Thursday, November 21, 2013

Alligators Grow New Teeth, Why Not Humans?

Alligators Can Grow New Teeth, So Why Not Humans? - US News and World Report: "Though the understanding necessary to make regenerative medicine a possibility in humans is still far off, Chuong says that one day scientists will be able to inject hormones or molecules that will cause humans to grow new teeth. "We have to understand the molecular pathway involved," he says . . . Chuong says that the DNA of humans contains the genetic material necessary to grown teeth and even regenerate other parts of the body, but that code isn't "turned on." Regeneration is relatively common in the animal kingdom—certain types of salamanders can regenerate limbs, lobsters and stone crabs can grow new claws, starfish can grown new appendages and many types of predators, including sharks and alligators, can regenerate teeth. (read more at link above)

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