Monday, July 30, 2012

New diet pills spur hope and warnings

New diet pills spur hope and warnings
Minneapolis Star Tribune
One consumer watchdog, the Health Research Group, called the latest FDA approvals "reckless." Consumer Reports has urged consumers to stay away. "Bottom Line: We recommend avoiding all weight-loss drugs and supplements," the magazine said in an ...

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Healthy soda goal for Coke, Pepsi
Tulsa World
The world's top soft-drink companies hope that's the elusive trifecta that will silence healthconcerns about soda and reverse the decline in consumption of carbonated drinks. But such a formula could be years away. That's because the ingredient that makes ...

Diet can help with menopause: Study
Welland Tribune
While the study was designed to see the effect of this healthy diet strategy on symptoms, they found that women in the healthy diet group did lose weight. In fact, a ... This is not the first study that has looked at weight loss and reduction of hot flashes. A study in ...

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Website Works for Weight Loss
Muncie Free Press
News · National · Health. From Dr. Oz to Starbucks, 2012 is the year of Green Coffee Extract. Staff Report. DENVER, CO - When it comes to losing weight, there have been plenty of diet pills and plans that have come out over the years. However, most never really worked. ... Dr. Oz does not fool around when he mentions something that he thinks will have a positive effect on people's healthand their ability to lose weight. ... One of the things the website mentions is that green coffee bean extract is natural and healthy.

Muncie Free Press

Readers: New Diet Drugs Won't Change Practice
MedPage Today
Several commenters noted that diet pills and bariatric surgery are "tools" to help control obesity. They go along with education and lifestyle changes. In response to those who blamed the individual for being heavy, one woman asked if they also would not ...

High carb diet may put postmentstrual women at risk of cancer
Business Review India
Middle aged women who may have a liking for sweet and starchy food may fall prey to a rare but more deadlier variety of breast cancer. Researchers at International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon have come to the conclusion that a high carb diet is ...

Night workers likelier to have heart attacks?
India.Com Health
Shift work has long been known to disrupt the body clock and be linked to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, but the overall impact on cardiovascular health has been unclear. A team of international researchers analysed the results of 34 ...

Rheumatoid arthritis drug limits stroke damage
India.Com Health
In the recent experiments, IL-1Ra reduced the damage to the blood-brain barrier by 55 percent inhealthy rats and 45 percent in rats with underlying health conditions. In all types of rats, the drug reduced the amount of activated microglia cells by 40 percent ...

Is The Paleo Diet Healthy?
Is The Paleo Diet Healthy? The Paleo diet is short for Paleolithic diet. Some people refer to it as the caveman diet. It is based on what some people presume is ...

TOPIC: What's your best diet/fitness advice? -
If you could offer your #1 piece of diet and fitness advice, what would it be? My #1 piece of dietadvice is to make one meal a salad everyday. My #1 piece of ...

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