Monday, August 13, 2012

Second Chance - a Leukemia Doctor with Leukemia (video)

Second Chance
Lukas Wartman, a leukemia doctor and researcher, developed the disease himself. As he faced death, his colleagues sequenced his cancer genome. The result was a totally unexpected treatment.

Diet Myths And Health Myths On Doctor Oz Today 8/13/2012
Now Oz switches gears and talks about outdoor health myths. First, suntans do NOT turn into tans and any sunburn is bad for your skin. Second, spicy foods do not promote ulcer growth. A lot of us have heard that eating spicy foods will cause ulcers. Oz ...


Combat fatigue through diet, exercise, lifestyle changes
Las Vegas Review - Journal
What it takes is a realistic look at issues such as diet, exercise, work habits and overall lifestyle. Nothing sexy here, no magic pill, just a good, hard look at habits that may be draining both your emotional and physical energy in a world on hyperdrive.

Las Vegas Review - Journal

Why Carbs Can Help You Lose Weight (And The Paleo Diet Is Crap)
It also speaks to today's diet and weight loss trends. Most notably, high-protein paleo diets, which eliminate most carbs–and are the exact opposite of Dr. McDougall's recommended lifestyle. I wanted to talk to him about why there are so many ...


Israel Health Ministry issues warning against heavily advertised low energy diet
According to the ministry's recommendations, the healthy and reasonable way to lose weight includes a balanced diet, sports and realistic goals. Fast low-calorie diets, with or without the supplements, include recommendations which could be dangerous...


Miley Cyrus Diet: Anorexia Rumors Flying
Though Cyrus quickly shot down those rumors on Twitter, claiming an allergy to gluten and lactose products, some say that cutting those things from your diet doesn't automatically mean a hugeweight loss. In fact, it causes many people to gain weight, ...

Top 15 must-know healthy ingredients
Times of India
A healthy meal in a hurry is a possibility by keeping a few ingredients healthy and today we are going to discuss just those. Read on to know the top 15 must-buy healthy ... Olive oil is well known for its many health benefits. It contains about 5 mg ...

The SPL Wrap: Black magik, Sensible Soccer and a healthy diet
For some, that was a very good thing, as they were able to show they were created from fine,healthy ingredients. For others, it was all the bits that the fast-food chains won't touch. For most, it was a convenient but not wholly satisfactory occasion ...

India conducts survey to combat 'silent killer'
India.Com Health
For the first time India is undertaking a survey on lifestyle trends in nine states. The government has taken this step in an effort to get data on people suffering from non-communicable diseases like diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases. The Indian ...

Food journal best weight-loss strategy
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Each woman filled out questionnaires about what she was eating and drinking, what eating-related strategies she was following to lose weight, what she was doing to monitor herself, and what meal patterns she had. She was asked ... "When it comes to ...

Are You Ready for the New Diet Drugs?
Orlistat causes weight loss by blocking the body's absorption of fat, putting users at risk of "fatty/oily stool, oily evacuation, increased defecation and fecal incontinence," says its prescribing information. Soon after the drugs' approval, comedians ...

Ricotta Cheese | Paleo Diet Lifestyle
Here's a simple way to prepare a delicious fresh ricotta cheese. Dairy products are not usually included on a Paleo diet, but those who tolerate it well can enjoy it ...

Top health/fitness apps: diet tracking, muscled chests - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: Diet and fitness apps top iTunes charts in countries around the globe, with popular apps including US celebrity Bob Harper's training app, ...

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