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Women: Why Weights?

Women: Why Weights?
Huffington Post (blog)
However, as a coach for women trying to lose weight and improve their general health, I run into this misconception all the time. Women with whom I work often approach me with the assumption that I will prescribe a strict diet and a healthy dose of ... 

Carol Fenster's Tips for Eating Nutritious Food on a Gluten-Free Diet
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
Eating nutritious food is important for people on a gluten-free diet to maintain good health. Carol Fenster, author of 10 gluten-free cookbooks, offers a guide to choosing the most nutrient-dense options while still avoiding gluten, a protein in wheat ...

Corps explores partnership with hard-core trainer - Marine Corps News | News ...
Marine Corps Times
“They are the experts in possibly working with her to appear at one of the many health andfitness expos they have for Marines throughout the Marine Corps,” Upton said via email. Bryan Driver, a spokesman for MCCS, said March 7 that Semper Fit ...

Exercise, weight loss revisited
Aiken Standard
This can create confusion, especially since we frequently hear the message that the best way tolose weight is through diet and exercise. I get more questions about exercise and weight lossthan any other subject, so I thought it was worth revisiting ...

Low-Carb Diet Unsafe for Obese People with Heart Risks
Laboratory Equipment
“Many overweight people turn to a high-fat, low-carb diet because of its effectiveness; but research has yet to adequately assess safety, and there is insufficient evidence to recommend them for people seeking to lose weight.

IBS, IBD and the Role of Diet
One Green Planet (blog)
While IBS and IBD are not caused by diet, different foods can aggravate symptoms or promote healing. A healthy, balanced diet is especially important for people with these conditions, as nutrient absorption and immune system functioning may be ...

Dara-Lynn Weiss On 7-Year-Old Daughter's Diet In Vogue Body Issue Raises ...
International Business Times
"Who was I to teach a little girl how to maintain a healthy weight and body image?" Little 7-year-old Bea wound up losing 16 pounds, meeting her mother's weight-loss goal before the Vogue photo shoot. Weiss wrote about this weight loss.

International Business Times

Following a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle Can Add Years to Your Life
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
Do you observe a healthy diet, abstain from smoking, watch your cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose levels and do you exercise at least for 30 minutes three times a week? If so, your chances of dying from a heart attack are much lower than those ...

Leg arteries suffer same illness of heart arteries
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
DONOHUE: Are there special diets that can be used for a lifetime, or are diets usually for a certain amount of time to lose weight or for some other special reason? — LJ ANSWER: “Diet” has come to mean in most people's minds a program of eating ...

Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Maintaining healthy diet
Trinidad Guardian
After Landenson's announcement, many health groups endorsed the findings, confirming one in every six people will become a diabetic. But how do you develop diabetes? Medical experts say it really all boils down to your diet and lifestyle.

Mother's Diet for 7-Year-Old Daughter Causes Outrage
Christian Post
Weiss chronicled her attempts to help 7-year-old Bea lose weight and improve her health after being told she was clinically obese and at risk for diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol problems. The article appears in the latest issue of Vogue ...

Why Your Diet Isn't Working
But your weekly check-in with the scale reveals (again) that you can't get your weight loss mojo in motion. The good news is that the problem probably isn't your willpower. You may be making common mistakes that even inveterate dieters fall prey to.

Healthy eating and diet tips from "Snack Girl"
Eat Drink Explore
If you're anything like the staff here at Eat Drink Explore Media and love short, inspirational tips on dieting and healthy eating, then you are going to love the blog and twitter feed created by Lisa Cain—or Snack Girl. Her recent tips include making ...

It's in the diet
Salt Lake Tribune
If you are interested in living a long and healthy life, don't count on socialized medicine as being the answer to that end. The honors for human longevity go to the Hunzas, who live in a remote mountainous area of Pakistan, or perhaps the Abkahasians, ...

Secrets of the shopping trolley
Sydney Morning Herald
The daily diet guidelines are spelt out in detail by the Department of Health and Ageing in an effort to save us from ourselves. But I don't eat like that and chances are you don't either. The gap between what Australians should be eating and what we ...

Sydney Morning Herald

Add pulses to your daily diet
Times of India
For nothing, 'dal chawal' is the staple diet for most Indians. And rightly so. Do you remember all the dietary advice you got while growing up? 'Eat your pulses' or to put in simple way 'Have a bowl of dal every day.' Pulses include chickpeas, peas, ...

Fittest Losers halfway through battle to shed pounds
Chicago Daily Herald
And, to different degrees, they have all started noticing changes in their overall health. Here's where they stand at the halfway mark. Tom Hampson isn't used to feeling this good. Adjusting to a new diet and fitness regime has been a major change for ...

Why I Stopped Talking About My Weight
A Mehlville mom shares why the word "diet" is no longer part of her conversation. When I was expecting my first daughter, I remember sitting at the counter at my mother's house, listening to my sisters and sisters-in-law do what we always do: eat junk ...

Well-balanced diet and exercise can prevent colorectal cancer
Although colorectal cancer may result from lifestyle habits and aging, a small percentage is associated with genetic instability. "A screening colonoscopy is effective at decreasing the chance of dying from colorectal cancer," said Eng. "It is also ...

'Beauty Detox Solution' Claims Skin Health is Reflected in Our Diet
By Dana
Kimberly Snyder's 'Beauty Detox Solution' claims that our skin's health is reflected not only in ourdiet but also in the health of our internal organs. ... Improve Your Skin With a Healthy Diet · What Your Skin and Nails Say About Your Diet ...
Diets in Review Blog

Diet/weight loss help!? - Yahoo! Answers
I'm 14, five foot five, and weigh 150 I would like to lose at least 30 pounds. ... DIET AND EXERCISE GO HAND IN HAND FOR SUCCESSFUL WEIGHT LOSS.
Skin care, diet, lifestyle: A holistic anti-aging approach
When you want to approach skin care from a holistic anti-aging angle, you need to assess how your diet and lifestyle are affecting your skin. Check out these ...

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