Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Celebrities and Eating Disorders

Celebrities and Eating Disorders - YouBeauty.com: "“It gets very complicated when people with body image issues are posting pictures,” she says. “They look at themselves and other people and compare. But it’s not an objective, logical comparison; it’s fueled by an inherently distorted body image and it’s difficult for these people to see the reality of their own reflections. They want positive feedback, but they’re looking through a distorted lens.” This may be as true for Lady Gaga herself as for anyone else. We can look at her pictures, stretched tall and lean in one, flaunting what many would consider an enviable derrière in another, and think, “But she looks so good. I’m supposed to feel sorry for someone who’s thinner than I am?” What we’re missing, Quinlan stresses, is that while a person with an eating disorder might be perceived as thin and beautiful, she sincerely believes she is severely overweight. I might say that Gaga looks great, but who knows what Gaga sees when she looks at her own image . . . "

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