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Tattoo removal varies according to design

Tattoo removal varies according to design: study
Sept 19 (Reuters) - Certain types of tattoos - including those done with yellow or blue ink, or older and bigger tattoos - are harder to remove than others with laser treatment, according to an Italian study. Even smaller tattoos done with black ink ...

For Weight Loss, Less Exercise May Be More
New York Times (blog)
Multiple studies, many of them covered in this column, have found that without major changes to diet, exercise typically results in only modest weight loss at best (although it generally makes people much healthier). Quite a few exercisers lose noweight.

New York Times (blog)

Weight loss may be facilitated by adequate sleep
Mayo Clinic reports that your weight is a balancing act, and calories are a primary part of that equation. Although fad diets may promise you that counting carbs or eating a lot of grapefruit will make you lose weight, when it comes to weight loss, it ...

Weight Loss Pill Qsymia Now for Sale
"We're not talking about the person who just needs to lose 10 pounds. We are talking about the patient who is obese or very overweight with related health problems." Dramatic weight loss can come from lifestyle changes alone. Lifestyle change is hard ...

Blacks Less Likely to Stick to High Blood Pressure Diet: Study
U.S. News & World Report
But the study found that exercise and weight loss in addition to the DASH diet promoted even greater reductions in blood pressure and improved other measures of heart health. The researchers also discovered that blacks were less likely than whites to ...

Weight Loss Success Story: “My Family Lost 111 Pounds on the Digest Diet!”
Reader's Digest
Mom Shannon, 35, gained 40 pounds after a fibromyalgia flare; dad Erik, 40, says hisweight climbed steadily throughout his 30s. ... veggies, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and healthy unsaturated fats. More: What is the Digest Diet? » A Team Effort The ...

Reader's Digest

Madonna offers weight loss tips to Kelly Osbourne
Madonna offers weight loss tips to Kelly Osbourne. Madonna has helped Kelly Osbourne drop a dress size by giving her exercise and diet tips. Madonna has helped Kelly Osbourne drop a dress size. The pair have previously worked together on the 'Girl ...

Latest Post from Fitness Tips for Women Blog,, Announces ...
Midland Daily News is one of the world's most visited Fitness Tips blogs. Offering daily tips and advice to... Today, Stacy Carlo at GetFitDaily published her latest post, titled “The Fastest, Healthiest Ways to Lose Weight and Feel Great.” Fitness fans ...

Obesity Surgery Seems to Reduce Heart Risks, Study Says
U.S. News & World Report
18 (HealthDay News) -- Along with the promise of significant weight loss, gastric bypass surgery may reverse diabetes in some people and improve risks factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, according to new research ...

First Fitness Day a success
Benson News Sun
Ausseresses, who began his own weight-loss journey and lifestyle makeover in May, has lost 120 pounds through diet and exercise. At the time he ... “I love his common sense approach to weight loss and fitness,” said Sally Boyer, one of Saturday's ...

Weight loss surgery helps cut diabetes danger
PORTLAND - A Portland woman says she experienced a dramatic change beating diabetes - after dropping 223 pounds - with weight loss surgery. Linda's story is an example of what a new study shows after researchers followed more than 1,600 patients ...

Shopping for Health Care Just Got a Lot Easier!
Huffington Post
Yes it is! The Affordable Care Act gives us a new comparison "label" for insurance policies called the Summary of Benefits and Coverage, and it will be available for all health insurance policies in a matter of days. Here's the kind of information you ...

Health Care REIT Adds to Sunrise Deal
NEW YORK (The Deal) -- Health Care REIT Inc., which last month said it would acquire Sunrise Senior Living Inc., said Tuesday, Sept. 18, it and its merger partner were buying out certain Sunrise joint ventures in deals valued at $710 million.

Obesity report predicts staggering weight gain, higher costs for health care
Chicago Tribune
Over the last year, residents of Chicago's Brighton Park neighborhood have been working on the community's obesity problem. For starters they conducted a "walk-ability" study and realized that the community would be more walk-able if the lines on ...

Remember when Mitt Romney made health care an entitlement?
Washington Post (blog)
Adults between 150 percent and 300 percent of the poverty line get subsidies. And adults who could buy health insurance but choose to forgo it have to pay a fine. The success of his reforms provided both policy and political inspiration for Obama's ...

Ebola's Other Victims: Health Care Workers
NPR (blog)
"The repeating story is always that here's incredible incidence among health care workers," says Peter Jahrling of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, an expert on Ebola and similarly lethal viruses. "It's usually the medical ...

How Transparency Can Fix Health Care
The Atlantic
"We all know the health care system is broken, burdening our families, businesses, and national debt. It needs common-sense reform," writes Makary, who argues that this reform will be driven not by political sound bites, but by the consumer ...

The Atlantic

Minnesota's health-insurance-exchange planners change 'homes' (blog)
The Dayton administration expects the health insurance exchange — a key component of implementing the federal health care reform law — to serve roughly 1 million Minnesotans. If implemented, it would offer a competitive marketplace for individuals ... (blog)

Affordable Care Act Trumps Recession's Impact on Health Insurance Coverage
Huffington Post
Amidst the mixed news about poverty and income in the Census Bureau's data released last week, came some positive news about health coverage and the impact of the Affordable Care Act's (ACA) provisions that are already in effect. Overall, the rate and ...

The Future of Health Care: Using the Internet to Deliver Health Interventions
Huffington Post (blog)
This is the future of health care. Available, inexpensive, customized, proven Internet interventions for many of the problems we have. Treatment we might never have been able to receive before. Treatment for issues we didn't even know had solutions.

Health care partnership
Worcester Telegram
National health care reform, which is modeled after Massachusetts' 2006 health care reform, will steer hospitals away from a fee-for-service model to a global payment model. In practice, it means medical providers will be encouraged to provide a total ...

Bay Area Health Care Worker Mandate: Get Flu Shot Or Wear Mask ...
By carloscbs5
Thousands of Bay Area health care workers are under orders to get a flu shot vaccination or wear a mask at work this flu season.
CBS San Francisco

Health Care Renewal: BLOGSCAN - Why Not Just Pay Physicians ...
By Roy M. Poses MD
The recent health care reform law, however, essentially encouraged a version of capitated payment, which might very well provide incentives for undertreatment and undertesting. For years, Dr Robert Centor has argued logically and forcefully ...
Health Care Renewal

Health IT Startup Fiesta - The Health Care Blog
By Missy Krasner and Matthew Holt
Comprisma was founded shortly after the passage of the Affordable Care Act in March 2010 and was the company was incorporated in January of 2011. Chris Dugan and Adam Pelavin are the Founding Principals of Comprisma and have ...
The Health Care Blog

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