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Debunking weight-loss myths

Debunking weight-loss myths
Fox News
Here are four myths about weight loss quick-fixes. Diet pills require no exercise Many dieters think of weight loss pills as an easy and hassle-free way to lose weight that will allow them to continue making unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Ditch diets for good health
Fraser Coast Chronicle
NEVER diet again: it's a bold claim, but one that two Sunshine Coast authors say is more realistic than you think. Energetic Tanawha couple Julius and Sharny Kieser, who own and operate Stripfit Health and Fitness Studio in Warana, have produced a book ...

Tesco, Coca-Cola Pledge to Cut Calories in Obesity Fight
Nestle SA (NESN), the world's biggest food company, and Premier Foods Plc (PFD), owner of the Hovis bread and Bisto gravy brands, are also among the 17 companies committing to reduce calories, the UK Department of Health said in a press release today.

Jennifer Lawrence's 'Hunger Games' Diet Sounds Harsh (VIDEO)
The Stir
One of the latest stories to make its way to the web is on the intense workout and diet regimen she followed to "shape up" for shooting the film. Now, let's step back and consider this whole idea of a beautiful, fit actress having to "shape up.

Five Questions: Dr. Walter Willett on red meat
Los Angeles Times
By Eryn Brown, Los Angeles Times Dr. Walter Willett is the chair of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health. He's also a cow's best friend. Earlier this month, Willett and colleagues, who have studied the link between diet and health for ...

Five Diet Myths Debunked!
Huffington Post
The best way to achieve lifelong health is to eat a diet of plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and adequate hydration daily not just 3-7 days out of the year. Fortunately this is not true. Frozen produce can be just as ...

First new diet pill in 13 years nears FDA approval
Allentown Morning Call
The federal government next month may give a diet drug that it once rejected for its side effects a shot at becoming that magic pill. But whether the new drug, called Qnexa, can perform weight loss wizardry depends on your definition of the word "magic ...

Commit to a healthy lifestyle to lose weight
North Shore News
The problem comes after the goal weight is achieved and they go back to their pre-diet lifestyle. A lot of people can lose weight, but not many let their new eating and exercise habits become part of their everyday life. The problem is, without making ...

Adding vitamin C to your diet
Statesman Journal
Vitamin C Salad has 195 calories per serving and 38 percent of daily vitamin C. Salem Health / Salem Health Salem Health dietitian Jessica Campbell offers up a natural way to add vitamin C to your diet. Vitamin C is helpful for our immune system.

Drinking tea ups chances of getting pregnant
Times of India
On the other hand, the same research also revealed that consuming two cola-style fizzy drinks daily apparently reduces a woman's prospects of conceiving - and it makes no difference if the cola is a diet or sugary version. Women who drank these soft ...

Hospitals, GOP object to state control in health program
Pioneer Press
By Christopher Snowbeck A statewide program for healthy eating and living was forced on a starvation diet last year because of a funding cut driven by the state's massive budget deficit. Now, one of the program's hopes for moving forward without the ...

A short-term cleanse can wash away your diet sins
Done moderately, these diets aimed at clearing the digestive tract can be just the jumpstarthealthy adults need on the way to feeling and looking better. "It's kind of like resetting your clock," says Dr. Christine Gerbstadt, a consulting dietitian ...

Nurturing healthy habits in your children
Your Houston News
It sounds simple, but just taking fruits and vegetables out of the crisper, cutting them up so they are ready to go and putting them on a more visible shelf can aid in your effort to eat a healthy diet. You'll be more likely to reach for a healthy ...

A loss that makes him smile
Wooster Daily Record
The "Healthy Living with Zonya Diet Free" DVD nutrition series taught each competitor how to change one's habits to create a healthy lifestyle at home. "We play the (Zonya diet-free) tapes in the car together, we do the homework together," Joe Stoll ...

Is a gluten-free diet a good idea?
South Asia Mail
A gluten-free diet is often hyped as a way to increase energy, lose weight or deal with certainhealth problems. The truth is, though, that a gluten-free diet isn't necessarily a healthy one if you don't need to be on it. So who does need a gluten-free ...

Surprised to see me
The counselors will tell you about “healthy lifestyle choices” (not “calorie restriction”). They will explain concepts like “portion control” and talk about “a new way of eating.” (Classic motto: “It's not a diet — it's a live it.


Is it ever right to tell your obese child they are overweight and need to diet?
Plus Size Tall
Is it ever right to tell your obese child they are overweight and need to diet? It is a struggle hitting the headlines in the last couple of weeks. When and how to tell your child he/she needs to lose weight; or even is it right to tell your child to ...

Locals share how they shed pounds
Statesman Journal
Special to the Statesman Journal There are countless ways you can lose weight: diet programs,health club memberships, personal training, high-intensity training and yoga. So how can you to know which workout fits you the best and will give you the ...

Getting your vitamins
24 Hours Vancouver
In a perfect world, under perfect circumstances, diet would give you everything you need and there would be no need for supplements. But, there are times when it's not possible to get all you need and supplements can help. These times include: -- Women ...

24 Hours Vancouver

Simply Healthy, Simply Mediterranean, Simply Delicious
By Staff Editor ( - Get inspired and get healthy with a Mediterranean diet. It's easy to bring the remarkable health benefits and affordable Mediterranean style of eating to your home every day. • Eat mainly plant-based foods, ...

Florida Department of Citrus Tries Targeting Young Women
The Ledger
By JENNIFER FICKLEY-BAKER That old adage always works with style, so why not with what's in style for a healthy diet? Here in Florida, it certainly applies to the case of the grapefruit, a fruit — and juice — once often consumed by senior citizens is ...

How to have a balanced vegan diet
South Asia Mail
The health benefits are a draw as well. A vegan diet has been shown to improve blood sugar in people with diabetes, lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and blood pressure, and promote weight loss. It may even help prevent colon cancer and heart disease.

Words of wellness: Simple strategies for bone health
Juneau Empire
When it comes to building strong, healthy bones, many of us envision a cup of milk, a creamy slice of cheese, or even some yogurt. For decades, milk and milk-based dairy products have been promoted as rich source of calcium for the American diet.

Heart Disease and Women: Steps to a Heart Healthy Life
“Women need to be thinking about eating a heart-healthy diet, getting regular exercise, abstaining from smoking and reducing stress,” Staicu says. “Women should also understand their risks, get regular screenings, and recognize warning signs so that ...

New Study Shows the Positive Effect of Low-Carb Diets, Like the Atkins Diet ... (press release)
Denver, CO (Food News) A just-released study from Johns Hopkins University has found that dieters that followed a low-carb diet like the Atkins Diet™, shed more weight than those on a low-fat diet –10 lbs. more in six months – and that the low-carb ...

But what do you eat, Mr Aich?
Times of India
So what's the food that keeps these centenarians going in such good health? Is there even adiet plan that anyone can hazard to recommend for a long and healthy life? Very few would come forward to take up the challenge. Take Chinese twins Cao Daqiao ...

Lisa Davis: The vacation diet
Anniston Star
I put a few healthy things on the shopping list. Apples. Grapes. The boys also came back from the store with a can of Cheez-Ummms flavored Pringles. They bought them as a lark, and secretly placed bets on whether anyone would actually eat them.

Will The Happiness Diet Put A Smile On Your Face?
By Timothy Boyer on March 24, 2012 - 9:43am for eMaxHealth In their new book “The Happiness Diet,” psychiatrist Drew Ramsey and co-author fitness journalist Tyler Graham believe that by staying away from processed foods Americans wanting to lose weight ...


Simply Healthy: Local restaurant trims the fat from menu, overhead
Longview Daily News
Owners Joan Davis and Rick Reid had fun when they retooled their former business into the current one, Simply Healthy, on Ocean Beach Highway in Longview. Simply Healthy is at 905 Ocean Beach Highway. It's open from 10 am to 8 pm Monday through ...

Times of Malta
Here is my spring round-up of what is happening in the world of health. We all know that prunes keep us 'regular', and it has been scienti-fically established that glucosamine is good for joint pain and that probiotics help the gut stay healthy.

Checking Up on Nutrition Month
One of the big goals for a healthy plate, as outlined by, is to fill one half of your plate with vegetables and fruits. Choosing more darkly colored or strongly flavored fruits and vegetables pushes the health benefits of those food groups ...

Using A Gluten Free Diet As Part of Your Weight Loss Regimen ...
By admin
Gluten free diets have caught on in recent years as a way for people to eat healthy and lose weight at the same time. There are truly many benefits to changing. ... for people to eat healthyand lose weight at the same time. There are truly many benefits to changing your lifestyle to match a diet that no longer contains gluten. ... It's not a quick fix, but actually a lifestyle change. It's a step in the right direction towards your weight loss goals, and you are also improving your overall health.
About Grain - Gluten free diet,...

Need tips on changing my lifestyle(diet/fitness).? - Yahoo! Answers
I woke up today & I realized how overweight I am, …

Steaks With Mushrooms And Red Wine Reduction | Paleo Diet ...
What better way to enjoy mouth watering steaks than with some delicious mushrooms cooked in red wine? A recipe that is as Paleo as it gets.

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