 100 pounds. Marina Abramyan filed papers in court on Friday claiming that Organic Liaison is "nothing more than a healthy deception" and that Alley didn't lose the weight from it, rather from exercising on Dancing with the Stars. The lawsuit says that Alley's extreme weight loss is a "result of an above average exercise regimen and extremely low calorie diet," E! News reports.

Two slices of cheese a day keep diabetes away
Times of India
Health · Fitness · Diet · Specials. You are here: Home » Life & Style » Health & Fitness » Diet ....The findings go against current health guidelines, which advise cutting back on dairy products and other high-fat foods to help prevent the illness. British and Dutch researchers looked at the diets of 16800 healthy adults and 12400 patients with type 2 diabetes from eight European countries, including the UK. The study found that those who ate at ... Why we can't resist fatty food · Say no to these weight loss diet scams!

Victoria Beckham reported to be following 'baby-food' diet to lose weight
Irish Independent
Victoria Beckham has reportedly turned to a "baby-food" diet in a bid to slim down to her desired size. The singer-turned-fashion designer has been showing off her slim frame of late in a variety of figure-hugging ensembles. Victoria - who is a UK size 6 - is ...

Irish Independent

What You Need to Know when Using a Health or Fitness App
Hive Health Media (blog)
But this time they're not doing South Beach or any other fad diet. No, they're using the diet app MyFitness Pal on their iPads. ... powerful they can be — they don't come without downsides. The upsides might outweigh them, but before anyone uses a health and fitness app, she should be aware of the flaws and limitations inherent in them all. ... But with only 11 percent of his calories coming from protein, chances are some of that weight loss came from muscle. Since muscle works to burn calories, he's less capable of ...

Singer Pink loses 55 pounds in baby weight, embraces vegan diet
Singer Pink, who gained 55 pounds while pregnant, has lost all of her baby weight since giving birth to daughter Willow Sage last June, and a mostly vegetarian dietmay be part of the reason. ... Samantha Chang, Celebrity Fitness and HealthExaminer ...


Kirstie Alley Sued Over Weight Loss Product, Claims
The Hollywood Gossip
Instead, the plaintiff thinks Alley simply followed a low-calorie diet and practiced a lot for Dancing with the Stars. Organic Liaison? It's nothing ... That is bullshit... who is to say what she used tolose weight or didn't use to lose weight. Let me sue you because I ...

Website Aids Individuals When Seeking Diet and Fitness Programs
SBWire (press release)
Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2012 -- Tackling weight loss and fitness in these times can be a daunting and somewhat trying task. ... How great would it be to have a website that weeded through the endless diet and fitness fads out there to find the right one, subsequently saving individuals considerable time, money and aggravation? ... The diet solution website affords the individual the chance to make a decision for their fitness and diet program based on knowledge and guidance from health professionals.

Antioxidants Might Help Cut Pancreatic Cancer Risk, Study Suggests
U.S. News & World Report
MONDAY, July 23 (HealthDay News) -- Eating a diet high in antioxidants such as selenium and vitamins C and E may reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer by up to two-thirds, a new study suggests. The study is observational in nature and can only suggest ... In the new study, researchers led by Dr. Andrew Hart of the University of East Anglia tracked the long-term healthof more than 23500 people, aged 40 to 74, who entered the study between 1993 and 1997. Each participant kept a food diary that detailed the types, ...

Kirstie Alley Sued Over Weight-Loss Allegations
Entertainment Tonight News
July 23, 2012. Kirstie Alley's astonishing slim down may have given her betterhealth and confidence, but now the star's weight loss claims have become the center of a lawsuit. RELATED: Kirstie Alley Strikes Back at George Lopez ... "In peddling the Organic Liaison Programs, Ms. Alley attributes her weight loss to the program, but in reality, Ms. Alley's weight loss is due to nothing more than the tried and true concept of diet and exercise," the suit states. Abramyan claims to be a client of Alley's weight-loss program that ...

Entertainment Tonight News

Will eating corn make me fat?
Times of India
This is because of the latest health buzz that eating corn will make you fat. ... A whole grain product, it can be easily included in a healthy diet. ... At the risk of sounding cliched, weight lossor gain is not about one single food. It's about a healthy lifestyle. Bottom-Line. Add corn to your meals and snacks to receive its health benefits. Just watch the amount you eat and practice portion control when eating corn and it will not make you fat! Read more Personal Health, Diet &Fitness stories on www.healthmeup.com ...

Kirstie Alley sued over weight loss claims
Newstrack India
Marina Abramyan has claimed that Kirstie and the product's maker have engaged in "nothing more than a healthy deception" and her new figure was down to her appearance on 'Dancing with the Stars' in the early months of 2011. The consumer filed a lawsuit at Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday, which claims the former 'Cheers' star's extreme weight loss was the "result of an above average exercise regime and extremely low calorie diet". She also claims that 'DWTS' "tracked [Alley's] weight loss as a result of ...

Kirstie Alley Sued Over Her Weight Loss Plan
Abramyan is convinced Alley shaped up by taking part in Dancing With The Stars last year and adopting a low-calorie diet, and she is seeking unspecified damages in the class action lawsuit, according to TMZ.com. Slideshow: Kirstie Alley's New Amazing ...


Losing Weight: New Diet Pills or Changing Lifestyle?
By Caro
It should be fairly obvious by now that there is still no magic weight loss pill that will help us shed pounds quickly and easily with no changes in eating behavior, no exercise and no side effects. It is unlikely that there will ... or maintain their health. We believe that we can help ourselves and each other by contributing our own personal experiences, especially how we overcame resistance or difficulties, to maintaining a healthy lifestyle--where possible without spending a lot of money.
Many Years Young

Does Sea Salt Beat Table Salt? (Diet Myth 1) — Health Hub from ...
By Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, RD, LD
Medical, health and wellness news, information and insights from Cleveland Clinic's experts, designed to help people make quality decisions about their healthcare. Education · Clinical & Lab Research · Resources for Medical Professionals ...
Health Hub from Cleveland Clinic

Molly Sims: I'm Drinking More Water to Slim Down - - Health.com
By Molly Sims
Now Molly is working with Health to get her pre-Brooks body back. We've ... But you don't have to be a new mom to benefit from Molly's diet/fitness strategy. Anyone looking to lose weight, get in shape–or both–can benefit from our plan.
Health News and Views

Diet, Weight Loss Ease Menopause Symptoms: Study: MedlinePlus
WEDNESDAY, July 11 (HealthDay News) -- Menopausal women who lose weight eating a low-fat diet rich in fruits and vegetables could reduce or eliminate ...

Diet Strategy is Still Not Optimal - Diet Health Fitness Food - Digg
We know the different types of diets, and many of us who also have tried some of them. According to statistics, only 3 out of 100 people who make New Year's ...

Anne Hathaway's vegan Catwoman diet

Anne Hathaway's vegan Catwoman diet
Mother Nature Network (blog)
It all sounds super healthy but Keller admits Hathaway is a chocolate person and loved her gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, fudge brownies, and marble cake. While working on Dark Knight Rises, Keller made sure the actress had a dessert every day so ...

Mother Nature Network (blog)

Western diet tied to heart risks in Asia
ABC Science Online
"Many cultures welcome (Western fast food) because it's a sign they're developing their economics," says Andrew Odegaard, from the University of Minnesota School of PublicHealth, who led the study. "But while it may be desirable from a cultural standpoint, ...

ABC Science Online

World Health Day held at DIET Anantnag
ANANTNAG/Srinagar,July 23 (Scoop News) -The District Institute of Education and Trainings (DIET) organized day long awareness campaign on World Health Day at DIET Premises Anantnag. Almost 50 students from various High and Higher Secondary ...

Healthy diet key to victory in Olympics
The Asian Age
Saina Nehwal, who is the only Indian to have reached the badminton singles quarter finals at the Olympics, and won the World Junior Badminton Championships in 2008, was quoted as saying, “One needs a healthy diet and fitness regime, which means ...

Campaign launched on healthy food choices for Ramadan
Wafa Ayesh, director of clinical nutrition, DHA, said that the campaign focuses on providing advice and guidance on the importance of a balanced diet and what constitutes a healthy diet. She said the campaign includes free health tests to check blood sugar ...

FDA Okays weight loss drug Qsymia, would you take it?
Food Consumer
Sunday July 22, 2012 (foodconsumer.org) -- Vivus Inc. in Mountain View, Calif. has been granted permission to market a weight loss management medication called Qsymia, the Food and Drug Administration announced on July 17. Qsymia, a combination of ... Obesity is associated with a range of serious health conditions such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. ... All patients modified their lifestyle, that is, using a calorie restricted diet and engaging in regular physical exercise. In one trial ...

Campaign to raise awareness on balanced diet
Khaleej Times
Dr Sayed said: 'It is important to raise awareness about the importance of maintaining a healthy dietespecially when one is fasting to ensure that the body gets all the essential nutrition to remainhealthy. This is especially important for people who have ...

CDC Teaches that Healthy Weight is a Lifestyle – Not Just a Diet
Maintain in a healthy As part of its national mission to promote public health, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) is providing an educational program for the public on how to lose weight and keep it off. On its website, HealthyWeight – it's ...


Ask the Doctor: Healthy eating has to start early in life
Delmarva Daily Times
And don't forget that you should eat a healthy diet, too. Besides the benefits for your own health, you will be setting a good example. The adage "Do as I say, not as I do" holds true. Your child is unlikely to reach for carrot sticks if you're snacking on a bag of ...

Lack of Physical Activity Found as Harmful as Poor Diet and Smoking
Spending too many hours sitting at work, commuting or relaxing on the couch can wreak as much hazard on your health as being overweight or even smoking, according to a new study published in the journal The Lancet. ... For the study, the scientists used a statistical model to analyze howlifestyle-related diseases and early deaths could be prevented if people moved more. ... Timi Gustafson R.D., Bellevue Weight Loss Examiner ... Health & Fitness | © 2006-2012 Clarity Digital Group LLC d/b/a Examiner.com.

Keeping off the pounds for good not just a numbers game
Vancouver Sun
What Ebbeling and her team did was orchestrate a faceoff between proponents of a low-fat diet(similar to that suggested by Canada's Guide to Healthy Eating), against the fans of low-carb diets. By noting which diet offered the most effective daily calorie burn, ...

Cut sodium where you can by ordering carefully in restaurants
Macon Telegraph (blog)
State health officials recommend further tests on home wells ... Research shows that too much sodium in the diet is associated with high blood pressure, which can increase the risk for heart attack and stroke. Meanwhile, there's a heaping helping of scientists who say there's not enough research to prove that -- even if it ... The U.S. Dietary Guidelines recommend healthy adults consume no more than 2300 milligrams of sodium (about one teaspoon) per day. A lower limit of 1500 milligrams per day is recommended for ...

Common diet mistakes
Jamaica Observer
But could it be that you are actually doing less than you think to achieve your goals, or is it that you have led yourself to buy into some of the common diet myths that have led to the death of many aweight loss dream? If you are guilty of committing any of the ...

Miranda Kerr Talks Diet and Workout Motivation with Women's Fitness
... Women's Fitness August 2012. In the accompanying interview, the 29-year-old Aussie supermodel opens up about a wide range of topics including her healthy diet, her love of vegetables and raw food, her motivation for working out, and many more. ... Kerr Talks Fitness Diet Workout. What maybe you don't know is the fact that Miranda studied health and nutrition for 18 months at the Academy of Natural Living in Cairns. .... Fitness · 5 Diet Rules to Forget · Jordin Sparks Talks Weight Loss with SHAPE Magazine ...


FDA approves two new diet drugs, but doctors may hesitate to prescribe
HealthDay News reported on July 19 that most health professionals feel that the two new weight loss drugs will not solve the nation's obesity epidemic. Summing up the general consensus among experts, registered dietician Keri Gans declared, "The bottom ...

DRS. OZ AND ROIZEN: Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight
A low-fat diet (20 percent of daily calories) causes your metabolism to slow down, so you burn fewer calories a day than you would (with the same amount of activity) on more a moderate diet. A low-carb diet (10 percent of daily calories) may crank up the fat burn, ... Bonus: A consistent dietreduces rebounding. If you keep your weight loss off for two years, your chances of keeping it off forever skyrocket! Dr. Mehmet Oz is ... More stories in Health & Fitness News. Previous story. Local EMS study will determine whether ...

Diet dos & don'ts
Times of India
Please suggest what I should include in my daily diet to lead a healthy life. — Aakansha Aggarwal You are what you eat. ... How can I supplement my diet with health snacks, which I can carry to work to munch on? — Suresh Nath The body's metabolic rate ...

Pranab Mukherjee's health secrets
India.Com Health
With Rashtrapati Bhavan all set to get a new resident here are some things we're sure you didn't know about the septuagenarian's fitness regime. We don't ... Various studies over the years have shown that eating less can contribute to a long, healthy life.

Ministers to Decide Today Over Health-related Claims by Experts
TopNews United States
It seems that Australia will soon become the victim of diet-related diseases and obesity epidemic, fears heart and cancer experts in the country, who, with the same concerns have requested the ministers to not pass on any favor to food industry regarding their ...

TopNews United States

Celebrity Diet Tips - How Much Weight has Jordin Sparks Lost Since American ...
National Ledger
Lifestyle Photos. Tips for Fashion Deals · How to Find the Right Bra · Fashion Trends for 2012 · Latest Fashion Trends · Signature Style ... Check her out in the photo above, it was taken in July 2012 and the US singer shares some of her diet and exercise tips and reveals she has dropped a whopping 50 pounds and has also dropped four dress sizes since she was crowned the season six winner of 'American Idol'. The 22-year-old singer admitted that she was motivated to lose weight when she began to get ill.

National Ledger

Bel Marra Health Supports Recent Research that Shows a Link Between Cutting ...
DigitalJournal.com (press release)
In a recent study published in the journal Menopause, the impact of lifestyle intervention among women experiencing menopausal weight gain were examined in terms of diet and exercise. This study was initiated to identify an effective scheme to prevent ... Improved results using a combination of diet and exercise were also observed, although the effect on weight loss was much more pronounced in the low-fat and low-sugar diet group. Spokesperson for Bel Marra Health, Dr. Victor Marchione says, “Using the ...

UP village bans all tobacco products!
India.Com Health
... an international wrestler. Though the panchayat has started the ban with tobacco, it shall soon include alcohol to prevent younger generations of the village from falling into wrong practices and worsening their health, panchayat members said. Source: IANS ...

5 Diet Rules to Forget
So many different strategies to lose weight overwhelm us at times, it's hard to make the right choices. Make sure no misconceptions take over your dietstrategies. Learn the whole truth behind some popular diet advice and improve your approach and your ...


International Sweeteners Association: Experts Underline Important Role Low ...
MarketWatch (press release)
International Sweeteners Association: Experts Underline Important Role Low Calorie Sweeteners Can Play in Diet of Active Individuals. GLASGOW, Scotland, Jul 23, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The International Sweeteners Association (ISA) draws attention to a growing number of experts supporting the message that low calorie sweeteners play an important role for healthy, active people. Used in more than 6000 products around the world, low calorie sweeteners can significantly reduce the energy density of foods ...

DHA launches campaign to raise awareness on balanced diet during Ramadan
WAM - Emirates News Agency
WAM Dubai, July 23rd, 2012 (WAM) -- The Department of Nutrition at the Dubai Health Authority launched yesterday a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of having a balanced dietduring the Holy month of Ramadan. The campaign known as, "A balanced and ... Dr Sayed said: "It is important to raise awareness about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet especially when one is fasting to ensure that the body gets all the essential nutrition to remain healthy. This is especially important for people ...

Jordin Sparks Bikini: Singer Shows Off 50 Pound Weight Loss (PHOTO)
Huffington Post
The 22-year-old former "American Idol" winner makes her big-screen debut in "Sparkle," due out this summer, and poses for Shape in a teeny blue bikini, showing off her amazing 50 pound weight loss. The rising star tells the magazine her physical ...

Adding folic acid in bread can cut spina bifida cases: Experts
Zee News
Experts cited the example of Chile, where births of children with neural tube defects halved after the ministry of health there made it compulsory for folic acid, or folate, to be added to flour, the `Daily Mail` reported. Spina bifida is a ... There was evidence that women on a poor diet were at higher risk and it was noted that babies conceived in the winter were more likely to be born with spina bifida, possibly because the mother`s dietlacked fresh fruit and vegetables good sources of folate in the early weeks of pregnancy.

Zee News

Orange juice can make you look more beautiful
Times of India
Susan Mahy, board director at Cosmetic Executive Women UK, said: "The essential nutrients you need for healthy skin, hair and nails are most beneficial when ingested as part of your diet. "Our panel of executive women in the cosmetic, fragrance and ...

Smoking, obesity and lack of activity named as global killers
Sacramento Bee
Diet Chef aims to help dieters lose weight without depriving their taste buds – which is why our meal plans offer a tasty as well as healthy balanced diet allowing dieters to lose weight at ahealthy pace. To find out more about how Diet Chef works, visit the ...

Proper diet leads to great results
Rockwall County Herald Banner
ROCKWALL — Most people know that skipping meals is detrimental to a weight loss plan or in maintaining a healthy weight. Missing meals or not getting adequate ... It's important to make sure that you are taking in protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats at the right time throughout the day. Generally it is not recommended to eat fats right before or after your fitness training for the day, but your body needs some protein and carbohydrates to fuel your workouts and aid in recovery. Make sure you are ingesting healthy ...

Jordin Sparks Drops 50 Pounds -- Shows Off New Bikini Body
Hollywood Life
Jordin is showing off her 50 pound weight loss on the cover of 'Shape' magazine's August issue! See the photo and ... “I just wanted to be healthy,” Jordin, 22, says of her weight loss. ... I was barely working out and my diet was a mess,” Sparks added. “I had to ...

Low Carb Diet Increases Heart Disease Risk In Women, Study ...
By healthy_blogging
by Joseph In a study involving more than 43,ooo Swedish women, new research suggests that low carb diets may not be the safest way to lose weight. According to a ... THE health & wellness website committed to helping you live a healthy life! Home · Archives ... The study required researchers to follow the women for 15.7 years whom from the outset provided scientists with facts about their dietary intake, physical activity and other lifestyle variables via self-questionnaire. During the ...
Living Fit, Healthy and Happy

What's the difference between the Mediterranean Diet and the Greek ...
By Elena Paravantes RD
According the Ethnic Food & Beverage Consumer Trend Report by research firm Technomic, 32 percent of American diners said that they thought of Greek food as healthy and rated it the fourth-healthiest cuisine. The only cuisines that ranked ...
Olive Tomato

Health Benefits of the Chinese Green Tea Diet | Health economics
By admin
Since its first recorded use during the time of Emperor Shen Nung, the link between Chinese green tea diet and good health has never been severed. Today, further studies are made to test the benefits of the remarkable health elixir.
Health economics

Diet, weight loss can reduce or eliminate symptoms of menopause ...
Watch the video 'Diet, weight loss can reduce or eliminate symptoms of menopause' on Yahoo! News.

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