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Cameron Diaz writing nutrition book

Cameron Diaz writing nutrition book
Times LIVE
Cameron Diaz is writing her first book - one on nutrition and staying healthy. The 39-year-old star's book is aimed young girls and comes after gaining inspiration from her friend Gwyneth Paltrow's weekly lifestyle journal Goop!, which sees the US ...

Times LIVE

Atkins diet ups risk of heart disease
Times of India
"While low carbohydrate/high fat diets may help short-term weight loss, the results of this Swedish study demonstrate that long-term weight loss is not maintained and that this dietincreases blood cholesterol, which has a major impact on risk of ...

Low-carb diet tied to higher cholesterol
The 25-year study focused on diet and heart disease risk factors in northern Sweden, where men had some of the highest prevalence of cardiovascular disease worldwide in the 1970s. Consumption of bread and other carbohydrate-rich foods changed over the ...


Get the skinny on the OMG diet
The Independent
But for short-term weight loss, can the OMG diet really help you shed pounds? Consultant Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist Linia Patel, Dr Christian Jessen, the presenter of the Bafta award-winning Embarrassing Bodies series, and the celebrity fitness ...

Swedish Study Falsely Blames Low-Carbohydrate, High-Fat Diets for High ...
Sacramento Bee
In contrast, with Atkins, in the early weight loss phases, only 10 percent of calories come fromhealthy carbohydrates, and the remaining calories come from a variety of protein choices, as well as healthy fats such as olive oil and avocado.

Beware of these secret diet enemies
Times of India
Although unhealthy socialising habits are contagious, studies show healthy ones are too. So team up with a mate and make a pact to lose weight, and keep it off, together. Failing that, take the lead when it comes to where you meet.

New Book The Hot Tub Diet: Get Out of the Gym, Into the Hot Tub, and Lose Weight
Houston Chronicle
For Bridget Praytor, every woman's magazine on the supermarket checkout line rack and everyweight loss book on the Internet promised magic: a perfect body in a month, if she just followed this week's fad diet. But how long could someone eat only ...

Time to Retire the Low-Carb Diet Fad
The Atlantic
The study concludes that, over time, reducing animal fat intake decreased blood cholesterol levels, and that a high fat low carbohydrate diet increased blood cholesterol levels. On average, Swedes who switched from a lower fat diet to a higher ...

The Atlantic

Food for thought on healthy diet
Jakarta Post
The Public Service Department has issued a circular to public sector workers on guidelines onhealthy eating. The circular, issued in February, covers two aspects healthy menu during meetings and healthy food from vending machines. Health Minister Liow ...

Book excerpt: Lipophobia and the bad science diet
National Post
Margarine went from “heart-healthy” to artery-clogging. And now we are told that salt, historically regarded as absolutely essential to human existence, is swinging the grim reaper's scythe. And then there's the story of fat.

Diet Detective's 11 Best Summer Health Tips for 2012
Use healthy, low-calorie marinades instead of oil and butter to flavor foods. Try grilling your food to avoid excessive grease, but make sure not to burn or char it (considering the potential healthrisks of eating burnt meat).

Diet tips for migraine prevention
Bangkok Post
For some sufferers, migraines are triggered by stress, lack of sleep, irregular sleeping patterns, menstruation, smoke or certain smells, or changes in weather and diet. It is important for migraine sufferers to eat and sleep on time in order to avoid ...

Bangkok Post

Celiac disease: Teaching kids how to go gluten-free
Times of India
Thus, in order to keep your child's immune system healthy, today we have jotted down a few ways through which one can teach kids how to go gluten free. Focus on what they CAN eat, and not on what they CAN'T eat: Discuss his/her options and limitations ...

The Atkins diet may effect heart health
A low-carb diet, like the popular Atkins, may be bad for the heart, according to a new study. Doctors have found that a diet of this variety was linked with increased cholesterol levels. The research conducted in Sweden over 25 years tracked thehealth ...


Ditch 5 pounds without trying
Fox News
This time of year, who wants to count calories or go on a diet? But you can keep your weight steady or even drop a few pounds without any special effort. Yes, really. We've tapped some of the nation's top health and fitness gurus (plus real women who ...

Is healthy eating making you miserable?
Independent Online
“But it has no health benefits whatsoever! You should have red wine - it's full of antioxidants.” The idea that you could drink wine for pleasure rather than for its nutritional value was clearly something that hadn't occurred to her.

Independent Online

Skinny Genes: DNA Diet Plans
Elite new diet programs promise more effective weight loss with plans so personal they're based on your genetic response to food and exercise. Is this a true scientific breakthrough, or just another way to waste your precious time and money?


Atkins diet may increase risk of heart disease: study
Jakarta Post
The Atkins diet may increase the risk of heart disease, a recent study conducted over a period of 25 years has revealed. The diet, officially called the Atkins Nutritional Approach, was welcomed by dieters around the globe as it encourages consumption ...

Jakarta Post

Marta Montenegro: Kiss Those Sugar Cravings Goodbye
Fox News
Mood, focus, energy levels and cravings can all affect your diet efforts. One thing is certain: high or low levels of neurotransmitters?chemical messengers that transmits nerve impulses across the cells?definitely have an impact.

Men's health: What you don't eat may hurt you
Boston.com (blog)
"A nutrient-rich diet and a healthy lifestyle are your strongest line of defense against [these] preventable illnesses," says registered dietitian and Academy Spokesperson Jim White. Parents with young boys please take note: When it comes to making ...

Camas-Washougal weight-loss challenge offers Dad's Day events
The Columbian
The east county weight-loss challenge, Camas and Washougal on a Diet, will host a five-station obstacle course to celebrate Father's Day. The events include challenging local dads' skills in pitching baseballs, loading a truck, running a playground ...

Hungry, Tired, Depressed: How You Should Really Feel When Trying To Lose Weight
by Hanna Brooks Olsen | Leave a comment | Share a Tip In the last month, I have had no fewer than three friends tell me they're feeling a little tired, depressed, or hungry because–and this is true–they're trying to lose weight in time for bikini ...


Kardashians respond to diet lawsuit
Toronto Sun
Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian serve as the celebrity spokesmodels for diet regimen QuickTrim, a range of products designed to detoxify the body and promote weight-loss. Four angry customers, who reportedly purchased QuickTrim because of the trio's ...

The only thing a healthy diet costs is some extra time
Yahoo! Canada Shine On
An argument has been made in the past that eating unhealthy food has become cheaper than eating healthy. While I'll agree that there are government subsidies to certain food industries that are not good for our health, this argument rings false.

Yahoo! Canada Shine On

Man tests diet, lifestyle theories - Video - Fox News
This transcript is automatically generated. My next -- is somebody who goes through extremely funny once read an entire volume and an encyclopedia. Because ...

Is my diet healthy for maintaining my weight? - Yahoo! Answers
I'm still classed as underweight even after gaining a stone, so is this a good ... ARE YOU JUST DIEING TO GET SLIM AND LOSE UNWANTED STOMACH FLAB.

Is this a good diet/lifestyle?? WILL PICK BEST ANSWER WITHIN THE ...
"Is this a good diet/lifestyle?? WILL PICK BEST ANSWER WITHIN THE HOUR :)? " - Find the answer to this question and millions more on Yahoo! UK & Ireland ...

Yahoo! Answers - Is this a good diet/lifestyle?? WILL PICK BEST ...
Ok i am 15 and trying to be a bit healthier and lose weight. Breakfast: Bowl of ... Only if you're a witch ... You aren;t going to lose any weight eat like that. You need to ...

Man tests diet, lifestyle theories | Watch XFINITY Videos Online ...
Watch the Man tests diet, lifestyle theories. featured XFINITY video online by Comcast.

Live Well: Allergies, diet, healthy lifestyle, tips, advice
Mila Kunis has said that her body has never been the same since shrinking to 95 pounds for her role in Black Swan. This experience is common for those who ...

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