Monday, March 25, 2013

The prostate cancer dilemna

To test or not?--

Life after prostate cancer improved thanks to better detection and more treatment choices - Health - "Given that most men don’t die from prostate cancer and that blood tests, like the PSA, can result in unnecessary surgeries, which contain a host of risks, the U.S. Prevention Services Task Force recommended against routine screening for prostate cancer in 2012. That recommendation proved controversial among urologists. “There have been conflicts in the media, even in medical literature, ‘Why do we care about prostate cancer, it doesn’t kill many people and most of the time it’s benign and most men die with prostate cancer?’ But we are still dealing with tens of thousands of men dealing with prostate cancer and annually die from it,” Sundararaman said. “What we want to do, from start to finish, we want to make sure a patient understands that they can empower themselves about their situation. Not knowing, not checking is not an appropriate way to deal with this."

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