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Poor diet is new pandemic

Poor diet is new pandemic
The "big four" NCDs -- cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and chronic lung diseases -- share four risk factors associated with western-style socio-economic development: Unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, tobacco use and harmful use of alcohol. ...
Liver risk from diet pills investigated
By Tim Locke 22nd September 2011 -- The European Medicines Agency has started a review of anti-obesity medicines which contain orlistat, because of concerns over rare cases of liver damage. The agency, which licences drugs and monitors their safety ...
Why a pill is no substitute for a balanced diet
The Australian
"I work out a lot and I was worried I wasn't getting everything I need from my diet. Even when your diet is balanced, you can't eat everything you're supposed to eat every day," she said. "Because I work long hours and night shifts, I was always tired ...
Lauren Graham reveals her diet secrets
Daily Gossip
Actress Lauren Graham reveals her diet secrets that kept her in shape for the Self magazine photo shooting. The star revealed to how she managed to look so great for the October issue of the mag. Lauren Graham is 44 years old. ...
Diet Destroyers Keep Bodies From Getting Healthy
Cleveland Clinic Psychologist Dr. Susan Albers said that everyone can come up with excuses that derail diet plans, 10TV's Andrea Cambern reported on Thursday. "You really want to get started, but all of a sudden your mind puts on the brakes and you ...
Study: Spicier Diet Could Help Fight Cancer
Voice of America
September 22, 2011 Study: Spicier Diet Could Help Fight Cancer Greg Flakus | Houston While researchers around the world continue searching for new and better treatments for various forms of cancer, they are also finding more evidence that simple ...
Eat The Foods You Love Diet
Diet Blog (blog)
A diet-blog reader commented on a post saying he eats what he loves and he has never had a weight problem. This struck me as a key idea that we all need to remember. Long term success of maintaining a healthy weight is often due to having a healthy ...
Kirstie Alley's diet secret: 'Dancing With the Stars'
Minneapolis Star Tribune (blog)
Her organic diet and continuing the dancing she started when she went on "Dancing With the Stars." In fact, Alley says she dances every day. But the TV and screen star also had another motivation: "I didn't like the way I looked, and I didn't want to ...
Freedom to Live Well Now Offering Diet Tips for Effective Weight Loss
EIN News (press release)
/ Vaucluse, NSW, Sydney, Australia, ___ September, 2011—The Freedom to Live Well website, a site dedicated to improving health, enhancing well-being and offering efficient weight-loss solutions, is now offering diet tips for healthy ...
Courteney Cox Arquette's anti-ageing regime
Sydney Morning Herald
Cox Arquette makes sure she sticks to a healthy diet. She usually has a light breakfast of just coffee, chicken salad for lunch, and steak, chicken or fish with vegetables for her evening meal. The brunette beauty sometimes strays from her strict...
It's Time To End The War On Salt
The Healthier Life
The DASH diet (the diet used during the study) consisted largely of fresh vegetables and fruits, lean protein, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and a very low salt intake. But it was ALSO low in sugar/fructose. So, while people on DASH diets showed a ...
Your health problems may be a result of food allergies
Tri State Defender
In my opinion, the standard first used by the USDA did not provide a healthy and balanced diet for Americans until recently, when the food pyramid was changed to reflect a more appropriate and balanced nutritional diet. A balanced diet is one of the...
Anushka Sharma raises 'sub-zero' fever among young girls
Daily News & Analysis
Senior dietician Shilpa Joshi, who runs Mumbai Diet and Health Center in Bandra, said, “I saw her picture in a newspaper and was shocked. People should follow the principle 'Eat healthy and stay healthy'. Most people who follow a crash diet often fall ...
Vegetarian Diet Might Increase the Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases - Recent Study
News Junky Journal (press release)
by Charles Hale on Sep 22, 2011 Nutri-Med Logic Corp: Is the vegetarian diet causing cardiovascular illness and, if so, would a diet consisting of R-Alpha Lipoic be beneficial? A recently published study suggests vegetarians are developing ...
10 Common Nutrition And Beauty Myths -- Busted
Huffington Post
If you are trying to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, or your doctor has said that you need to lower your cholesterol, you are probably trying to keep a close eye on your diet. Think about this: How can anyone take care of his or her brain when ...
How Diet Affects Your Hair
Does your hair break? Is it dull and lifeless? A healthy diet can help improve the condition of your hair.
WebMD Health
Diet Detective's Diet Recovery Guide | Health | Eugene News ...
Diet Detective, Charles Stuart Platkin, shares a few of the most common problems when it comes to dieting and ways you can avoid them.
KVAL - News - Health
10 Ways for a More Sustainable Diet | Care2 Healthy Living
By Brandi, selected from Diets in Review
Today, eating, living, breathing and being with a greater awareness of how our actions affect not only ourselves, but our community and planet has never been so urgent. It is the small actions we do regularly that accumulate to a greater and ...
Care2 Healthy Living
What Should You Learn about Gluten Free Diet? |
By Rob Raynold
What Should You Learn about Gluten Free Diet? I can tell you truthfully that up to very recently I had absolutely no clue as to what a gluten free diet was. I didnt have a grain of an idea that I could base my knowledge upon. I have since found ...
Understanding the Glycemic Index: Is a Diabetic Diet for You? | 1200 ...
By admin
In the course of learning about what you can get out of a diabetic diet, you will have to understand what the glycemic index is, or the measure of how carbohydrates affect blood sugar levels.
1200 Calorie Diabetic Diet
Poor diet can bring on mental health problems
Poor diet can bring on mental health pro...In a study of 3000 adolescents, Deakin University...Conversely, it might be possible to use diet to pr...“We found that diet quality and mental health we...“Three-quarters of psychiatric illnesses begin b...
Daily News Headlines | Today's...
Bob Harper of "Biggest Loser" talks diet, fitness - Yahoo! News
Read 'Bob Harper of "Biggest Loser" talks diet, fitness' on Yahoo! News. LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Health and fitness guru Bob Harper shot to fame as a trainer ...
Kidney Diet Information And Facts
Kidney Diet information and facts, consisting of what type of diet to sustain with kidney illness, how to pass kidney stones, and much more.

Djokovic credits pizza-free diet for success
LONDON -- Ever since eliminating pizza from his diet, Novak Djokovic has been on a roll. Djokovic has been boasting all season about how he has more energy on the tennis court since starting a gluten-free diet, cutting out pizza and bread from his ...
Poor diet can bring on mental health problems
Zee News
In a study of 3000 adolescents, Deakin University researchers revealed that diet quality could foreshadow mental health in adolescents over time. Conversely, it might be possible to use diet to prevent mental health problems developing in the first ...

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