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Michael Moore a chef loving the low-GI life

Michael Moore: a chef loving the low-GI life
But it's now widely acknowledged that a healthy diet, weight loss and keeping blood sugar balanced is the answer – and not just for diabetics, but for all of us. The stroke made Plymouth-born Moore rethink his approach to food.


Low-carb diet may not be good for heart
Times of India
A low-carbohydrate diet may not be good for the heart as it has been linked with higher cholesterol levels, a study says. The research, conducted in Sweden over 25 years, tracked the health of 140000 people after it was noticed that occurrence of ...

Atkins diet causes 'heart disease risk' after linked to surge in cholesterol ...
Daily Mail
By Claire Bates The popular Atkins diet could be putting people at increased risk of heart disease, according to a 25-year study. Researchers from Sweden found the introduction of the low-carbohydrate regime led to a surge in saturated fat intake in ...

Daily Mail

India's oldest grandmother stays fit with a healthy diet
Daily News & Analysis
Interacting with reporters here, Akka said that a healthy diet had helped her live a long and problem free life. “I eat everything. Yes, I take healthy diet, which provides me with strength,” she said.. She said that she was self-reliant to perform all ...

Atkins diet may be bad for the heart, say doctors
Irish Independent
The research conducted in Sweden over 25 years tracked the health of 140000 people in the north of the country after it was seen that cardiovascular disease there in the 1970s was particularly high. Adiet programme was introduced in 1985 which ...

Diet pill could help beat obesity
Times of India
A diet pill aimed at curbing fat people's appetites could soon be a reality, Daily Mail reported. The pill would not only shrink waist lines but also the 4.2 billion pounds Natioanl Health Service bill for treating obesity related illness such as ...

Drop the donut and take a nap: sleep loss can lead to bad diet, says study
US researchers who scanned the brains of 25 men and women while they looked at pictures ofhealthy and unhealthy foods found short sleep increases neuronal response to junk food. The finding could provide a tantalizing clue to explain a link between ...

Who's your spoiler? Identify the person messing up your diet attempts and ...
Sticking to a diet is tough at the best of times - here's how to resist those bearing temptation... Most of us are now thinking about our summer holiday and trying to slim into that dreaded bikini or cossie. But sticking to a diet is tough at the best ...

Diet blamed for cholesterol surge
The Press Association
The link was uncovered by a 25-year study looking at diet and heart disease risk factors in the north of the country. An unexpected rise in population cholesterol followed an increase in fat consumption in 2004, reversing earlier trends.

Healthy Soda Alternatives: Low Sugar Drinks For Hot Summer Days
Huffington Post
Especially in summer months, when we should up our liquid consumption to avoid dehydration, it's important to keep drink choices healthy and plentiful, but also enticing. And if New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is able to pass his proposed ban ...

Diet, exercise can ease impact of knee arthritis
Chicago Daily Herald
However, according to two medical studies, simple lifestyle changes — exercise and weight loss— can prevent and dramatically slow the progression of osteoarthritis. The first study, Intensive Dietand Exercise enrolled 454 obese men and women who ...

Selenium linked to lower diabetes
To look at the long-term effect of selenium exposure on diabetes risk in otherwise healthy people, Mozaffarian and his colleagues analysed toenail clippings from the 1980s. A little over 7000 women and men participating in the long-term Nurses' Health ...

Food & Exercise Can Prevent Heart Attack
Unhealthy lifestyle and bad diet are also reasons behind suffering from cardiovascular diseases. In order to prevent yourself from cardiovascular diseases especially heart attack, you should have the below listed heart healthy foods.


Cut sugar, cut calories: All about the Sugar Busters Diet
In the following pages, we bring you a complete breakdown of the Sugar Busters Diet. LifeMojo is one of the most trusted sources of information about good health and wellness. To those who want to manage their health themselves, LifeMojo provides ...

TOWIE: Frankie Essex's diet is obviously working as she shows off her even ...
Daily Mail
By Daily Mail Reporter She's worked hard on her figure over the last few weeks, even enduring a fitness boot camp to get her into shape for Marbella. And Frankie Essex is clearly enjoying showing off the fruits of her labour now she's on holiday.

Daily Mail

Do I tell his wife?
Boston.com (blog)
I recently joined a fitness website for support and encouragement with my exercise regime and diet. The site is similar to Facebook; you set up a profile with pictures, you state your fitness goals, and you add people to your friend list.

Weightplan.com Launches 'Gymcodes' the Virtual Personal Trainer - Scan QR ...
MarketWatch (press release)
LONDON, June 11, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- This week sees health & fitness website Weightplan.com launch their 'Gymcodes' enabled iPhone App. The App provides instant gym tuition simply by scanning QR codes on pieces of gym equipment.

Foods for Healthy Hair
Zee News
Here are some foods for your healthy hair: These lively creatures of water hold natural supplements to healthy hair. Though salmon is the king of Omega 3 fatty acids it is not easily available in Indian markets. You can always opt for other fishes like ...

Zee News

Heart disease risk from low carb diets
Irish Health
The VIP included better food labelling, healthy information, cooking demonstrations and healthexaminations and counselling, including diet advice. The programme continues today. Evaluation of the programme was combined with data from the World Health ...

Study warns that pregnant women do not have to eat for two -two mums share ...
Scottish Daily Record
Instead, medical experts believe a pregnant woman should stick to a healthy, calorie-controlled diet, which will reduce weight gain by at least half a stone. The study, published on bmj.com, found that 15 per cent of expectant mums in the UK are obese ...

Book Review: The Four Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide by Timothy Ferris
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
The Four Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman by Timothy Ferris is a popular book on how to integrate exercise and dietary changes into the diet to produce more optimal health.

New Book "Pure Fat Burning Fuel" Helps Chronic Dieters Burn Fat And Drop Pounds
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
The only way out of the vicious diet circle is to stop dieting and make some real lifestyle changes that you adopt into your daily grind and don't quit. Velocity House Publishing author, Isabel de los Rios is receiving raving reviews for her new book, ...

Healthy rooms, healthy life
Edmonton Sun
My family and friends know I'ma health nut, fighting age every step of the way by eating an organic, meat-free diet and staying in shape. I bring my healthy living lifestyle and attitude to all that I design as well. Design is more than pretty spaces ...

Lose hip fat with 5 quick and easy exercises
Zee News
It is, however important to remember that a healthy diet is essential to get a perfect butt. In addition to a healthy diet, some minor changes in your everyday life can also help. For example, take the stairs instead of the elevator and park a little ...

Zee News

The Organic Center Joins Jamba Juice "Team up for a Healthy America" Lifestyle ...
MarketWatch (press release)
EMERYVILLE, Calif., Jun 11, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Jamba Juice Company (NASDAQ:JMBA) , a leading healthy, active lifestyle brand, today announced that The Organic Center has pledged to support Jamba's innovative awareness program, ...

Getting A Handle On Your Health
Gaston Gazette
The categories are: Physical activity, diet, and fun for mental health. Beginning with physical activity is a first because without it, none of the other things you do for good health will work as well, especially diet and weight loss.

5 Tips for a Healthy and Confident Lifestyle
Huffington Post (blog)
But I'm blessed to have had an opportunity to share the importance of "smiling through adversity" and living a healthy, confident lifestyle with teens around the world. When I was 13, I was attacked by a 14-foot tiger shark while surfing in Kauai, ...

The good and the bad of going gluten free
It seems the gluten-free diet has gone mainstream, with a lot of otherwise healthypeople signing on. As a result, manufacturers are producing gluten-free cookies, cakes, pastas and other products high in sugar, fat or sodium.


Too Little Sleep Tied to Stroke Risk
U.S. News & World Report
"For those of us who chronically work long hours, we may need to listen closely to these findings and adjust our lifestyle to reduce our risk of stroke," he added. Controlling blood pressure; eating a low-calorie, balanced diet; exercising; ...

Hubli health business sees rapid growth
Economic Times
HUBLI: With the urban populace becoming more and more health and fitness conscious, Hubli is becoming a hotspot for the fitness industry. Fitness centers, both branded and local, are flexing their muscles to increase their market share.

A closer look at high blood pressure
Trinidad Guardian
Healthy eating and physical activity are two of the main interventions for the treatment of high blood pressure. When we eat too much of certain types of foods, such as foods high in fats, sugars and salts, we can develop diseases known as chronic ...

Money motivates behavior change via mobiles
When it comes to providing incentives for people to make healthy lifestyle choices, mobile devices to track diet and exercise can help, but the real motivator might be good old, hard cash. Researchers from Northwestern University's Feinberg School of ...

The Latest about Diet & Health on Twitter | DietDoctor.com
By Doc
The Latest about Diet & Health on Twitter. Yesterday 18:04 i About Diet Doctor. Lately I've begun to use Twitter more. It's a good way to quickly spread info when there's no time for a full blog post. Feel free to follow DietDoctor1.

Rethinking Red Meat As Part Of A Healthy Diet
By The Huffington Post News Editors
Contrary to popular belief, red meat can be a part of a healthy diet. Here, experts explain what the best ... 6 Healthy Red Meat Substitutes. | Davey Wavey Fitness .....http://www.cnn.com/2011/HEALTH/04/15/contaminated.meat/index.html TGen ...
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