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New Weight-Loss Pill: 5 Things You Should Know

New Weight-Loss Pill: 5 Things You Should Know
AARP News (blog)
Belviq, the first new prescription weight-loss pill in 13 years, won approval last week from the Food and Drug Administration. The drug ... For best results, users are advised to follow a healthy diet and exercise while taking the medication. ... The ...

AARP News (blog)

15 Bad Excuses We Make for Not Eating Healthy
Huffington Post
By Charlotte Andersen for Shape.com Click through the slideshow below to find out how to outwit the most common diet-derailing excuses. ... This sets a bad biological precedent, says Darryl Bushard, a sports nutrition specialist and certified weight ...

Nue Products Shares Diet for Healthy Skin
MarketWatch (press release)
While these foods are great for the skin, Nue Products adds that eating a healthy diet does more than boost your skin health; it also prevents damage caused by processed foods. The company states, "A healthy diet packed with anti-oxidants should be a ...

Nutritionists - Healthy Diet Ensures Longer Life Despite HIV Infection
She says it is easier to observe healthy eating and lifestyle than taking ARV drugs forever as most of them have horrible side effects to some people. "Some of the ... "It is unwise to wait until yourhealth is irreparable to go for a health check ...

First Diet Pill in Decade Turns Arena Into Deal Bait: Real M&A
With the first weight-loss drug to be cleared for sale in the U.S. in 13 years, Arena is projected by analysts to increase revenue 18-fold in the next four years, the fastest growth in the world among specialty pharmaceutical companies greater than $1 ...

Experts disagree over benefits of alkaline diet in fighting diseases
Las Vegas Review - Journal
There are others who use this diet approach to achieve optimal health or even to battle diseases. Many know of Kris Carr's 2007 "Crazy Sexy Cancer," a film that follows the actress and photographer's journey after a 2003 diagnosis of stage-four ...

Staying on diet track while traveling requires planning
Chicago Daily Herald
Traveling can make healthy eating and exercise a challenge. But, with a sensible game plan, you'll find that you can do a pretty good job of eating healthy even when you're away from home for weeks at a time. First, do your homework. Once you know ...

Is there a winner in the diet war?
Aiken Standard
But a recent study helps explain why one type of diet is so popular for people trying to lose weight. Traditional recommendations for weight loss include a low-calorie diet that is low in fat and high in carbohydrates combined with regular exercise ...

Study serves up healthy choice of rice
EurekAlert (press release)
Rice consumers concerned about reports that rice is linked to diabetes can rest assured that rice can be part of a healthy diet, with scientists finding that the glycemic index of rice varies a lot from one type of rice to another, with most varieties ...

The long-running low-carb vs. low-fat debate
Boston Globe
Have you been following the latest in the ongoing controversy about whether a low-carb diet is healthier and better for weight loss than a diet low in fat? If you lived in the 19th century you would have. The question of whether it matters what we eat ...

US News & World Report Launches "Eat+Run"
MarketWatch (press release)
WASHINGTON, July 9, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- U.S. News & World Report announced today the launch of a blogging network featuring advice from leading thinkers in diet and fitness. A considerable expansion of U.S. News's Health and Wellness ...

Body weight Decline and Meal plans – What Weight loss diet Plan is Finest?
The Daily Tell
Presume of it as a jump-begin the process of for your healthy eating plan regimen. And as a result of you usually drop some bodyweight and extremely fast may I include. So place people so-identified as right weight loss diet capsules down. This ...

'Flab jab' could let you stay slim on a junk food diet by using immune system ...
Daily Mail
But don't abandon your diet yet. Leaving aside the other damaging effects on health of eating too much high-fat food, the research is still at a very early stage and the drug is around seven to ten years from the market. The vaccine works by fooling ...

Daily Mail

Suffering from 'diet brain'?
Independent Online
“Women, in particular, suffer because they tend to eat low-fat foods. But fat — the good, heart-healthy type found in nuts, oils and avocados — is fantastic.” Not only will it help beat diet brain, it could also give your diet a boost. “Good fat ...

Independent Online

The Sun's diet and fitness tips to cure saggy skin like Elle Macpherson
The Sun
Because there is little more than skin and bone, with no muscles or fat to provide structure on the knee, bagginess is an almost universal problem as we age. But there are ways of heading off the problem. Here The Sun's fitness instructor NICKI ...

The Sun

Mediterranean Diet Triples Chances Of IVF Success
Huffington Post UK
Women who cut back on their saturated fat intake may have a better chance of having a baby via IVF, suggest researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health. According to a reported presented at the annual meeting of ESHRE (European Society of ...

Ensure balanced diet at home – Santubong MP
The Borneo Post
KUCHING: Housewifes and mothers play a major role in ensuring that food served at home for the family are healthy and of balanced diet. Santubong MP Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar said people were getting too occupied with work these days that some ...

Flu Jab Could Aid Weight Loss And Fight Obesity
Huffington Post UK
Weight-Loss Glasses. Japanese inventors have designed a hi-tech (and slightly bonkers) device that claims to help people lose weight - and it involves a pair of 'slimming spectacles' that trick the brain into thinking that food is 50% bigger than it ...

American diet fuelling heart disease and diabetes rates
International News Network
... french fries, hot dogs and hamburgers, more are dying prematurely form coronary heart disease and developing diabetes type 2, researchers from the University of Minnesota School of PublicHealth and the National University of Singapore reported in ...

Arian Foster, NFL Running Back, is Now Fueled on a Vegan Diet
One Green Planet (blog)
Call it a trend or a fad, but the truth is every day more people are appreciating the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. But, the ... If you don't believe Arian is serious about the transition to a plant-based diet, just check out his new twitter ...

One Green Planet (blog)

Campbell Soup Cuts Share Diet, Buys Bolthouse
NEW YORK (TheStreet) --Campbell Soup(CPB) is buying private equity owned organic foods company Bolthouse Farms, in a strategy change that favors using new drinks and health food snacks like salads to grow its earnings over a previously announced ...

Diet soft drinks may cause weight gain
But when our guts are subjected to large quantities of artificial sweetener and fructose (a type of sugar used in a lot of sweet foods in the US), they produce a lot more short-chain fatty acids, which impacts satiety signals, Men's Health reported ...


Early vegetarian diet for province
Fiji Times
"This program is about living a healthy lifestyle and improving our health conditions. "We are not forcing the people to be vegetarians. It's entirely up to them to follow this diet as we work towards controlling non-communicable and communicable ...

`Six sugars` diet offers hope for people who can't digest fructose
BioScholar News
People with fructose malabsorption – a food intolerance that is as complicated as it is common – are turning to low FODMAP diet, which stands for six.

Camp teaches importance of diet, exercise
Pacific Daily News
It's summer and there are lots of parties and free time for kids to snack on food that isn't quitehealthy for them. ... Get active: Children use hula hoops as they participate in a physical fitnessactivity during the University of Guam's Summer ...

Dr Dillner's health dilemmas: Should I eat more fat?
The Guardian
If you want to lose weight or stop cholesterol clogging up your arteries, you should cut out the fat. Or should ... The Harvard School of Public Health's analysis of fats also says you need healthy fats not low fats in your diet. You don't ..... The ...

The Guardian

Home Chef winner shares healthy cooking tips
msnbc.com (blog)
We asked readers to send in their best original healthy comfort food recipes. TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer picked her three favorites, and viewers voted on the top choice. Ilana Bucholtz took the title. Ilana, who has had her own struggles with weight ...

msnbc.com (blog)

Welcome to Eat+Run
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
Toward that end, U.S. News's Health and Wellness team is serving up a new dish: "Eat+Run." A blog featuring experts in diet and fitness, Eat+Run will bring you fresh ideas to chew on. Our bloggers' opinions are their own, of course. But we've sought ...

Food to improve your workout performance
Times of India
Today we check out the best pre and post workout snacks that help workout performance, rather than make you put on or lose weight. Note that these snacks and foods are best consumed within.... Health benefits of these snacks include healthy weight ...

Honest Weight Loss Product Reviews Launches New Shopper-Friendly, Health ...
Seattle Post Intelligencer
Media – health and fitness blogs, articles on latest diets, weight loss blogs, health and fitnessmagazines, Health segments on diet and weight loss on CNN, MSN, Google, Yahoo, etc. HonestWeight Loss Product Reviews features reviews of the latest ...

NFL Player Arian Foster's New Vegan Diet Causes Controversy
Professional football player Arian Foster's new vegan diet causes stir among sports community. ......

Healthy Diet Key to Prevent Diabetes | Prevention Of Diabetes
By admin
Healthy Diet Key to Prevent Diabetes. July 8, 2012 | Author admin. The amount of sugar in our own food today is directly responsible for the worldwide epidemic of diabetes, which in turn increases ourhealth care spending in a country.
Prevention Of Diabetes

Decolonizing Diet: Eating Like Native Americans | Care2 Healthy ...
By Molly, selected from TreeHugger
In the Decolonizing Diet Project, volunteers are spending the year eating only foods that were part of the Great Lakes diet prior to the arrival of Europeans.
Care2 Healthy Living

Diet Myths Debunked : Healthymagination
As we strive to get our bodies beach-ready or enhance health by shedding surplus pounds, it's easy to fall prey to misconceptions about the best ways to slim ...

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