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What is Gluten?

What is Gluten, Anyway?
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
However, to ensure that wheatgrass or barley grass juices are safe to consume on a gluten-freediet, you need to make sure that no seeds accidentally make their way into the juicer. While the... Others, however, find that cutting out gluten only to replace it with gluten-free versions of these same empty-calorie, high-glycemic, processed snack foods is of no benefit for weight loss, energy levels, or improved health. (Foods ... Her personal blog, www.tamaraduker.com, focuses on healthy eating and gluten-free living. 

Kirstie Alley Weight Loss: Actress Sued For Reportedly Lying About How She ...
Huffington Post
Alley credits her weight loss to Organic Liaison, a weight loss program she helped develop, founded on the basis of "liaising" dieters from their daily eating habits to a healthier organic diet. The plan includes organic weight loss products, natural dietary ...

Government OKs diet drug
The News Journal
Qsymia (pronounced kyoo-sim-ee-uh), which suppresses appetite and increases the feeling of fullness, boosts patients' weight loss when used along with a diet and exercise plan. Until now, the drug had been called Qnexa. Some experts are concerned that ...

I don't believe in crash diets: Deepika Padukone
New York Daily News
The actress says the secret behind her perfect figure is not any crash diet, but a combination of regular workouts and healthy eating. "I think ideally one should not reach a stage where you have to go on crash diets. You need to be conscious on a daily basis. I feel that this should be your lifestyle," Deepika told IANS. "For me, working out and eating healthy is a part of mylifestyle. ... the 26-year-old says she doesn't mind being a 'healthy' version of it. "I feel that size doesn't matter, fitness and health should come first.

Anne Hathaway's vegan Catwoman diet
Mother Nature Network (blog)
Want to learn more about making the switch to a plant-based eating regimen? Read this article, which breaks down the vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed for a healthy diet. Plus, this infographic breaks down the environmental cost of a vegan diet vs. a ...

Mother Nature Network (blog)

Keep bones strong with healthy diet
Daily News - Galveston County
Keep bones strong with healthy diet. By Dr. Victor S. Sierpina ... Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption and bone health with doses between 800 international units to 2000 international units being commonly recommended. Vitamin D comes from sun ...

Vegetarianism five and a half times more likely with an active eating disorder
When individuals with a suspected or diagnosed eating disorder adopt a vegetarian diet, health care professionals might worry that this choice could function as a socially acceptable way to legitimize food avoidance. Yet there has only been limited research ...


Diet.com Launches New Recipes Section, Refurbishes 1100+ Healthy Recipe ...
DigitalJournal.com (press release)
Diet.com, one of the web's leading resources for diet, fitness, and nutrition content and tools, has announced a complete overhaul of its nearly 1200 recipe pages, updating the format of each recipe entry, adding hundreds of new recipes and furnishing the pages with over 1000 new images. The diet and fitness site's Recipes section, ... Since its founding, Diet.com has been a valuable online resource for dieters and those seeking information on living a healthy lifestyle. As one of the web's leading resources for diet, ...

Mediterranean diet improves health
Associate Professor Catherine Itsiopoulos of the Centre for Dietetics at La Trobe University highlights the benefits of a Mediterranean diet and lifestyle in a new La Trobe University podcast. 'The Cretan diet has the lowest death rate from heart disease,' says ...


Avoid Carbohydrates in the Morning to Lose Weight?
Diet Blog (blog)
The Theory: In the morning, eat plenty of complex carbohydrates like oatmeal and fruits to rev the metabolism. The body has been fasting all night, and you want to break that fast with a balanced meal including healthy carbohydrates. The Problem: This theory ...

Diet Blog (blog)

Kirstie Alley sued over weight-loss claims
Monsters and Critics.com
Marina Abramyan filed a lawsuit at Los Angeles Superior Court on July 20, which claims Kirstie's extreme weight loss was the 'result of an above average exercise regime and extremely low calorie diet'. She also claims that 'DWTS' 'tracked [Alley's]weight ...

Monsters and Critics.com

'Breaking Dawn' star Robert Pattinson: 'I'm on an all-liquid diet'
"Twilight" sensation Robert Pattinson isn't a fan of exercise or healthy eating, but vanity recently motivated him to embark on a strict diet to get ripped for a shirtless photo shoot. “I'm on an ... Samantha Chang, Celebrity Fitness and HealthExaminer. Samantha ...


Cheese can help beat diabetes: study
The Hindu
A new research has claimed that cheese can prevent diabetes, even as the currenthealth guidelines advise cutting back on dairy products. British and ... “We recommend a healthy balanced diet, rich in fruit and vegetables and low in salt and fat. This study ...

The Hindu

Do Diet Drugs Really Work?
CBS Local
Both Belviq and Qsymia helped people lose weight in clinical studies, but they do it in very different ways. Qsymia will be available the fourth quarter of this year, and ...They will only be prescribed to obese adults or overweight adults who have at least one additional health-related issue. Those include Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, ... People taking Qsymia for up to one year had an average weight loss of 8.9 percent over those taking an inactive placebo. However, these numbers cannot be used to compare ...

CBS Local

Kirstie Alley sued over Organic Liaison weight loss product
Kirstie Alley is being sued over her claims that a weight loss product called Organic Liaison is partly responsible for allowing her to lose about 100 pounds. Marina Abramyan filed papers in court on Friday claiming that Organic Liaison is "nothing more than a healthy deception" and that Alley didn't lose the weight from it, rather from exercising on Dancing with the Stars. The lawsuit says that Alley's extreme weight loss is a "result of an above average exercise regimen and extremely low calorie diet," E! News reports.

Two slices of cheese a day keep diabetes away
Times of India
Health · Fitness · Diet · Specials. You are here: Home » Life & Style » Health & Fitness » Diet ....The findings go against current health guidelines, which advise cutting back on dairy products and other high-fat foods to help prevent the illness. British and Dutch researchers looked at the diets of 16800 healthy adults and 12400 patients with type 2 diabetes from eight European countries, including the UK. The study found that those who ate at ... Why we can't resist fatty food · Say no to these weight loss diet scams!

Victoria Beckham reported to be following 'baby-food' diet to lose weight
Irish Independent
Victoria Beckham has reportedly turned to a "baby-food" diet in a bid to slim down to her desired size. The singer-turned-fashion designer has been showing off her slim frame of late in a variety of figure-hugging ensembles. Victoria - who is a UK size 6 - is ...

Irish Independent

What You Need to Know when Using a Health or Fitness App
Hive Health Media (blog)
But this time they're not doing South Beach or any other fad diet. No, they're using the diet app MyFitness Pal on their iPads. ... powerful they can be — they don't come without downsides. The upsides might outweigh them, but before anyone uses a health and fitness app, she should be aware of the flaws and limitations inherent in them all. ... But with only 11 percent of his calories coming from protein, chances are some of that weight loss came from muscle. Since muscle works to burn calories, he's less capable of ...

Singer Pink loses 55 pounds in baby weight, embraces vegan diet
Singer Pink, who gained 55 pounds while pregnant, has lost all of her baby weight since giving birth to daughter Willow Sage last June, and a mostly vegetarian dietmay be part of the reason. ... Samantha Chang, Celebrity Fitness and HealthExaminer ...


Kirstie Alley Sued Over Weight Loss Product, Claims
The Hollywood Gossip
Instead, the plaintiff thinks Alley simply followed a low-calorie diet and practiced a lot for Dancing with the Stars. Organic Liaison? It's nothing ... That is bullshit... who is to say what she used tolose weight or didn't use to lose weight. Let me sue you because I ...

Website Aids Individuals When Seeking Diet and Fitness Programs
SBWire (press release)
Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2012 -- Tackling weight loss and fitness in these times can be a daunting and somewhat trying task. ... How great would it be to have a website that weeded through the endless diet and fitness fads out there to find the right one, subsequently saving individuals considerable time, money and aggravation? ... The diet solution website affords the individual the chance to make a decision for their fitness and diet program based on knowledge and guidance from health professionals.

Antioxidants Might Help Cut Pancreatic Cancer Risk, Study Suggests
U.S. News & World Report
MONDAY, July 23 (HealthDay News) -- Eating a diet high in antioxidants such as selenium and vitamins C and E may reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer by up to two-thirds, a new study suggests. The study is observational in nature and can only suggest ... In the new study, researchers led by Dr. Andrew Hart of the University of East Anglia tracked the long-term healthof more than 23500 people, aged 40 to 74, who entered the study between 1993 and 1997. Each participant kept a food diary that detailed the types, ...

Kirstie Alley Sued Over Weight-Loss Allegations
Entertainment Tonight News
July 23, 2012. Kirstie Alley's astonishing slim down may have given her betterhealth and confidence, but now the star's weight loss claims have become the center of a lawsuit. RELATED: Kirstie Alley Strikes Back at George Lopez ... "In peddling the Organic Liaison Programs, Ms. Alley attributes her weight loss to the program, but in reality, Ms. Alley's weight loss is due to nothing more than the tried and true concept of diet and exercise," the suit states. Abramyan claims to be a client of Alley's weight-loss program that ...

Entertainment Tonight News

Will eating corn make me fat?
Times of India
This is because of the latest health buzz that eating corn will make you fat. ... A whole grain product, it can be easily included in a healthy diet. ... At the risk of sounding cliched, weight lossor gain is not about one single food. It's about a healthy lifestyle. Bottom-Line. Add corn to your meals and snacks to receive its health benefits. Just watch the amount you eat and practice portion control when eating corn and it will not make you fat! Read more Personal Health, Diet &Fitness stories on www.healthmeup.com ...

Kirstie Alley sued over weight loss claims
Newstrack India
Marina Abramyan has claimed that Kirstie and the product's maker have engaged in "nothing more than a healthy deception" and her new figure was down to her appearance on 'Dancing with the Stars' in the early months of 2011. The consumer filed a lawsuit at Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday, which claims the former 'Cheers' star's extreme weight loss was the "result of an above average exercise regime and extremely low calorie diet". She also claims that 'DWTS' "tracked [Alley's] weight loss as a result of ...

Kirstie Alley Sued Over Her Weight Loss Plan
Abramyan is convinced Alley shaped up by taking part in Dancing With The Stars last year and adopting a low-calorie diet, and she is seeking unspecified damages in the class action lawsuit, according to TMZ.com. Slideshow: Kirstie Alley's New Amazing ...


Losing Weight: New Diet Pills or Changing Lifestyle?
By Caro
It should be fairly obvious by now that there is still no magic weight loss pill that will help us shed pounds quickly and easily with no changes in eating behavior, no exercise and no side effects. It is unlikely that there will ... or maintain their health. We believe that we can help ourselves and each other by contributing our own personal experiences, especially how we overcame resistance or difficulties, to maintaining a healthy lifestyle--where possible without spending a lot of money.
Many Years Young

Does Sea Salt Beat Table Salt? (Diet Myth 1) — Health Hub from ...
By Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, RD, LD
Medical, health and wellness news, information and insights from Cleveland Clinic's experts, designed to help people make quality decisions about their healthcare. Education · Clinical & Lab Research · Resources for Medical Professionals ...
Health Hub from Cleveland Clinic

Molly Sims: I'm Drinking More Water to Slim Down - - Health.com
By Molly Sims
Now Molly is working with Health to get her pre-Brooks body back. We've ... But you don't have to be a new mom to benefit from Molly's diet/fitness strategy. Anyone looking to lose weight, get in shape–or both–can benefit from our plan.
Health News and Views

Diet, Weight Loss Ease Menopause Symptoms: Study: MedlinePlus
WEDNESDAY, July 11 (HealthDay News) -- Menopausal women who lose weight eating a low-fat diet rich in fruits and vegetables could reduce or eliminate ...

Diet Strategy is Still Not Optimal - Diet Health Fitness Food - Digg
We know the different types of diets, and many of us who also have tried some of them. According to statistics, only 3 out of 100 people who make New Year's ...

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