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Packing light: Become a fashion minimalist (video)

Packing light: Become a fashion minimalist
Get a jump on that final summer weekend getaway with Bahar Takhtehchian of Shape magazine’s tips for cutting through the clutter to fit everything you need in one small bag
Packing light: Become a fashion minimalist - Video on

Barefoot runners get their kicks St. Albert Leader Since going au natural — and sometimes donning minimalist Vibram FiveFingers or his homemade mukluks — he's good to go. Recognized in Vancouver as the “crazy lady that runs with no shoes,” shock and disbelief still greet seasoned barefooter Kate Kift ...

St. Albert Leader Minimalist bacon. — Minimalist Freak My minimalism journey. Living with less ... Yeah, for me, the bacon-frying process is stressful and irritating and well worth some minimalist treatment. So, when I ...

Health Buzz: Number of West Nile Cases Continues to Spike
U.S. News & World Report
Health officials are warning about a dramatic spike in the number of West Nile cases nationwide. More than 1100 people have been affected, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—three times as many as usually seen at this ...

New Research Debunks Gluten-free Diet for Weight Loss
... gluten-free diet. It also debunks the perception that going gluten-free is an effective way to lose weight. ... After reviewing the existing research on gluten, Dr. Gaesser concluded the gluten-freediet is not an effective weight-loss method. In ...

Weight Loss Surgery Prevents Diabetes
The study, begun in 1987, already has shown that weight loss surgery, also called bariatric surgery, can improve blood sugar levels in obese patients. The study has also shown that the surgery works much better than diet and exercise in lowering obese ...

Will Yo-Yo Dieting Wreck Your Metabolism?
Shape Magazine (blog)
While the severe weight cyclers weighed an average of 20 pounds more than the women with no history of yo-yo dieting, there were no significant differences in their ability to lose weight, including the percentage of body fat lost. In addition, the ...

Shape Magazine (blog)

Lady Gaga Reportedly Goes Gluten-Free To Lose Weight
Huffington Post
Gaga is far from the only celeb to start a gluten-free diet to slim down though gluten-free eating has never been scientifically proven to enhance weight loss. Pop star Miley Cyrus made headlines earlier in the year for her weight loss, which she ...

Searching for perfect co-host, Kelly Ripa stays perky with protein-powered diet
Searching for perfect co-host, Kelly Ripa stays perky with protein-powered diet (Video). CelebrityDiet Insights; August 22, 2012; By: Joanne Eglash · Tweet · 0 Email. Get Weight Loss & Dieting alerts! E-mail *. do not change. Contact Email. Contact ...

8 Popular Diet Myths Exposed!
The Stir
Myth #2: Alternating between meals of carbs and protein will help with weight loss, as each uses different enzymes for digestion, thereby furthering weight loss. Truth: Our digestive tracts are ... Myth #7: Diet programs are the best way to lose weight ...

The Stir

The scientific way to diet
The Economic Voice
Male obesity, the testosterone connection · Processed food invades farmers markets. Tags: Carsten Huerttermann, diet, health, lose weight, methyl cellulose, News, SATISFIG-LTG, science. This entry was posted on Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012 at 4:48 pm ...

The Economic Voice

What's Really in Your Nutrition Bar?
Shape Magazine
Healthy Recipes · Meal Ideas · Healthy Drinks · Diet Tips · Cooking Ideas · Weight Loss · Weight Loss Success Stories · Weight Loss Strategies · Weight Maintenance · Food for Weight Loss · Lifestyle · Beauty & Style · Fit Getaways · Sex and Love · Mind ...

Shape Magazine

Weight Loss goes Online
This is Kent
A growing trend among people wanting to lose weight is to log on and use the online programmes now available. The fastest growing site on the internet also happens to be a Kent based company, Hypnosolution, which has introduced a method called the 8 ...

This is Kent

Weight Loss Hypnosis: The Key To Following A Diet Plan - Yahoo ...
... the best plans for a variety of categories, including the best diet for Weight Loss , ... ... to increase self-confidence, and to lose weight and keep it off for years.

Poll: Economy, health care top issues in 3 battleground states
CBS News
Health care had the second-highest proportion of voters who ranked the issue "extremely important": 56 percent of Florida voters characterized the issue that way, as did 52 percent of Ohio voters and 50 percent of Wisconsin voters. (Credit: CBS News)...

CBS News

Ryan Health Care Plan Gives Seniors Less Than Pols
Republican vice presidential candidate Ryan's plan to revamp the health-care program for the elderly wouldn't have the safeguards against rising costs included in the coverage that lawmakers and other federal workers receive. Those differences, which ...

Full-Time Work Means Better Health for Mothers
New York Times (blog)
“This is not about advice for women,” the University of Akron sociologist Adrienne M. Frech said of her latest research, which showed that women who work steadily full-time after the birth of their first child report better physical health than women ...

New York Times (blog)

Health officials: 9 syphilis cases in LA porn industry outbreak, more expected
CBS News
(CBS/AP) More infections have been reported in a syphilis outbreak tied to the Los Angeles porn industry , county health officials announced Tuesday. Four more cases of syphilis have now been found in the county's investigation of the outbreak ...

CBS News

Oceans Get a Health Check
Voice of America
A new system has been developed to assess the health of the world's oceans. Scientists say it will change the way we think about oceans and how they affect our lives. It's called the Ocean Health Index and it's going to tell us if anything's wrong with...

Voice of America

The Health Dangers of Soy
Huffington Post
Who hasn't heard of the marvels of soy? The marketing bandwagon has touted soy as the perfecthealth food for decades. .... Integrative Medicine: Meditation, soy offer menopause hope - Health &Fitness - · Soy Formula May Harm Babies With ...

Diving Into Health Care Is Dangerous to My Health
If you are anything like me, you have spent the last 10 days listening to President Barack Obama and his Republican challengers accuse each other of being the meanest miser when it comes to denying health care to seniors. Unless you are an actuary or ...

Study: Tattoo infections traced to tainted ink
WCVB Boston
"Even if you get a tattoo from a facility that does everything right, it's not risk free," said Dr. Byron Kennedy, deputy director of the health department in New York's Monroe County. He is lead author of a report on last fall's Rochester cases was ...

BMC's anti-tuberculosis drive lauded
India.Com Health
Mumbai's health system was lauded by representatives of the American Centre for Disease Control and USAIDS. Six months ago the city was under the scanner for a tuberculosis epidemic. The TB programme review team, showed appreciation for BMC's ...

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