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Guide to heart health: Oregon cardiologists dish about diet, supplements, surgery

Guide to heart health: Oregon cardiologists dish about diet, supplements, surgery
By Joe Rojas-Burke, The Oregonian We've heard too many loud claims about hearthealthy super foods, miracle diets and medical "breakthroughs." If there's evidence to back them up, it's often overstated. And the next week, we're given contradictory ...

Top-rated diets offer benefits for everyone
Montreal Gazette
Indeed, both diets focus on portion control, eating lots of fruits and vegetables and reducing the intake of dietary fats, sodium and processed foods. And while these strategies are all worthy, theweight loss is considered secondary to the health ...

Is your New Year diet a disaster?
Most reputable health organisations, including the National Health Service in the UK, recommend an optimal weightloss rate of 0.5 to 1kg per week. Rapid weightloss of more than 1kg per week not only poses health risks such as vitamin and mineral ...

Joel Osteen Good God, He's RIPPED!!!
Besides being one of the most famous preachers in the world, Osteen is also a healthnut ... who dishes out diet advice on his web page. Judging by his sculpted physique, dude knows what he's talking about. Please check your inbox ... your comment will ...

The right diet - by prescription
Melbounre Times Weekly
"I found I am particularly susceptible to folate deficiency," says the stream leader for nutrigenomics,lifestyle and neurodegenerative disease prevention within the CSIRO's food and nutritional sciences division. The vitamin B12 in the pate allows his ...

Victoria Beckham's 'Super Mom' Diet Secrets!
Now that she has been mom 4 times and lost weight in quick succession her diet secrets should be your chosen deity if you want to lose weight fast. 1. Victoria Beckham's diet takes on a special significance she was reported to hate gyming.


Want To Lose Weight? Follow Ice Cubes Diet!
Ice not only gives a cool and soothing effect but the ice cube diet is a simple diet tolose weight too! Wondering how ice can burn body fat? Find out answers... 1. When you eat ice cubes, you burn calories and fat from the body.


Jump-start your diet through expert weight counsel
When it comes to weight loss, there are two types of people: the slow starters, who need a push to jump-start their diet or work-out, and those who get lazy once they see they're about to achieve their ideal weight. I've been surrounded by people ...

Diet, workout regimen aid Missouri Army recruit
West carried 283 pounds on his 5-foot-10-inch frame when he began a crash diet and exercise program. "I decided not to ease into it. I just decided to cut everything bad and start working out as much as possible the first day.

Utah nutritionists weigh diet ratings
Salt Lake Tribune
Most of these can be overcome, dieticians say, by making small behavioral changes before settingweight loss goals. Going on a "diet," they say, too often involves making radical, unsustainable eating changes in the hopes of losing weight quickly, ...

Diet Rich in Omega-3s Lowers Arrhythmia Risk
Food Product Design
BOSTON—Older adults who consume a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids found naturally in leafy green vegetables, vegetable oils, nuts, and fish and fish oil are 30% less likely to develop arrhythmia compared to those who have lower blood levels of omega ...

Diet soda may increase heart attack and stroke risk
Private MD
Individuals who regularly drink diet soda may benefit from talking to their doctor about cholesterol testing. A new study suggests that those who rely on these beverages may be more likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke.

Private MD

Can't Lose Weight? It Could Be Stress
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
People who fail to lose weight, routinely name stress as one of the greatest obstacles they face when trying to diet and eat more healthily. As a health counselor, I've heard it a thousand times: When I'm stressed out, I almost automatically reach for ...

Protica's Protein Ketchup for Weight Loss
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
Protica's new product, Protein Ketchup is designed to transform what has traditionally been a nutritionally void condiment into a weight loss, nutrition, and diet aid. Protein Ketchup's formulation is designed to help consumers lose weight, ...

Living Gluten-Free
Mississauga - February 2, 2012 - The gluten-free diet is not only for people with Celiac disease, but also for people looking to lose weight. As many as 300000 Canadians could have Celiac's disease, however, many remain undiagnosed, said Health Canada.

Eight Healthy Ways to Use Greek Yogurt
Diets In Review (blog)
At Diets in Review, we like to lean toward Chobani and Fage for our Greek yogurt purposes. The possibilities with this product are endless and it can all be done with zero percent fat, plain Greek yogurt. We recently spoke with recipe developer, ...

Morning Brew: Monkey see, monkey do killing your diet?
WDIV Detroit
Most of us hate eating alone, but if you're trying to lose weight, it may be a good idea--especially if your companion has a hearty appetite. New research published today in the journal PLoS ONE finds women mimic each other in social eating situations, ...

Paleo Diet: Eat Like Cavemen Did
Southsider Magazine
The Paleo Diet is hard. It essentially cuts three major parts –– dairy, grains and legume –– from the food pyramid that we all grew up hailing as the only way to eat in order to live a healthy life. After reading a lot of information on the Paleo Diet, ...

Southsider Magazine

DASH diet to lower blood pressure
(WOFL FOX 35) - Want to lower your blood pressure, cut your cholesterol, and give your heart ahealthy boost? Welcome to the DASH diet. “DASH actually stands for dietary approaches to stop hypertension,” explains Dawn Napoli, RD, LD/N, of MD Anderson ...

Diet Detective's Calorie Bargains
Specifically, it's an inexpensive way to solve a major public health problem. According to LifeStraw, an estimated 884 million people in the world, 37% of whom live in Sub-Saharan Africa, still use unimproved sources of drinking water.

CBS 19 Special Report: Gluten Free Society
And if you have a sensitivity to gluten, it can cause health problems. In a CBS 19 special report, Abby Broyles shows us how some people in East Texas are living healthier lives in a gluten-free society. You've probably seen gluten free labels on ...

Choosing the Best Weight Loss Maintenance Plan for You
Diets In Review (blog)
Any type of diet or meal plan that restricts or eliminates whole food groups is often unbalanced and can result in nutritional deficiencies if you aren't careful. Your body simply needs a wide variety of foods to function at its best.

Heart Health: 13 Foods With Cardiovascular Benefits
Huffington Post
Luckily, simple diet and lifestyle changes can greatly reduce your risk. Maintaining a healthyweight, quitting smoking and keeping stress levels under control are all great places to start. Another powerful way to take control of your ticker is to ...

"Yo-yo dieting" not tied to early death: study
By Lindsey Konkel | NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Despite earlier concerns, dieters who repeatedlylose weight and then gain it back aren't at higher risk of early death than people who don't "yo-yodiet," according to a new report.

Pietrus seeing results with new diet
CelticsBlog (blog)
When it comes to physical fitness and keeping the body healthy, Ray Allen is tops on the Celtics - maybe in the league. Mickael Pietrus probably isn't too far behind though. But it hasn't always been that way for Pietrus. Talking to him a couple years ...

7 Sneaky Foods for Heart Health
Diets In Review (blog)
When you think about heart healthy foods, what comes to mind? Nuts, salmon, olive oil, and whole grains are the well-known foods for heart health. But, what about those lesser known foods that keep the heart pumping strong? Dried Fruits: Some dried ...
Healthy Diet Plan Is Not Starving Yourself
By admin
If you are planning to go on a diet, you are advised to take up diet plan to assist you in your journey. Losing ... a few more. If you are not sure about what weight loss about, it is advisable to sign up fordiet plans that promote healthy program.
The Somerville Food Scene Blog

Medifast's Diet Plan for Weight Loss |
Losing of extra weight is not an easy task. We have to take lots of effort to control weight. Medifast products are helpful to reduce this overweight. It is a.
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Zone Diet-Follow Useful Lifestyle Tips & Enhance Your Longevity |
By admin
It will not only decrease your weight but also improve your overall health. It is clinically ... So be dedicated in your weight loss goal & follow efficient diet plan! Sorry ! No coupons are ... The super effective diet plan is basically based on the best selling Zone books by Barry Sears, Ph.D. It is clinically proven lifestyle routine that is designed for improving physical & mental performance, reducing the risk of chronic disorders, fighting the effects of aging and losing weight. You can achieve all ...
How to Stick to a Diet: Weight Loss Tips for Women
Tucson, Arizona – January 30, 2012 – Were you one of those people who made a New Year's resolution to lose weight? Making a resolution and starting a diet ...

Diet Weight Loss Calculator – Precisely What Dishes It's Best To ...
Any time you intend the health requirements, it truly is pretty much certain fad diet plans will not be worthy of thought. Weight burning programs which do not let ...

Diet and exercise plan: healthy diet plan with best exercise to lose ...
Diet and exercise plan,best exercise to lose weight,exercise to lose weight,diet plan,diet ...

Weight Loss Diet Healthy Eating Haul: 5 foods I can't live without ...
She told me that its really hard to lose weight especially you are a food lover.. My girlfriend is a food lover not to mention.. hehe..Good thing she was able to lose ...

Snack Aisle Foods to Support Your Diet, - - Online ...
Snack Aisle Foods to Support Your Diet E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains why the snack aisle at the grocery store doesn't have to be a health danger ...

A Few Valuable Strategies for Losing Fat - All ... - Diet Weight Loss
Experts believe 30 minutes each day will deliver healthy results. It will permit you to begin removing extra weight, if you're also participating in a healthy diet.

Paleo Diet, weight loss, and half marathon training: Weight Loss ...
Fat is part of a healthy diet, and it is necessary for proper vitamin absorption. I'm not a big believer in fad diets like the Paleo diet (sorry if I irk some people here ...

Trying to keep my diet healthy
Since I've started exercising more, I've had to up my minimum calorie allowance ( it's now 1570 - 1,...

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