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Fruit and veggies give "healthy glow"

Fruit and veg 'give healthy glow'
BBC News
However it is not clear exactly how much influence a normal healthy diet can have on this effect. The St Andrews scientists recruited 35 students, mostly white, who were quizzed on their fruit and vegetable intake over a six week period.

BBC News

Before and after: A study has found that eating a diet of fruit and vegetables ...
Daily Mail
Eating an average of 2.9 more portions of fruit and vegetables a day made them look healthier when rated by others at the end of the study, while an extra 3.3 portions enhanced their attractiveness. Fruit and vegetables are rich in carotenoids, ...

Daily Mail

Qnexa Diet Pill: Making A Weight-Loss Drug That Doesn't Sicken You Is ...
Huffington Post
Drug companies and doctors have searched more than six decades for a diet pill that really works and isn't dangerous. A new drug called Qnexa is the latest contender, but critics are raising huge red flags about health risks.

For informed eaters, healthy nutrition tastes great
Fox News
Efforts such as this that promote healthy diet and lifestyle appear to be cultivating a better-informed and health-conscious consumer. In 20 years of tracking public attitudes about nutrition and eating the Academy says more people today consider ...

Exporting the Chinese diet... to China
Providence Eyewitness News
T. Colin Campbell co-authored a bestselling book touting the health benefits of eating like the rural Chinese. Now he's trying to reacquaint the Chinese with the benefits of the plant-based diet he learned from them. Campbell, who co-authored The China ...

Providence Eyewitness News

29 DAYS Lose Weight Program Starts with the Brain to Change the Body
Bradenton Herald
By 29 DAYS TORONTO, March 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - In a world of fad diets and weight lossgimmicks, the 29 DAYS Lose Weight Program represents a complete departure because it's not a diet at all. Rather than pushing obsessive calorie counting and ...

Mariah Carey flaunts Jenny Craig weight loss in new video for diet company ...
New York Daily News
The singer showed off a fit and healthy figure in a short, shimmering silver dress in a video for the diet brand. Carey, a spokesperson for the Jenny Craig made headlines back in November when she credited the diet meal plan for her helping her to ...

New York Daily News

`Diet affects bone status during catch-up growth`
Zee News
As diet is a controllable factor, the influence of re-feeding with different dietary patterns on bone parameters is important to study. Resveratrol has been attributed a number of beneficial effects in mammals including osteotrophic properties.

Zee News

Study: Just 3 weeks of eating fruit and veg gives 'healthy glow'
Strathkinness - Research scientists at the University of St Andrews in Scotland have claimed that just three weeks of eating fruit and vegetables will improve skin tone and radiate a "healthy glow." Researchers closely monitored the diet of 35 ...

Fruit and veg could make you cuter: Best incentive yet for improving your diet
Daily Mail
By Tamara Cohen If the fact that they're nutritious isn't enough to get you eating more fruit and vegetables, here's some news that may convince you – they make you look good too. People who increased their intake were rated more attractive after just ...

Daily Mail

Adopt a cardiac-friendly diet for a long, healthy life, writes Jill Weisenberger
Oman Tribune
Help protect your heart with a whole plant foods diet — choose plenty of vegetables, healthy fats, fish, whole grains and legumes. Scores of books on the shelves and articles on the Internet promise the perfect diet plan to stave off heart disease.

Fruits, Veggies Can Be Beauty Tools, Study Says
U.S. News & World Report
By Steven Reinberg THURSDAY, March 8 (HealthDay News) -- The key to a rosy, healthy-looking complexion may be as simple as eating more fruits and vegetables, researchers say. "We found that within a six-week period, fluctuation in fruit and vegetable ...

Do diet pills work? Researchers say not so much.
KMTR NewsSource 16
(KMTR) - Swimsuit season is around the corner and a lot of people will likely to turn to diet pills in order to try and lose a few pounds. Weight loss supplements are a $2 billion dollar industry and has proven to be popular with both genders and ...

Five-A-Day 'Could Make You More Attractive'
Sky News
A diet rich in fruit and vegetables can give you a healthy "golden glow" and make you appear more attractive within weeks, scientists have said. Researchers at the University of St Andrews studied the diets of 36 people over six weeks, ...

Sky News

Fruit and veg makes you more attractive
By SHÂN ROSS SCIENTISTS are appealing to people's vanity to motivate them to improve their diet after discovering eating more fruit and vegetables can give skin a “golden glow” within weeks. Scientists at the University of St Andrews looked at the ...


Mila Kunis Suffers Extreme Black Swan Diet Yo-Yo
Celebrity Health & Fitness
By Celebrity Health & Fitness, March 7th, 2012 Actress Mila Kunis learned a lesson about extreme dieting when she lost 20 pounds to play a ballerina in the psychotic thriller “Black Swan.” She regained it all in all the wrong places.

Celebrity Health & Fitness

Will Diet Supplements Work for You? Fat Chance!
Everyday Health
New research reveals that common diet supplements such as stimulants and appetite suppressants are not effective for weight loss. By Annie Hauser, Senior Editor WEDNESDAY, March 7, 2012 — If you think adding a few steaming mugs of green tea to your ...

Belly Bustin' Tips: top seven super foods for diabetics, dieters
Lee McCaskill is the owner of Before and After Weight Loss Clinics in St. Lucie and Indian River counties, and the nationwide diet program, Belly Buster Diet, Inc. FORT PIERCE — Weight-lossexpert Lee McCaskill shares her top seven super foods for ...

Do Fruits and Veggies Make You More Attractive?
By Cari Nierenberg March 7, 2012 -- Need a new reason to boost the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet? Consider this: Eating more produce is an all-natural way to make your skin look more attractive, a new study suggests.

Fruit and vegetables make you more attractive
Researchers at the University of St. Andrews studied the diets of 36 people over six weeks, measuring natural changes in their diet and skin tone. They also looked at the impact of red, orange and yellow pigments found in fruit and vegetables such as ...

Live Well | Can losing weight be simple? Ex-University of Kentucky doctor says yes
Louisville Courier-Journal
His new book, “The Simple Diet” (Berkley, 2011), describes how to lose weight on a plan powered by meal-replacement shakes and entrees, fruits and vegetables, and exercise. It's ideal for people who are obese, meaning 30 or more pounds overweight, ...

Belly Bustin' tips: Something fishy about what fish to eat!
Lee McCaskill is the CEO of Before and After Weight Loss Clinics in Saint Lucie and Indian River Counties, and the nationwide diet program, Belly Buster Diet, Inc. We all know that eating fish is good for you and is heart-healthy.

UN expert says globalization of Western lifestyle spawns 'global public health ...
The Lincoln Tribune
NEW YORK (BNO NEWS) -- A United Nations independent expert on Tuesday said an international public health disaster persists as undernourishment and overweight problems have spawned from the globalization of western lifestyles. UN Special Rapporteur on ...

NATIONAL NUTRITION MONTH: Matthew Vettese Offers Tips for Healthy Weight Loss
Sacramento Bee
As the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics designates March as nutrition-awareness month, dietguru Matthew Vettese offers practical tips for moderating portions, losing weight. By Matthew Vettese NEW YORK, March 8, 2012 -- /PRNewswire/ -- Weight loss ...

Magic Weight Loss Pill Doesn't Exist, Most Supplements Are Ineffective.
After studying weight loss supplements and the body of evidence surrounding them, an Oregon State University researcher has found that no single product is proven 100 percent effective. In fact, many can be harmful to your health.

Weight-loss supplements deemed a waste of money
"There is no strong research evidence indicating that one specific supplement will produce significant weight loss, especially long term," her study concludes. "Some foods or supplements … may complement a healthy lifestyle to produce small weight...

7 Low Calorie Quick Weight Loss Tips
The 7 low calorie quick weight loss tips below give you a lesson on how to adapt different slimming methods to your preferences and lifestyle. Skip experimenting with radical solutions and rule out the chances of yo-yo dieting and exhaustion.

'Eat This, Not That' Author David Zinczenko Shares Healthy Restaurant Eating ...
Huffington Post
2012: The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution,” compared menu choices from several popular chain restaurants on NBC's "TODAY." Is it safer to go with the salad? The burger? Seventeen bowls of instant macaroni and cheese? Watch the above video to find out what ...

The New Soup Diet
But the new e-book Good Housekeeping's The Amazing Soup Diet (which is available for the Nook, Apple and the Sony E-Reader) turns this diet concept into a strategy you can use to get to your ideal weight, and stay there, without a lot of complexity or ...


Vegan call to rename food group
Sydney Morning Herald
"We reject the assumption that meat be the default option for sourcing protein," the group said in a joint submission with the Vegan Society of NSW to the National Healthand Medical Research Council (NHMRC) review of the draft guidelines.

Sydney Morning Herald

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