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10-Second Weight Loss Secret: Read The Label

10-Second Weight Loss Secret: Read. The. Label.
AARP News (blog)
Granted, this doesn't prove that reading labels will cause weight loss. People who read labels already may be more concerned with a healthy lifestyle and watching theirweight, which could account for the weight difference. But, as the researchers ...
AARP News (blog)

Learning to Read a Nutrition Label Can Help You Lose Weight
That small grid on the side of your food package contains a lot of information, but when it comes toweight loss, what is important and what can be put aside? One of the most important steps to understanding a Nutrition Facts label is first ... again ...

Weight loss and maintenance not just calories and exercise; sleep plays key role
The authors suggest people should be mindful of their sleep patterns and their potential to influence efforts to lose weight or to maintain a healthy weight. "We know that short sleepers in general feel more hungry. And when we restrict calories in the ...

Holiday Weight Loss With Green Coffee Bean Extract Diet?
Muncie Free Press
Is the Pure Extract of Green Coffee Bean Diet Just Hype from Dr Oz or Will it Help With Fast Weight Loss During the Holidays? Staff Report ... On the Dr. Oz show, the green coffee bean diet pills have been called a “fat burner that helps women lose weight.

Muncie Free Press

Little things can add up to a big weight loss
News Sentinel
It was my single biggest comeback in what eventually turned into 37 weeks of consecutive weight loss. Tanya Isch Caylor, a News-Sentinel copy editor, blogs on diet and fitness atwww.90in9.wordpress.com. This column is the personal opinion of the ...

Hollywood's bizzare diet plans
Hindustan Times
However, you only lose weight as a result of muscle loss.” The sleeping beauty diet. Music legend Elvis Presley followed this diet. ... Though the diet claims to regulate your metabolism and improve weight loss, there are side-effects like headaches ...

Hindustan Times

The Starbucks Diet: How One Woman Dropped 76 Pounds on Coffee and ...
Yahoo! News Blogs (blog)
That's Starbucks-speak for a dramatic weight loss. The Virginia-based law librarian has ... On a 30-day challenge to lose weight without exercising, he subsisted strictly on Starbucks food in the hopes of dropping the pounds. His blog starbucksdiet.com ...

Yahoo! News Blogs (blog)

After losing 100 lbs, Kirstie Alley tells her diet secrets and recipes to Dr. Oz
She went through weight loss successes...and failures. Then, in 2011, Kirstie credited a combination of "Dancing with the Stars" and her own diet program, Organic Liaisons, for her successful weight loss of 100 pounds (learn more about Kirstie's ...

Romney's health care plans don't exempt today's seniors
Washington Post (blog)
That may not, however, be the case with the Republican presidential nominee's other health-careproposals. A growing body of research suggests that his plans to repeal the Affordable Care Actand cut Medicaid funding would have a direct impact on the ...

Get started: Small business health insurance costs rising, candidates turn ...
Washington Post (blog)
Small business health insurance costs rising: Employer-sponsored health insurance costs have increased 4 percent over the past year, however, premiums for small employers have grown at double that rate over the same period, accordin to a new study.

HMO Declines, Consumer Plans Rise As Health Insurance Option
“Employers are beginning to explore innovative solutions that focus on both the short-term need to manage health care costs and the longer-term requirement to change underlying behavior patterns, shifting the focus from 'caring for the sick' to ...

Hospitals prepare for new health care law
Hoosier TimesThe top administrators at two hospitals say that when it comes to assessing how theAffordable Care Act will affect their institutions when the bulk of the bill's provisions take effect on Jan. 1, 2014, there are more ... Starting in 2014 ...

The Coming Health Care Singularity | The Health Care Blog
By Adrian Gropper, MD
... The Institute of Medicine just released Best Care at Lower Cost: The Path to Continuously Learning Health Care in America. Aside from reaffirming the $765 billion of “Excess Costs”, the study highlights the following: The committee also believes that opportunities exist for attacking these problems— opportunities that did not exist even a decade ago. . . .  Conclusion: Advances in computing, information science, and connectivity can improve patient-clinician communication, point-of-care guidance, the capture of experience, population surveillance, planning and evaluation, and the generation of real-time knowledge—features of a continuously learning health care system.

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