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Diet and exercise may not be enough to fight obesity

Diet and exercise may not be enough to fight obesity: study
New York Daily News
BY Afp Relaxnews While doctors may prescribe diet and exercise as a remedy for obesity, a new study shows that regaining weight may be inevitable due to forces outside people's control: hormones. After tracking 50 overweight or obese adults on a ...
Low-Sugar Diet Can Reduce Irritable Bowel Symptoms
November 2, 2011 (National Harbor/Washington, DC) — A diet that is low in certain natural sugars can reduce symptoms in patients with certain gut disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). That is the message that Peter Gibson, MD, ...
What's for Dinner: Following the hunter-gatherer diet
Toronto Star
It stores things that the 46-year-old art director/graphic designer likes to eat that aren't part of the paleo diet that the couple follows. Foods like Ryvita snackbread, one-minute oats, dried spaghetti and granola bars. “There is a 10- to 30-per-cent ...
Mediterranean diet and exercise can reduce sleep apnea symptoms
Science Codex
Eating a Mediterranean diet combined with physical activity can help to improve some of the symptoms of sleep apnoea, according to new research. The study, which is published online in the European Respiratory Journal, looked at the impact a ...
Red Wine Ingredient Resveratrol Mimics Diet, Exercise in Obese Men
ABC News
In 2006, Harvard researchers reported its ability to counteract the harmful effects of a high-fat diet and lower the risk of death in mice. It has also been shown to reduce cancer risk and slow aging in laboratory models. . . .
Less Calorie Diet, Solution to Ageing
News Tonight
He affirmed that to reap maximum benefits, you have to start consuming less calorie diet and more of vitamins and minerals in form of vegetables, to witness desired results. They studied a previous research in which monkeys were fed on healthy and less ...
New research links Mediterranean diet to enhanced fertility
New York Daily News
Women who ate a diet high in fruits, vegetables, fish, and whole grains enjoyed increased fertility. BY Afp Relaxnews Women hoping to get pregnant might want to consider switching to a Mediterranean-style diet, Spanish researchers stated last week. ...
Cosmetic Dentist in New York Discusses Latest White Smile Diet Trend
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
In addition to professional dental procedures, Dr. Kosdon recommends regular and thorough oral hygiene paired with a healthy diet to maintain a bright smile. While certain drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine, and soda are known to stain teeth, ...
Sugary Soda Consumption Linked to Increased Risk of Teen Violence
The Atlantic
By Leslie Carr By now, most of us are aware of the caloric dangers of non-diet soft drinks and the increased risk of obesity that drinking them brings. Now a new study has found that the more non-diet soda teens drink, the more prone they are to ...
What's on your plate?
The Hindu
Balanced diet is a phrase you would have often heard if you are interested in following a diet. So how do you achieve eating a balanced meal? You have the food pyramids to guide you. Each country has its own food pyramid. India has its own Food Pyramid ...
Six common diet mistakes we make
Hindustan Times
Here are six pointers that can help you in your diet programme. hot dog eating contest! Our hectic schedules have led many of us to adopt the unhealthy habit of rapid eating. “We need to adopt more of the leisurely, European-style eating so that we can ...
World Vegan Day Celebrated Around The World
Huffington Post
"Vegans eat a plant-based diet, with nothing coming from animals - no meat, milk, eggs or honey, for example. A vegan lifestyle also avoids leather, wool, silk and other animal products for clothing or any other purpose," according to The Vegan Society ...
Three Grave Reasons Why Athletes Should Avoid Diet Pills
Yahoo! Sports
It can be tempting to take a diet pill, but doing so is not worth it. I will give you three grave reasons why you should avoid taking diet pills. This is a sad yet true statement. Diet pills promise to help you to burn fat and lose weight, ...
Zooey Deschanel is all about the healthy life...uhhh diet-wise, that is
It's a cute show, and this cute girl - who just revealed her separation from husband Ben Gibbard (they lasted more than 2 years, which is practically a century in Kim Kardasian terms) - has a dedicated diet plan that keeps her slender and energized. ...
Mindy Kaling finds dieting fun
Boston Herald
The Cambridge native and star of “The Office” told NPR, “We always think of a diet with a big groan. But I think diets are fun. I think it is an American pastime for a lot of women.” Mindy's new book, “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? ...
Diet linked to most world deaths
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Friedan identifies over consumption of cholesterol-raising trans fats, sodium and sugar sweetened beverages as the three key culprits in diet-related disease, “You don't 'catch' these diseases.” B. Be mindful – don't over order. ...
SAD 'could be helped with healthy diet'
Spire Healthcare
The Seasonal Affective Disorder Association (SADA) suggested that eating the right foods and keeping a balanced diet could make people feel happier and more content during the darker months of the year. Sue Pavlovich, SADA media spokesperson, ...
US News and World Report: Weight Watchers is the best commercial diet
Weight Watchers allows dieters to eat whatever they want, as long as they don't go over their daily allotted points for the day; most fruits and vegetables are free on the Weight Watchers diet. The less restrictive the diet, the more likely dieters are ...
Recession 'causing narrow, restricted diets'
Irish Examiner
The research by Safefood has identified the Irish households that are most likely to suffer from diet-related ill health. They include families with children, as well as pensioners and single men under 25 who live alone. Dr Cliodhna Foley Nolan of ...
A raw approach to eating
Chicago Sun-Times
By Jeanne Millsap For The Herald-News November 1, 2011 6:16PM Joliet resident Linda Hodges has switched to a diet of raw foods and has seen numerous health benefits, including an end to sciatica pain. She also lost 30 pounds | Sun-Times media file ...
DA promotes healthy diet
Philippine Information Agency
"As we all know, malnutrition will lead to poor mental health and a low-fiber diet may result into colon cancer.” "However, if we look at our backyards, there are indigenous vegetables that are readily available, vegetables that are very nutritious and ...
Holiday diet tips to keep you trim
Holiday dietary overload begins with the first candy corn on Halloween and ends (if you're lucky) with the last glass of champagne on New Year's Eve. However, you don't have to plump up this holiday season. Here are some holiday diet tips ...
What's New
The Vegan Mediterranean Diet | One Green Planet
By Ginny Messina: Vegan Dietitian Nutritionist
Although research on the Mediterranean Diet dates back to the 1950s, it was first popularized in 1993. That's when three organizations–Harvard School of Public Health, the European Office of the World Health Organization and the non-profit ...
One Green Planet
What Makes a Healthy Diet? - US News and World Report
Not all diet plans are nutritious and safe. A new U.S. News ranking rates diets' healthiness.

Against the grain
Chicago Tribune
By Monica Eng, Tribune Newspapers Some of the world's most popular diets (Atkins, South Beachand the Dukan Diet) have urged followers to ditch bread and other carbs to slim down, while a rising number of celiac and gluten sensitivity sufferers have ...

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