Monday, September 3, 2012

Sexual body language: how to spot that a man is attracted to you (video)

Jo Hemmings, a behavioural psychologist and dating coach, explains what men do when they are attracted to the opposite sex.

A Weight-Loss Strategy From an Unlikely Pair
New York Times
At the time, Mr. Berkowitz was the heaviest he'd ever been, 219 pounds, and asked Mr. Kates for advice on how to lose weight. Mr. Kates told him to eat all his favorite foods — ribs, hamburgers, pizza — but to eat less of them. Mr. Berkowitz didn't ...

New York Times

How to Lose Weight and Still Hang With Your Skinny Friends
Weight Loss · healthy eating tips. You've made the commitment to lose weight, but every time you see your nondieting friends, it's easy to succumb to peer pressure and stray from your healthy path. Here are some ways you can lose weight and still hang ...

Josh Delaney Takes on Milwaukee Weight Loss Challenge with North Shore ...
Since there are so many gyms and weight loss programs out there, Josh decided to make something so easy to try and get started with he is offering to coach anyone who qualifies to losetheir first 5 pounds absolutely free. No strings attached. Once you ...

Lose Weight the Daniel Craig Way
For Daniel's diet, he ate food low in carbohydrates and high in protein throughout the week. He had an absolutely “no ... If you're still on the lookout for celebrity weight loss tips to follow, look no further and follow Craig Daniel's routine. With ...

Man loses 100 pounds, hopes to inspire others
Mansfield News Journal
23, Johnson said he's down to 179 pounds, losing a total of 80 pounds since January. He's gone for a size 42 in pants down to a 34. Johnson explained to me that he didn't exercise much. He credits his weight loss to sensible eating and complete ...

Diet, exercise key to preserving quality of life
Jacksonville Daily News
So logically we should do what we can to preserve that quality by living healthier and avoiding bad stuff and habits. Duh. Losing weight through diet and exercise is arguably the most effective prescription for both quality and quantity. That's barely ...

Quick Ideas for Cutting Calories
Article. article[new_asset_attachment_attributes][user_id]. new_asset_attachment_attributes. In a past article about weight loss, I shared some details about my $1,200 weight loss program I used to lose some baby weight left over from my second baby ...

Bizzy Bone shares weight loss and exercise tips: Stop drinking, keep moving
Another smart move for people who want to lose weight? Stop drinking, advises the singer and author of the new autobiography "Inside a Bizzy Mind." In a Sept. 1, 2012 report, People quoted the newly fit celeb: "I was drinking more than I should, so I ...

Ex-Obama advisers seek health care cost control
The Associated Press
By RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR, Associated Press – 1 minute ago. WASHINGTON (AP) — Some of President Barack Obama's former advisers are proposing major changes aimed at controlling health care costs as political uncertainty hovers over his ...

Financial Health: College health plans
Greenville Daily Reflector
When I attended college, my mother signed me up for the university-provided health plan as a matter of course. The policies were reasonably priced, and although not intended to be a student's sole means of health insurance, the allowances provided ...

Immigrants protest loss of free health care in Spain
Fox News
Hundreds of people protested in downtown Madrid Saturday against a measure that will leave undocumented immigrants without access to free health care, saying the decision by Spain's governing Popular Party amounts to "health apartheid." ...

Health officials warn Neb. fairgoers of swine flu
San Francisco Chronicle
The Central District Health Department in Grand Island tacked up the signs as the new flu strain, known as H3N2v, has infected 289 people in the U.S., the Grand Island Independent reported ( for its Saturday editions. None of those ...

Lifestyle Matters, Even in the Elderly
MedPage Today
Nor were changes in lifestyle over time considered. Finally, "whether extra years of life gained through increased longevity are spent in good or bad health is a crucial question, which we did not address in this study," the researchers noted. "Our ...

MedPage Today

Health Sense: Prostate test still controversial
Wisconsin State Journal
Jim Novak of rural Barneveld said prostate cancer screening saved his life. The blood test for prostate specific antigen also helped John Otterson of Cottage Grove overcome prostate cancer, Otterson said. Both men were upset by my inaugural Health ...

Dictators spurn their nations' health care
San Francisco Chronicle
Eleven years ago, 53 African nations signed a pledge to spend at least 15 percent of their national budgets on health care. Almost no nation has lived up to that. Right now, Ethiopia dedicates 3.6 percent of its budget to health. So no one was ...

San Francisco Chronicle

Getting India's health care system out of the ICU
The Hindu
Far too many households fall below the poverty line trying to cope with the high cost of health care. Even for middle class families, the rising cost of staying healthy can put a serious strain on the budget. The health care system is seriously broken ...

The Hindu

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