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Mega Way Power Breakfast Gives Healthy Start Before Wine and Food Festival Debauchery

Mega Way Power Breakfast Gives Healthy Start Before Wine and Food Fest Debauchery
Miami New Times (blog)
I wrote about my first meeting with Britton two weeks ago, when she gave me a personal consultation and offered some suggestions on how to achieve my health goals. She even crafted a personalized menu based around my diet (vegan), my activity level ...

Miami New Times (blog) 

The psychology of fat
Irish Independent
By Kimberley Willis We all know you have to eat less and exercise more to lose weight, so why do so few succeed? Kimberley Willis explains why a slim, healthy body is all in the mind Weight loss is a complicated business. There are, of course, ...

Health risks of diet soda
Richmond Register
By Dr. Jack Rutherford Register Columnist RICHMOND — Diet sodas are a popular choice among those wanting to lose weight, but a recent study found that people who drank diet soda every day had a 61 percent higher risk of vascular events such as stroke ...

The Health Hazards of a Fast Food Diet
If you value your health, you would be wise to avoid fast food restaurants at all costs. Not only does the fast food diet promote high cholesterol, hypertension, heart attacks, obesity and diabetes; such foods are also laden with added chemicals, ...

Miracle diet pill? A safe drug is elusive
For nearly a century, scientists have struggled to come up with a diet pill that helps people lose weight without causing side effects that range from embarrassing digestive issues to dangerous heart problems. (AP Photo/Toby Talbot, File) By MATTHEW ...

Cabbage Soup Diet Releases New Weight Loss Plan for 2012 Dieters (press release)
San Francisco, CA ( Diet and weight loss website Cabbage Soup Diet introduced a new version of the popular 7-day weight loss plan on its website this week. The site's team hopes that the new version of the cabbage soup diet will be ...

Omega 3's: 8 Vegetarian Ways To Sneak More Into Your Diet
Huffington Post
By Elizabeth Nolan Brown for Everywhere you look these days, health experts are touting the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, a type of polyunsaturated fat that could help lower blood pressure, prevent heart disease, treat depression and ...

Fasting to lose weight puts diet in the slow lane
London Free Press
“People use the term in many ways,” says dietitian Susan Fyshe, owner of Toronto's Healthy Lifestyle Nutrition Consulting. “Technically, it's voluntarily not eating for a length of time.” But fasting can mean anything from eating one meal a day to ...

Healthy diet tips: The importance of good fat in a healthy diet
Newsolio (blog)
The key to understanding fat in your diet – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Hopefully, armed with this knowledge, you can make informed decisions about your diet, your health, and your nutritional needs. First of all, fat is a necessity for ahealthy ...

Newsolio (blog)

Healthy skepticism good for heart
The Journal News |
USA TODAY's Liz Szabo asked them how people can make smarter choices about their health. Q. How can the average person evaluate medical advice, and distinguish solid science from bunk? A. Patients need to be medical detectives. Ask pointed questions.

Top 10 fitness foods available to you today
Times of India
Fitness foods are often marketed as being dramatically different from the staples that we indulge in every day. Add to that the fact that India is loaded with enough kinds of cuisines to easily occupy a 1TB hard drive. How, then, do you know which are ...

Kimora Lee Simmons on Post-Baby Weight Loss: "I'm on the 'Fabulosity' Diet"
Seattle Post Intelligencer
It's a little workout, a good diet. I try to cut out a little bit of the sweets and the junk, but I love that, so it's a little hard." Simmons isn't the only one who's adopted a fabulously healthy lifestyle. "My family is very healthy.

The Health Benefits Of Being A Vegetarian
The NEIU Independent
By Tamira Harvey – Staff Writer If you have decided to become a vegetarian, or have been thinking about going "vegan" either for the health benefits or as a stand against the cruelty of animals, then you're making a smart choice.

Kimora Lee Simmons says she is on the 'fabulosity diet'
No gimmicks behind this mother of three's weight loss! “I'm on the fabulosity diet, so I'm kind of perfecting it now. It's a little workout, a good diet,” Simmons explained. “I try to cut out a little bit of the sweets and the junk, but I love that, ...

Healthy eating campaigns 'causing anorexia'
Deadline News
Dr Jane Morris, chairwoman of the Scottish Eating Disorder Interest Group, said children were obsessing about their diet because of drives to combat obesity. Last week reports of children as young as six were being treated for anorexia emerged, ...

February Is Heart Health Month
You can make healthy changes to your diet to help lower your risk of developing heart disease. American Heart Association recommendations include: Consume fish, especially oily fish, at least twice a week. Minimize your intake of beverages and foods ...

A renewed effort to fight Alzheimer's disease | Timi Gustafson
Maple Valley Reporter
Still, health advocates applaud the government's initiative, calling it an important step towards prevention, delay and, eventually, cure of the disorder. Alzheimer's disease is one of the most feared health conditions among Baby Boomers, ...

Qnexa Anti-Obesity Drug a Poor Substitute for Diet, Exercise
Yahoo! Contributors Network
COMMENTARY | The Food and Drug Administration has approved the anti-obesity drug Qnexa for weight loss. Qnexa, an anticonvulsant plus appetite suppressant cocktail, has risks, says the LA Times. The FDA says being fat is a bigger threat to health than ...

EAT RIGHT: Weight loss logic
Times LIVE
The first chapter of Dr Luc Evenepoel's new book, Dr Luc's Promise: Lose the weight & keep it off, makes the claim that ''this is not just another weight-lossbook". In fact, Evenepoel is an anaesthetist, not a dietician. The book, he says, ...

Times LIVE

how do i add... Phytochemicals to my diet?
Statesman Journal
This month, Salem Health Dietitian Jessica Campbell offers up healthy eating with some phytochemical-packed tips. What is a phytochemical? "Phyto" is the Greek word for plant, and when combined with "chemical," the word describes some of the most ...

Woman claims food saved her life
Health experts are encouraging Americans to use February to make sure they are doing everything possible to keep their hearts healthy. That includes watching their diets. The American Heart Association says diet is one factor among many and by itself ...

Gym Membership Fees Can Be Tax Deductible for Some
Diets In Review (blog)
Keep in mind that the IRS will not allow you to use your gym membership as a deduction if you are using it for overall health or weight loss. The membership fees may be deductible only if your doctor prescribes exercise at a gym to treat a medical ...

Goodbye comedy fat-suit dresses and oversized vest tops: How Pauline Quirke's ...
Daily Mail
Last week, the much-loved actress revealed how she stuck to a 530-calorie a daydiet – and changed her life. Here she tells how she now enjoys shopping, walking and 'plodding away at the gym' – with a pedicure as a reward . . . I was shocked when I saw ...
Daily Mail

Green tea business grows amid health awareness
Gulf Times
More and more tea makers are adding green tea in their portfolio as consumers in India are developing a taste for the beverage for its many health-promoting effects. Green tea consumption in India is rising at a rate of more than 10% annually.

Gulf Times

FDA panel votes in favor of earlier rejected anti-obesity drug Qnexa
By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD Vivus Inc has soared in its market value on Thursday by nearly 80 percent as its weight loss pill Qnexa gets FDA support. Qnexa took a step closer to approval on Wednesday, when outside advisers to the US Food and Drug ...
Food directly affects all facets of our lives - and teeth
The Coloradoan
You have heard it before - we are what we eat. Our fitness levels and performance are directly affected by what we eat. Do you also recognize that our diet affects all the facets of our lives from how we look, feel, perform our jobs and enjoy life?

New list of 49 foods to avoid includes some that seem healthy
Yahoo! Contributors Network (blog)
Dr. Jane Elmslie explained to New Zealand's National 3 News : "Muesli bars are a classic example of how overweight people can be misled into thinking they're eating healthy food. Most muesli bars are high in calories, and fat and sugar, with minimal ...

Yahoo! Contributors Network (blog)

Weight Loss Tips – How to Lose 5 Pounds in 2 Weeks
Newsolio (blog)
The lowest values on the Food Pyramid roughly outline a 1200-calorie diet and serve as a guide to serving exchanges and balanced eating. (Alternate lunch: 3 ounces water-packed tuna or low-fat lunchmeat such as turkey or ham, 1 tablespoon light ...

Newsolio (blog)

Diets tossed to the wind for Kiwanis Chili Day in Abilene
If the people who came to the Kiwanis Club of Greater Abilene's for the Chili Day and Auction on Saturday were looking to keep their weight-loss New Year's resolution, they probably came to the wrong place. Lyndel Cook, chairman for the 56th annual ...

STRIVING FOR 'IMPREFECTION' -- On supplements and unicorns
Recently, I was exposed to yet another “miracle diet product” that got my hackles up -- and rest assured you don't want to be around when I have elevated hackles. The radio ad began something like this: “We are looking for a select few people in this ...

Flavonoids, Antioxidants Found In Citrus, Tied With Lower Stroke Risk: Study
Huffington Post
Particularly, the researchers found that the women in the study who consumed the most flavonoids in their diets over a 14-year period had a 19 percent lower risk of stroke, compared with the women who consumed the fewest flavonoids.

Exciting developments
Malaysia Star
It's a quick and convenient way of assuaging the guilt felt by those who know they are not taking good care of their health. Of course, nothing beats a healthy diet andlifestyle to take good care of health, but for many who find such activities ...

Malaysia Star

Weight affected by some medications
26 (UPI) -- Weight gain or loss may not always be caused by diet and exercise; it could be affected by medications, a US pharmacist said. Ryan Roux, chief pharmacy officer, Harris County Hospital District, said certain medicines can cause significant ...

New Diet Pill....for the Waistbasket? Dr Jane Sadler MD
Dallas Morning News (subscription) (blog)
I avoid prescribing diet pills. I like prescribing diet pills as much as I enjoy running my nails across a black board. Sustained weight loss has been unsuccessful in the medical practice . Studies tell us that patients weight loss programs are more ...
Will eating protein, such as egg whites, while on the Cabbage Diet ...
By admin
Inquiry bу : Wіll eating protein, such аѕ egg whites, whіlе οn thе Cabbage Diet interfere wіth thе rapid weight loss.? I'm starting thе Cabbage Diet аnd I want tο work out аnd rυn аlѕο, bυt іn order nοt tο lose muscle I need tο eat protein. I want tο ...
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Good diet/healthy day? - Yahoo! Answers
Good diet/healthy day? breakfast: -bowl of Total whole wheat flakes & silk milk lunch: -brownie -swiss/turkey/lettuce/tomatoe sandwich. Dinner: -3 12 grain slices ...
Diet Healthy Food :Metabolism Equation – Calculate Increase ...
Diet healthy your meals are One-on-one mentoring learn fall behind Extra pounds. Look into switches into diet healthy food? Vitamins, minerals, bedding ...

Food Diet Weight Loss
Food combining diet; F-plan diet; Fruitarian diet; Fad diet Weight Down diet; Weight Watchers; Western pattern diet Online weight loss plans; References …

Do you have a healthy diet? - Health & Fitness Quiz
Health & Fitness quiz - Do you have a healthy diet? - Are you aware and conscious of what you eat or do you simply fill your stomach everyday with junk food?

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