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The Most Effective Diet: Listening to Your Body

The Most Effective Diet: Listening to Your Body
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
Reclaim your plate with these 5 tips for healthy, happy eating. ... Trust me, normal eating is better, healthier, and more fun than any diet out there. Rebecca Scritchfield MA, RD, ACSM Health Fitness Specialist, helps empower people to build healthy ...

U.S. News & World Report (blog)

Health benefits of pomegranate
Times of India
Pomegranate – rubies in a shell or rubies for your health, there are several ways to describe this delectable fruit because of its health benefits. ... Slows down Alzheimer's disease. Read more Personal Health, Diet & Fitness stories on www.healthmeup ...

WEIGHT LOSS: Artificial sweeteners no silver bullet for losing weight
“Smart use of non-nutritive sweeteners can be a tool for consumers, reducing calories, added sugars in the diet, and helping consumers maintain or reach a healthy weight that fights the risk factors for heart disease and diabetes,” but Gardner added ...


Major Medical Groups Back Sweeteners as Diet Aid
U.S. News & World Report
That endorsement of six sugar substitutes as a dietary aid came in a scientific statement released Monday by two major health organizations, the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association. ... At this point, it's not clear what ...

'Six Weeks to OMG': The diet book that's got people talking
a controversial new weight loss book making the rounds with promises of losing 20 pounds in six weeks. we're going to talk to the author in a moment. first, is this legitimate or a fad diet ? you be the judge. >> open your mouth as wide ... it's ...


'Healthy diet, change in lifestyle need of the hour'
The Hindu
'Healthy diet, change in lifestyle need of the hour' ... health · lifestyle and leisure. Sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy food habits, lack of exercise, obesity, and other genital factors are gruelling the situation. Fifty million adults were affected by ...

The Hindu

First Diet Pill in Decade Turns Arena Into Deal Bait: Real M&A
San Francisco Chronicle
Glaxo, the U.K.'s largest drugmaker, may be interested in purchasing Arena to bolster its presence in the market for weight-loss remedies after sales declined for Alli, its over- the-counter diet pill, according to WBB Securities' Brozak. Orlistat has ...

Welcome to Raw Week: Fit Foodies Goes Raw
Shape Magazine (blog)
One SHAPE editor immerses herself in the raw food diet and shares how to eat raw foods, how it affects your weight, mood, energy, and more. ... Shape.com is part of The American Media, Inc. Fitness & Health Network © 2012 Weider Publications, LLC, ...

Shape Magazine (blog)

We debate: Is organic food healthy? (Part 2)
Times of India
In Part 1 of 'Is Organic Food Healthy?' we concluded with a look at the environmental advantages of organic foods. Today we dig deeper to develop a better understanding of the organic food movement.

In Dieting, Magic Isn't a Substitute for Science
New York Times
A much-publicized study suggesting that a high-protein diet is better for weight loss is just an illusion, as are other diets, one expert says. ... Why is it so hard for people to lose weight? What your body does is to sense the amount of energy it has ...

Avocados and olive oil may boost success of fertility treatments
New York Daily News
Findings revealed that diets rich in foods typically eaten as part of the Mediterraneandiet, including sunflower oil and nuts and seeds, tripled the chances of success for women having the fertility treatment. ... Dr. Jorge Chavarro and colleagues at ...

New York Daily News

The Wedding Day Diet- "My Challenge" Update
Shape Magazine (blog)
Along with my fitness routine, I think I'll be prepared for my big day! ... Even though it's only for two weeks, the challenge helped me realize that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is doable even in the midst of crazy work schedules and planning a ...

Shape Magazine (blog)

8 Healthy Fats to Add to Your Salad
Shape Magazine
Spice up your salads with these healthy salad dressing recipes. ... Enquirer · Star Magazine. Shape.com is part of The American Media, Inc. Fitness & Health Network © 2012 Weider Publications, LLC, a subsidiary of American Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Shape Magazine

Healthy cooking: 10 tips on using fats and oil in a healthy diet
Times of India
Finding a healthy variety of cooking oil or fat is not a challenge if you understand the cornerstones of how to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. ... cornerstones of how to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. A healthy low calorie diet ...

Fitness World Champions Launch Bodybuilding and Fitness Training Web Site ...
Albany Times Union
Through a series of instructional videos and detailed articles, Cara Ovis and Jessica Rinaldi provide valuable information about how to build muscle, lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. In addition to offering bodybuilding, diet, training and ...

How much caffeine is too much?
The OMG diet: Legitimate weight loss tool or fad? Today Show ... this morning on joy's diet israeli o.s., your caffeine questions answered. the healthy afternoon boost. joy bauer is a registered dietitian and nutritionist. good to see you. >> good ...


Healthy Minute: Triggers that slow metabolism
Daily Ardmoreite
Age, diet and lifestyle can all send your body's calorie burn screeching to a halt. ... Stress - causes the level of the hormone cortisol to rise, says Christine Gerbstadt, MD, RD, author of “Doctor's DetoxDiet: The Ultimate Weight Loss Prescription ...

Stampede deep-fried diet faces invasion by healthy alternatives
Global Edmonton
It's going toward healthy and food sensitivities, but it's also going unhealthy with the deep-fried Wagon Wheel and the deep-fried Kool-Aid or deep-fried pickle chips," Radke said. Also new to the menu this year is whisky-soaked fudge and bacon sundae ...

Diet Soda: Zero Calories, But Still Makes You Fat
AARP News (blog)
In addition, the Swiss researchers noted another questionable health effect of dietsoda: Fatty acids produced during digestion of artificial sugars can cause inflammation of the intestinal lining, a risk factor linked to type 2 diabetes, stroke and ...

AARP News (blog)

India's widely grown rice variety helps keeping diabetes at bay
Zee News
The findings of the research, which analyzed 235 types of rice from around the world, is good news because it not only means rice can be part of a healthy diet for the average consumer, but it also means people with diabetes, or at risk of diabetes ...

Zee News

Fad diets busted
The Bay of Plenty Times
Fad diets busted | Bay of Plenty Lifestyle News | Health, Fashion, Food and Wine in Bay of Plenty Bay of Plenty Times. « » ... You've heard of Dukan, scoffed fat on Atkins, fainted from drinking only honey and lemon water and lost friends from the ...

Paleoista Glamorizes the Caveman Diet for Trendy, Modern Women
Diets In Review (blog)
Paleoista outlines the basics of the paleo, caveman, or hunter-gatherer diet and lets modern know it can be an accessible lifestyle change to them. ... No beans, soy, tofu, quinoa, or goat cheese, what many people commonly think of as healthy foods. It ...

Jenny Craig Renews Relationship with Volumetrics® Developer Dr. Barbara ...
MarketWatch (press release)
"Volumetrics is a main component of Jenny's program, which is designed to help clients lose weightby creating a healthy relationship with food, building a fun, active lifestyle and developing a balanced approach to living," said Dana Fiser, Global CEO ...

Can you have too much calcium?
Sydney Morning Herald (blog)
It might sound like a dietary heresy, but there's one expert who's arguing that women may need less calcium for their health not more. He's Dr Graeme Jones, Professor of Rheumatology and Epidemiology at Tasmania's Menzies Research Institute, and he ...

Sydney Morning Herald (blog)

Caveman Diet Raises Hope
TopNews Arab Emirates
The diet has helped a lot many people to lose weight and it seems to be the new addition in the list of diets, which promise to give svelte figure. ... The diet boasts that it will help the diet adopters to lead a healthy life and the one, which is ...

TopNews Arab Emirates

Is Low-Carb Better than Low-Fat?
By Edward Geehr. M.D.
After achieving a 10%-15% weight loss over a three-month period on a standardized, balanced dietplan, subjects were divided into three groups. All groups consumed the same number of calories each day, but with different proportions of ...
Lifescript Health Bistro

Is there any diet/health data on human fluids consumed during ...
Is there any diet/health data on human fluids consumed during intimacy?

Feature: Healthy Diet, Healthy Pregnancy
Maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy is vital. A sensible approach to nutrition before, during and after your pregnancy is the best way to ensure the health ...

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