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Three weight loss drugs make second bid for FDA approval

Three weight loss drugs make second bid for FDA approval
The Food and Drug Administration has rejected three prescription diet pills in the last three years, raising questions of whether any weight loss drug can win approval in the US The agency has not approved a new prescription weight lossdrug in 13 ...


Miracle diet pill? A safe drug is elusive
Fox News
But this week, federal health advisers endorsed the weight loss pill Qnexa even though the FDA previously rejected it over concerns that it can cause heart palpitations and birth defects if taken by pregnant women. "I never lost that much weight on any ...

Miracle diet pill? Huge craving for a safe drug
... scientists have struggled to make a diet pill that helps people lose weightwithout side effects that range from embarrassing digestive issues to dangerous heart problems. But this week, US federal health advisers endorsed the weight loss pill ...

New Diet Drug Qnexa Promises 10% Weight Loss - At What Price?
Of course, there's good reason for that; numerous weight loss drugs have been found to have dangerous side effects, causing the FDA to reject them. In fact, Qnexa itself was rejected by the FDA in 2010. So what's up now? So far, the story's mainly ...

Qnexa and the FDA: Why safe diet drugs are hard to come by
CBS News
But they've lost as many battles as those trying to lose weight. For nearly a century, scientists have struggled to make a diet pill that helps people lose weight without side effects that range from embarrassing digestive issues to dangerous heart ...

Diets that work
Sacramento Bee
And what was the one "major predictor" that guaranteed weight loss in these diet trials? Adherence. In other words, there are a variety of strategies to lose weight. But whatever we decide to do, it seems to be important to stick with it (duh).

Healthy lifestyle requires attention in all areas, especially diet
K-State Collegian
Healthy eating doesn't mean less food, it means the right kind of food. "Avoid a 'good food/bad food' mentality," said Dianna Schalles, nutritionist at Lafene Health Center. "All foods can fit in ahealthy diet. The key is moderation and balance.

FDA panel recommends approval of anti-obesity drug
Public Radio International PRI
Physicians hope the prescription of Qnexa, along with dietary and behavioral changes, will provide a long term weight-loss solution for obese people. (Photo from Flickr user puuikibeach.) An advisory panel of outside physicians for the FDA recommended ...

Popular but Dangerous: 3 Vitamins That Can Hurt You
U.S. News & World Report
That doesn't stop Americans from spending about $28 billion a year on dietary supplements, including vitamins and herbal supplements. In some cases, people may be spending money only to put their health at risk. “As Americans, we think more is better, ...

Study links high fiber to healthy gums in older vets
Lindsey Konkel NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - US researchers who followed healthy male veterans for up to 24 years found that older men who ate more high-fiber fruits were less likely to show signs of gum disease. For more than 600 men participating in a ...

Will FDA approve new weight loss pill?
For the first time in 13 years, there might soon be help for the overweight in the form of a new diet pill. An advisory committee is recommending the Food and Drug Administration approve the weight loss drug "Qnexa." The committee says the drug's ...

What's In Those Diet Pills?
Men's Fitness
With news that the FDA is about to approve Qnexa, we explain how weight-loss pills work. Sadly, one-third of adults and 17% of children in the US are obese, and weight loss drugs have become a big business. The Food and Drug Administration has not ...

Pepsi targets health-conscious pop drinkers who don't like diet
Courtesy of PepsiCo Pepsi is rolling out a new “mid-calorie soda” to lure health-conscious soda drinkers who don't like the taste of diet pop. Pepsi Next — which has half the calories of regular Pepsi and 60 per cent less sugar — will be rolled out ...

New Lessons to Learn From the Ancient Mediterranean Diet
Huffington Post
It was only a matter of time before the cult of weight loss in America met born-again Christianity. Rick Warren, pastor at one of the country's most famous megachurches and author of The Purpose-Driven Life, has just taken on a new role: diet guru.

Holinger: Diet leads to weight loss, but white hair going to stay
Kane County Chronicle
A no-white-food diet treated Italian, Irish and French cuisine with extreme prejudice, but my Liberal stomach and taste buds soon went back to treating all colors equally. My brother lost weight on a point system diet, but he ate weirdly.

Qnexa: Is the new anti-obesity drug too risky?
The Week Magazine
The FDA hasn't approved a new weight loss drug in 13 years. Now, an advisory panel is endorsing a previously rejected diet pill. What changed? While Qnexa has the same potentially dangerous side effects as previously rejected weight loss drugs, ...

FDA advisors endorse weight-loss drug Qnexa
Baltimore Sun (blog)
In a reversal, an FDA advisory committee backs the weight-loss drug Qnexa despite health risks after its maker, Vivus, promises strict oversight. More than 35% of American adults are obese, including about 5% who are morbidly obese, and an additional ...

Baltimore Sun (blog)

Qnexa Ruling Renews Debate About Its Risks and Benefits
ABC News
The decision by a federal advisory panel to recommend Qnexa for approval by the US Food and Drug Administration is drawing praise and criticism from obesity anddiet experts, reflecting a still-hot debate on the need for additional tools to treat ...

ABC News

Exam-time diet
Times of India
During exam a little modification in lifestyle is needed. Here are some tips... - A high level of phosphorus from processed food and soft drinks will deplete bone density and cause fracture. - Teach your children to eat slowly and savour each mouthful.

Dr Dillner's health dilemmas: what's the best way to lose weight?
The Guardian
If you're on a diet and expect to lose 1lb a week for every 500 calories you cut a day you may be disappointed. National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) guidelines say that you'll be rewarded with a half a stone weight loss in a ...

The Guardian

Secret Behind Britney Spears Weight Loss!
She prefers having fruits especially avocados which helps in weight loss and also has other health benefits. Avocados fights cancer, burns body fat and heart healthy. 3.Britney Spears used to love junk food but to lose weight, she had to quit having ...


Qnexa, new weight loss drug, could be first approved by FDA in 13 years
By Natasha Barrett It has been more than a decade since the FDA approved a new prescription diet pill, but a new weight-loss medication is very close to being introduced to the market. Qnexa, which is made by Vivus Inc., cleared a major hurdle toward ...


Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy
Epicurious (blog)
We spoke with Marla Heller, RD, author of The DASH Diet Action Plan: Proven to Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Without Medication (Grand Central) and chef/restaurateur Joe Bastianich about ways to achieve a healthy heart. The DASH diet, as the ...

Dieting Can Prove Dangerous for Kidney Disease Patients
U.S. News & World Report
Of those with chronic kidney disease, 50 percent said they had tried to lose weight in the past year, and 8 percent said they used medications as part of their weight-loss program. Some also used weight-loss methods that promoted high-protein diets ...

Clean Eating, Plant-Strong™, And Other Diets (And Diet Terms), Decoded
by Hanna Brooks Olsen | Leave a comment | Share a Tip With obesity and its related health concerns taking a toll on the country's health, wallet, and future, it's no surprise than in the last two years, instead of clinging to fad diets that are clearly...


Experts say deep, complex causes of obesity may be beyond reach of weight loss ...
(Associated Press) For nearly a century, scientists have struggled to make a diet pill that helps people lose weight without side effects that range from embarrassing digestive issues to dangerous heart problems. But this week, federal health advisers ...

Don't Take Qnexa To Lose Weight and Solve Obesity, Change Your Diet
Qnexa does appear to induce weight loss. According to a clinical trial conducted by VIVUS, the company developing the drug, patients who took it lost on average 37 lbs and saw their cardiovascular health improve. Pills that reduce obesity may be ...


Snack attack! Tasty treats that won't ambush your diet - Healthy & Fit ...
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Healthy & Fit Magazine | Healthy solutions. Fit results. A better you. Mid-Michigan's OriginalHealth and Fitness Publication Subscribe to the Healthy & Fit Magazine, Mid-Michigan's OriginalHealth and Fitness Publication · Advertise Calendar ...
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Is a vegan diet healthy long term or no? - Yahoo! Answers
According to the University of Maryland Medical Center (ref 43, No. 3, 533-561) ... I'm no doctor, and didn't read a word you typed beyond the headline but I'm ...

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