Friday, March 1, 2013

ObamaCare Nightmare?

Review & Outlook: ObamaCare's 'Baby Elephant' - " . . .. Some Republicans are folding apparently because trying to stop ObamaCare is too hard. Though he "never liked the Affordable Care Act," said Governor Brian Sandoval, "I am forced to accept it as today's reality and I have decided to expand Nevada's Medicaid coverage." Now there's a statement of vaulting political ambition. The reality is that ObamaCare remains deeply unpopular with the public and it will only get worse next year when individuals and small businesses are forced to buy coverage that is 20% or 30% more expensive than what they have. Some younger people will see premium shocks as high as 150% or 200%. HHS will manage the exchanges in 32 states starting in October but has released only 19 pages of regulatory guidance. ObamaCare is so convoluted, and HHS so incompetent, that the entitlement may explode on the launchpad. Why any Governor would climb on to this ship is a political mystery, but then they have their bad reasons."

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