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New York Times
THE DEVIL IS IN THE DIET “Bread is the Devil” (St. Martin's Press), by Heather Bauer, a nutritionist, and Kathy Matthews, who together also wrote “The Wall Street Diet,” starts out with a “Devil Detective Quiz” that asks questions like “Have you ever ...

New York Times 

Mediterranean diet good for brain, heart and overall women's health
By Debbie Nicholson Past studies have demonstrated those who follow a Mediterranean style diet is linked to a lower risk of heart disease, stroke and cognitive disorders. Now added to the diets wealth of benefits it may protect against blood vessel ...

It's common sense: water is a better diet aid than fizzy drinks
NHS Choices
While patients in all groups lost weight on average, the study failed to prove this intuitive method of weight loss was better than simply advising overweight people on how to lose weight. The news was based on a small study of overweight or obese ...

NHS Choices

Paleo diet advocates claim increased energy, health benefits
Daily Camera
That's one reason Main, a Denver resident, is convinced that eating like a caveman has led to his improved health and weight loss. Proponents of the paleo diet believe that if you can't forage it, hunt it or gather it, you shouldn't eat it.

A Day in My Diet: Healthy Food Blogger Caitlin Boyle
Shape Magazine
As the all-star health and food blogger behind Healthy Tipping Point, Caitlin Boyle sticks to a vegetarian, mainly gluten-free, half-organic, whole foods diet. Though she's now eating for two, Boyle's daily grub is still full of nourishing fruits and ...

6 Diets for People Who Need Rules
U.S. News & World Report
By Angela Haupt Certain weight-loss regimens lay down the law more harshly than others—capping calories at a super-restrictive level, eliminating major food groups, or even requiring followers to give themselves a shot. Some dieters want and need ...

Rihanna's Diet And Exercise Regime Revealed
Capital FM
Rihanna exercises at least three times a week and eats five small meals a day, her fitness trainer has revealed. Details of the 'Talk That Talk' star's diet have been released just days after the singer showcased her slimline figure at the Grammy ...

Heart health: Take risk factors into your own hands
Meadville Tribune
When considering your heart health, learning about the risk factors is a good place to start (see sidebar). There are several risk factors that are in your hands that you can impact with changes indiet or lifestyle. For instance you can: - Make ...

SCAN Health Plan Arizona Honors National Nutrition Month with Workshops for ...
MarketWatch (press release)
PHOENIX, Feb 15, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- A healthy diet is essential to better health. In honor of National Nutrition Month in March, SCAN Health Plan Arizona invites seniors to take part in one or all of its nutrition-related presentations and cooking ...

Weight-loss buzz: The Diet Solution
WJXT Jacksonville
The author of The Diet Solution, Isabel De Los Rios, says people are one of three metabolic types: protein, carb or mixed. De Los Rios says you'll lose weight if you stop eating the foods that don't suit your metabolic type. Our sister station, WKMG in ...

Vegetarianism part 2: Tips towards a balanced diet
Ahram Online
Ahram Online finds out Types of vegetarian diets may vary, but as with every any kind of diet, cons may outweigh the pros, and special attention should be paid to any nutritional elements that could affect health. Dr Iman El-Tahlawy, ...

Ahram Online

How Sports Illustrated Cover Girl Kate Upton Stays Healthy and Fit (blog)
Kate's diet: For Kate, it's all about living a healthy lifestyle. Kate has said in several interviews that it's important for her to watch what she eats, but she doesn't go on any sort of special diet to prepare for a shoot or runway show. Her splurge?

Gluten-free lifestyle takes off across Vancouver
From her years working as a server at a variety of Vancouver chain and hotel restaurants, Skelton knew that people with dietary restrictions were often unpopular customers. “Chefs and servers would scoff at allergies,” she tells the Georgia Straight by ...

The Medicine Cabinet-Ask the Harvard Experts: Do I need to start drug therapy ...
Chicago Tribune
Do I need to start medication right away? If so, which medication is best? A: Diet and exercise are the ideal treatments for type 2 diabetes. However, even when lifestyle changes are successful at first, most of us don't stay with them.

Balancing one's diet with omega-3 fatty acid
Philippine Star
The fundamentals of a healthy life revolve around adopting a more active lifestyle through exercise or sports and sticking to a good balanced diet. A balanced diet refers to having the proper amounts of carbohydrate, protein, fat (also known as ...

Your Child's Best Valentine: A Healthy Heart
Obesity, coupled with a high sodium diet, places children at risk for hypertension and heart disease. Find out how to help your child maintain a healthy heart. Obesity in children can lead to healthproblems such as hypertension and a decreased ...

Group program helps teen girls keep the weight off
By Genevra Pittman | NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A series of group meetings focused on improving diet, increasing physical activity and addressing mood and body image issues helped prevent heavy teen girls from gaining weight, a new study reports.

New Cookbook Series Expands Upon Blood Type Diet
MarketWatch (press release)
Says author Kristin O'Connor, "To combine my philosophies on health with my love of cooking by writing this series of cookbooks is sincerely a dream come true. I came to see Dr. D'Adamo as a patient and I have never been healthier; but more than that, ...

Healthful diet can tackle more than one problem
News & Observer
What nobody may have told you, though, is that you're better off considering your dietary goal as one main entree. Name a health problem, and there's usually a customized dietary "do" or "don't" to go with it. If you've got diabetes, for example, ... Exceeds 10 Million Unique Visitors for First Time in January
San Francisco Chronicle (press release) is pleased to announce that it received more than 10.2 million unique visitors across its sites in January, according to Google Analytics, extending its position as America's largest diet and fitness site with a more than 50 percent ...

Health Matters: Mediterranean-Style Diet
In today's Health Matters, eating a Mediterranean-style diet may help limit damage to the small blood vessels in your brain. Items called white matter hyperintensities (WMH's) are visible on brain MRI's and are considered markers of chronic small ...

How tough 800 calorie-a-day diet helped Operation Transformation Michael to ...
"I'm not going to celebrate this for a while because I'm actually going to continue this special diet, I want to lose half-a-stone before I start eating more normally again. "The weight-loss is a bonus, but it wasn't my original intent, ...

stay on top of your diet
If there's one thing we always hear it's that lads can't seem to stick to their diets. So that's why we're bringing you five ways to make sure you stay on top of things. Choosing the right diet and fitnessplan can be challenging work in itself.

In short: Health and wellness snippets
MSN India
A recent Canadian study has found that a low-sodium diet may not be a great idea after all. There is a very good reason why you're given a saline drip as soon as you're admitted to hospital. The body can't do without salt. And since it cannot make any ...

Diets destroying environment
Australians are eating themselves to death and our food choices are one of the nation's leading causes of environmental damage, according to a new report released today (15 February) by the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA).


Blast Off: Forget the fad diet — clean up your eating habits
Invermere Valley Echo
Not the results you're looking for, right? To lose weight and burn fat, all you need to do is clean up your meals. Clean eating is not a diet. It's a lifestyle approach to eating that focuses on consuming food in its most natural state, or as close to ...

How Does Lou Ferrigno Stay So Fit?
Men's Fitness
If you have a busy schedule and have trouble finding time to live a healthy lifestyle, imagine how hard it is for Incredible Hulk actor Lou Ferrigno. But the fitness expert turned actor always manages to find time for healthy living.

Eat fresh and avoid excess sodium for your heart's sake
UAB News
A healthy diet sustains us, but a poor diet can raise blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels and weight and put you at risk for heart disease. Heart disease is the most common cause of death for both men and women in the United States, ...

UAB News

Heart Health: At 39, Coast woman's life and outlook changed
Daily Astorian
In the past week, she has had a stent inserted into her heart, given up cigarettes, began a healthy diet and implemented an exercise routine into her daily life – one she says she is thankful to have. Posted: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 11:00 am ...

Poor diet kills 2.6 million infants a year, says survey by Save the Children
The Guardian
Malnutrition is the root cause of the deaths of 2.6 million children each year, and the bodies and brains of 450 million more will fail to develop properly due to inadequate dietover the next 15 years unless immediate action is taken, according to a ...

The Guardian

Eating less helps seniors avoid memory loss: study
New York Daily News
"Cutting calories and eating foods that make up a healthy diet may be a simpler way to prevent memory loss as we age," said Dr. Yonas Geda, study co-author with the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona and member of the American Academy of Neurology.

New York Daily News

Campus restaurants are on a diet
The Daily Pennsylvanian
Harvest follows a national trend of healthy restaurant openings. “Nutrition … is becoming a major focus for the nation's nearly one million restaurants, in tune with consumers' increasing interest in healthful eating,” said Joy Dubost, ...

Do You Suffer from Disordered Eating?
Shape Magazine (blog)
Is your self esteem tied to your diet? Do you feel obsessed with your diet and/or fitness program?Weight loss is one of my specialties, but as a health professional my goal is to help people achieve and maintain a healthy weight in ways that nourish ...

Diet Soda Helps Weight Loss
By Dina Spector
A potential weight-loss strategy. ... Researchers from the University of Carolina began the study, designed to test whether diet soft drinks are an effective weight-loss strategy, by dividing 318 overweight people into three groups. ... Those who switched to water also received health benefits, including lower blood sugar levels, but the study noted that drinking water might not be as an easy a lifestyle change for people looking to satisfy their craving for a sweet and bubbly beverage.
Business Insider

Mediterranean Diet May Reduce Lifestyle Related Brain Damage
By Chris Curley
Mediterranean Diet May Reduce Lifestyle Related Brain Damage. by Chris Curley on February 15, 2012. Paella. Following a Mediterranean-style diet may heal brain damage caused by high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and ...
Well-Being Wire by MeYou Health

Health foods all men must include in their diet | mDhil
By admin
Healthy eating can sometimes be different depending on your gender. Here's a list of foods that men must include in their diet. Healthy foods for men. Here's what you should be eating. While there are some foods that we must all eat, men and ...
mDhil Health Care Information

HomeBizBloke.Com — Shelby Starnes Nutrition, Diet, Weight Loss ...
Shelby Starnes National Bodybuilder Competitor And Personal Trainer Is Offering Nutrition, Weight Loss, And Diet E-books. Categories: Health & Fitness ...

Olive oil abc acai berry diet, health, natural weight-loss | botanical ...
Weight loss during the light less oil and salt diet, but not all of the oil can not eat, oh, olive oil is also of great help to lose weight, use olive oil in countries around ...

Liquid Diet Weight Loss Plans – Three Main Types of Liquid Diets
Liquid diet weight loss plans are an effective way to lose weight quickly. We take a look three different liquid diet weight loss plans and their pros and cons.

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