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7 Surprising Food Portion Comparisons video

What do a compact disc, a deck of cards, and a lightbulb head have in common? Believe it or not, it's all about food portion size! Nationally recognized nutrition expert and author Keri Glassman is the founder and president of Keri Glassman, Nutritious Life, a nutrition practice based in New York City. For years Keri has been a leader in advancing a "whole person" approach to health and wellness.

Weight-Loss Benefits From Cutting Out Sugary Drinks Short-Lived
ABC News
"Permanent environmental changes are necessary for permanent weight loss." According to the researchers, one drawback of their study was that they basked the participants to report their caloric intake, which often leads to underestimating food and ...

7 Steps to Healthy Weight Loss, Without Dieting
Huffington Post
We begin strict diets with the best of intentions, but they ultimately result in feelings of failure as we boomerang back to our original weight, or -- even worse -- gain more. This lifestyle is unsustainable, unnerving and, frankly, unfulfilling. We ...

Gluten-free diet beneficial for possible weight loss, long-term health
The University of Alabama Crimson White
The latest gluten-free diet craze, intended for individuals diagnosed with Celiac disease and gluten allergies, is receiving praise for its weight loss and health benefits from celebrities and everyday Americans. Gluten-free ... Yet, many people ...

For weight loss, less exercise might be more: Study
Multiple studies have found that without major changes to diet, exercise typically results in only modest weight loss at best. Quite a few exercisers lose no weight. Some gain. But there is encouraging news about physical activity and weight loss in a ...

Ear Stapling is Another Unfounded Weight Loss Craze
Diets In Review (blog)
Eating baby food, Shake Weight, limiting calorie intake, and so much more. But, have you heard of stapling a part of your ear to help lose weight? It's becoming more popular as the rumor says ear stapling can help with weight loss. Ear stapling stems ...

Spare the spuds, lose the weight
UW Badger Herald
Last week, while perusing a popular health magazine for new recipe ideas, I came across an article titled “Five top foods for weight loss (and five that will make you gain).” This in itself wasn't a surprising title; it seems every other day a new food ...

Ask the Diet Doctor: Is It OK to Graze?
Shape Magazine
To muddle things even more, there's uncertainty in the scientific community about the role and impact of meal frequency on health and weight loss. Despite all this befuddlement, grazing is okay, as long it's not done mindlessly. You need to find a ...

Shape Magazine

Teasing obese kids doesn't help them lose weight. It can backfire.
Philadelphia Inquirer (blog)
Some people believe that stigma is helpful for motivating weight loss - that making it uncomfortable or undesirable to be overweight will somehow help people lose weight. But a body of research - and common sense - disputes this notion. Studies show ...

Philadelphia Inquirer (blog)

Rapid Weight Loss Diets | Health
Rapid Weight Loss Diets. Now a day our life style is such that it is not easy to loose weight instantly. So many weight loss programs are working. The person ...
Health-Care Price Rise Poses Challenge for US Overhaul
“It's a big problem for the Affordable Care Act.” The overhaul law may be contributing to higher costs, said Martin Gaynor, an economics professor at Carnegie Mellon University and chairman of the Washington-based Health Care Cost Institute. The act ...

Health insurance costs grew slowly for two years. Now, they're speeding up.
Washington Post (blog)
The culprit, a new study suggests, is not Americans seeking more treatment but rather rapid growth in the price of medical care. Spending for private health insurance surged by 4.6 percent in 2011, according to a report from the Health Care Cost Institute.

Health Care Is Poised For Disruption And Data Scientists Can Be Part Of It
Health care appears immune to disruption. It's a space where the stakes are high, the incumbents are entrenched, and lessons from other industries don't always apply. Yet, in a recent conversation between Tim O'Reilly and Roger Magoulas it became ...

Health Care Price Increases Put An End To Spending Slowdown
Slate Magazine (blog)
Delving into the details of the report makes me yearn once again for people to drop the vague and imprecise language around health care costs. That's because what's particulalry disturbing here isn't the increase in aggregate expenditure, it's what ...

Letters | Health care, the presidential race, pets
Kansas City Star
He conveniently omitted the more important proposal to amend the Kansas Constitution, the KansasHealth Care Freedom Amendment, which would have allowed a vote on this measure. The amendment was held up for three years in the Senate Judiciary Committee ...

How Private Health Saved One Journalist's Life
Diets In Review (blog)
She reported that Private Health is among a growing group of premium health care providers that's rising up out of the medical care ashes to provide superior care. In her opinion, this is good news as President Obama's Affordable Care Act may not fix ...

Health care, defense may be casualties of fiscal cliff
Deseret News
In this image released by the U.S. Department of Defense and taken Monday, Aug. 20, 2012, Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, prepares to board a CH-47 at Kabul International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan. The Defense ...

Deseret News

Health Insurance Costs Rise, Driven By Higher Hospital, Doctor Prices
Kaiser Health News
Spending for private health insurance surged by 4.6 percent in 2011, according to a report from theHealth Care Cost Institute. That growth rate is faster than the rest of the economy and higher than the previous year, which had 3.8 percent growth ...

Health care proxy, living will, and power of attorney: Complete them now
The purpose of this document is to appoint someone to step in and make health care decisions for you. It usually goes into effect if you become too sick or cognitively unable to make proper health care decisions for yourself. The health care proxy ...

Best Health Care Brands Are Nonprofit: Survey
By The Huffington Post News Editors
The best private health care plans in the United States are run by nonprofit organizations, according to the latest survey published in the November issue of Consumer Reports.
The Huffington Post | Full News Feed

Consumer Reports: Selecting Health Care Coverage « CBS Pittsburgh
By angelakdka
This is the time of year when many organizations ask employees to pick their health insurance for 2013. But it's not easy to compare health plans -- although Consumer Reports says a new requirement of Obamacare may help.
CBS Pittsburgh

VIDEO: SelectCare Opposes Pangelinan's Health Insurance Choice ...
By Clynt Ridgell
Guam - Calvo's SelectCare was the only health insurance provider to testify in opposition to a bill that would allow GovGuam employees to pick their health insurance provider from a list of qualified companies. Bill 513 which is sponsored by ...
From Broadcast To Broadband -...

Thanks, Obama! Health Insurance Premiums Are Up $3,000! | The ...
By Lonely Conservative
Hey, does anyone remember how many times President Obama promised that under his plan health insurance premiums would go down by about $2500 per family...
The Lonely Conservative

The Health Care Reform Reference Post - Forbes
Health care and the Affordable Care Act are very complicated subjects with many moving parts. My goal is to bring ... Preventive care. Is There Good Health In Health Care Reform? ... Should states really regulate health insurance? - states set ...

Health care law's impact on businesses varies –
Companies specializing in driving down health care spending are big winners from the ... Cignahealth insurance began moving toward accountable-care ... which are included in the Affordable Care Act. Private businesses have been working ...

Health Insurance Coverage of Young Adults Aged ... - Census Bureau
 . . . targets only private health insurance plans, one. 1 National Center for ... 3 Cohen, Robin A. and Micheal E. Martinez, Health Insurance. Coverage: Early ...

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