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Disney's Diet: No More Junk Food Ads

Disney's Diet: No More Junk Food Ads on Kids Channels
Leslie Goodman, Disney's senior vice president of corporate citizenship, said that many fast food chains may not meet the new advertising standards, even if they specifically create healthy kids meals, the Associated Press reports.


Disney's new diet for kids: No more junk food
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Getting rid of junk food ads will make it easier to keep the family on a healthy diet, said Nadine Haskell, a mother of two sons, 8 and 11. “If they see a commercial on TV, then the next time we go to the grocery store they'll see it and say they want ...

Sarasota Herald-Tribune

For best results, link low-carb diet with portion control, exercise
Chicago Tribune
I spend a good deal of time discussing healthy eating and exercise with my patients and their families, but I continue to see children who gain too much weight each year. Some of my patients even qualify as obese. The study out of Cincinnati Children's ...

Study finds rats develop taste for junk food in the womb
Fox News
Pregnant rats fed a diet of junk food produce offspring with a taste for sweet and salty treats and a higher risk of obesity, Australian research shows. Even when fed a healthy diet after weaning, they continue to seek out junk food more than rats from ...

Is A Gluten-Free Diet Right For You? An Expert Weighs In
Individuals with celiac disease have no choice but to eat a gluten-free diet; it's really a matter of life and death for them. Celiac sufferers experience an immune reaction in the gut that creates significant issues with malabsorption and malnutrition ...


Low Carb Diet Quiz Crunches Low Carb Diet Questions
Houston Chronicle
Low Carb cooks up brain food in a new quiz that feeds the dieter's knowledge with answers to low carb diet questions. Art Branch, Inc. the parent company of Low Carb, today announced the publication of the Low Carb Foods Quiz.

Seafood best catch for health
Chicago Tribune
And you may be missing out on an important strategy to improve your health through diet. Seafood is a low-saturated-fat protein choice, rich in beneficial nutrients, including vitamin D, selenium and omega-3 fatty acids. FISHING FOR HEALTHY NUTRIENTS ...

Food meets pharma as Nestle fights for health claims
By Emma Thomasson | LAUSANNE (Reuters) - Nestle opened a new clinical development unit on Wednesday to conduct trials into nutrition for both sick and healthy people, as the food industry comes under pressure to back up health claims for its products ...

Eating for heart health
The Providence Journal (blog)
Joy Bauer is the voice of authority when it comes to a healthful lifestyle. She is the author of best-selling books including "Joy Bauer's Food Cures" and the new "The Joy Fit Club: Cookbook, DietPlan and Inspiration." As the diet and nutrition expert ...

8-glasses-of-water-a-day myth busted
Times of India
It doesn't have to be water", Tsindos was quoted as writing in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health. "I'm not saying you shouldn't drink water. I'm saying the need to drink two litres of water on a regular basis is a complete myth.

Low-Fiber Diet May Raise Teens' Risk for Heart Disease, Diabetes
U.S. News & World Report
TUESDAY, June 5 (HealthDay News) -- Teens who eat a low-fiber diet are at increased risk for heart disease and diabetes, a new study suggests. Researchers looked at 559 teens, ages 14 to 18, in Augusta, Ga., and found that they consumed an average of ...

Japan 'Diet Glasses' Change Food Color, Size, and Taste for Weight Loss
Christian Post
By Daniel Distant , Christian Post Reporter Japan "diet glasses" are being used as an alternative to traditional dieting and exercise, according to reports. The new device tricks wearers into eating less or more, depending on the settings at the time.

Japan diet glasses could substitute a healthy salad
An average sized chocolate chip cookie is just as satisfying as a chocolate chip monster cookie when wearing Japan's new diet glasses. When the wearer of the dietglasses holds up an article of food, it appears larger than its real size.


Regular Exercise and Diet Can Greatly Reduce Breast Cancer Risks
India West
A recent study suggests that weight loss helps to lower the risks of breast cancer in overweight menopausal women. Losing weight, particularly through exercise and diet, helps overweight women to bring down the levels of certain hormones found in their ...

Akshay Kumar's fitness regime: No weights, no trainer, no diet!
India.Com Health
That doesn't mean he doesn't have a fitness regime, it just means he looks to stay healthynaturally. He believes being happy and a fulfilling life is intricately tied to fitness. According to himfitness needs to be utilitarian not about having a ...

'Drinking water won't help weight loss'
Independent Online
London - Health advice to drink eight glasses of water a day is over the top and does not help with weight loss, says a leading nutritionist. Fruit, vegetables and juices should have a major role in providing the fluids we need, he added.

Independent Online

Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating Kicks Off its 2012 Slim Down Contest for ...
Sacramento Bee
For 15 weeks, 10 chosen contestants will compete for prizes and improve their health by making a positive lifestyle change. Seattle Sutton's 2012 Slim Down contest is the first of its kind for this area, having had its first successful weight loss ...

Sunwarrior's Raw Plant-Based Protein is not Denatured Food Energy
Seattle Post Intelligencer
Craig Sommers was living the standard American lifestyle and eating the standard American dietuntil the early 1990's, when his mother was diagnosed with cancer and then heart disease. While visiting his mother in the hospital, after one in a series of ...

Calorie-Restricted Diet Keeps Heart Young
Science Daily (press release)
The researchers hooked portable heart monitors to 22 practitioners of calorie restriction (CR) who atehealthy diets but consumed 30 percent fewer calories than normal. Their average age was just over 51. For comparison purposes, researchers also ...

Diary of a Diabetic Chef: It's all about small steps; here are 10 of them
He will keep a diary of his efforts to help improve his condition with diet and exercise. 1. It takes optimism to turn your health around: Since I've never had a pessimistic moment in my life, I'm not really sure it can be done while under a black ...

Liquorice: all sorts of health benefits
The Age
Sweet medicine ... but skip the lollies and go straight to liquorice root for healthbenefits. Are you a liquorice lover? In news that will have fans reaching for the allsorts, The Atlantic has published an article suggesting that liquorice root ...

The Age

Tea is as good as bottled water for keeping us hydrated
It has also been implied that drinking water could help weight loss, reports the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health. But Dr Tsindos said: "Drinking large amounts of water does not alone cause weight loss. A low–calorie diet is also...

Even teens need to bulk up on fibre
Globe and Mail
Previous research in adults has hinted that a high fibre-diet may protect against obesity-related inflammation. The current study – the first ever to assess the link between fibre intake and inflammation in adolescents – was published online in the ...

Raw food movement takes ahold in South Sound
Imagine a diet that takes away most of the food you currently eat – and replaces it with better health, more energy and weight loss. That's the claim made by many advocates of the raw food diet, which is gaining enough interest in the South Sound to ...

Wilson College to offer free `Adventure in Healthy Eating'
Gettysburg Times
Beginning in June, Wilson College will host a "Community Adventure in Healthy Eating" - a 28-day, heart-healthy, plant-strong diet program based on the one introduced by Austin firefighter Rip Esselstyn in his best-selling book, "The Engine 2 Diet.

More sex assault victims emerge in case of San Jose diet clinician
Oakland Tribune
By Eric Kurhi The women recognized his name and his face, police said, as the guy who worked at the Doc's Diet clinic in San Jose. They also recognized him as the guy who did something to them during their visit that didn't have anything to do with ...

The Benefits of Organic Beef | Discovery Health - Diet and Fitness ...
By admin
Discovery Health – Diet and Fitness Today. Diet, Fitness, and Healthy Lifestyle Review From The Expert. Home · Contact Us ... Why pay for a liter of antibiotics if the animals are healthy and clean, every little thing alone? The cows eat every ...
Discovery Health - Diet and Fitness...

Jada Pinkett Smith's Celebrity Fitness and Diet Tips
By Renee Gardner
The actress and singer takes her diet and fitness regimen very seriously, so take a few tips and tricks from Jada Pinkett Smith to become a healthier and more fit you. Click Here To View The Gallery · Continue ». Tags: celebrity diets, Celebrity ...
Rolling Out - Black News, Celebrity...

Diet – Learn If Eating Unprepared Food Is Correct For You. – Quick ...
By jeremyscowingers
Thanks to the health awareness folks are rather more focussing on dieting tablets. ... Doctor give you better prescription about these weight-loss pills and tell you which one is more acceptable for you according to your fitness conditions.
Quick Weight Loss Diet

Get Fit / Exercise chore-chart-pictures workout healthy-diet fitness ab ...
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SUMMER FRESH FRIDAY FILMS: "Locavore: Local Diet, Healthy ...
Enjoy cool summer films for new thinking about the impact of what we eat. Be inspired towards healthier choices. "Locavore: Local Diet, Healthy Planet" inspires, ...

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