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Acai diet pill promoters settle over alleged fake news stories

Acai diet pill promoters settle over alleged fake news stories
Los Angeles Times
By Matt Stevens Online promoters of swift weight loss from acai berry diet pills have agreed to a multimillion dollar settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. The agency had charged that the six promoters used fake news stories to dupe customers...

Los Angeles Times

Cardiologist Recommends Innovative Diet for Heart Healthy Living in New Book
MarketWatch (press release)
"The solution to weight loss and heart health does not depend on diet alone, but I believe it starts there." This healthy eating book spans 250 pages and outlines what should and should not be eaten in order to lose weight, reduce cholesterol and ... 

Teenager in health scare after 15-year chicken nugget diet
Fox News
But despite medics begging her to change her diet she still cannot get enough of chicken nuggets. Irvine, of Birmingham in central England, said, "I am starting to realize this is really bad for me." "McDonald's chicken nuggets are my favorite.

Pre-surgery diet linked to survival odds, study finds
Fox News
Mice that ate a tryptophan-free diet for a week or two prior to a surgical procedure, or that were treated with a drug that blocked tryptophan's effects in the body, had less damage to their kidneys and higher odds of survival than those that ate a ...

Wodraska: Diets and the low-calorie myth
Salt Lake Tribune
Researchers at the Genesis Prevention Center at University Hospital in South Manchester, England, found that restricting carbohydrates for two days a week is a better approach than the typical calorie-restricting diet most people use for weight loss ...
Fear dementia? Your diet, weight more important than genes, experts say
Bangor Daily News
However, a growing body of research indicates that our lifestyles — particularly what we eat and whether we're obese — play a greater role than our genes in determining our brain health as we age. “For years, scientists thought that Alzheimer's was ...

How Condiments Can Make Or Break A Healthy Diet
Huffington Post
A large salad of crisp greens with fresh tomatoes and bell peppers sounds healthy, doesn't it? Or what about a chilled platter of crudités for an afternoon snack -- fresh cucumber wedges, crunchy carrots and crisp jicama slices?

Diet plays important role in LSU athletes' health, well-being
LSU The Reveille
The correlation between a well-balanced diet and on-field performance is obvious, according to a CNBC report. But only 28 Division I Football Bowl Subdivision college football programs have registered dietitians on staff. Two of those programs, ...

Healthy Fried Food?
Men's Fitness
If you eat fried foods and often feel guilty about the health risks you're subjecting your body to in the future, you may be in luck. A recently published study in the British Medical Journal has revealed that there is no conclusive link between eating ...

Good carb, bad carb
Chicago Tribune
All-or-nothing diets are missing the mark. The body needs carbohydrates, and choosing the best forms they come in can benefit your long-term health. Confused about which carbohydrates you should be eating? "It's the biggest lack-of-consensus issue in ...

Chicago Tribune

Trying to slim down? Here are the 25 best overall diets
The Province
US News enlisted health experts to determine the top 25 diets, rating them on ease of use, safety, nutrition, and effectiveness for weight loss and against diabetes and heart disease. You've likely read about Bill Clinton losing a ton of weight on the ...

Dietary restriction before surgery may reduce complications
It is well known by scientists that dietary restriction, or reduced food intake without malnutrition, increases life span, health span, and acute stress resistance in organisms from simple yeasts to nonhuman primates. It is also known that dietary ...


Dr. Oz has weight-loss advice for Mayor Rob Ford: think 30-30
Toronto Star
Chef turned food critic Corey Mintz shares how he coped with a changing metabolism and foie grasdiet. His advice to the mayor? Not every day is Christmas Before Mayor Rob Ford steps on the scale Monday for his weekly weigh-in, he may want to heed ...

Beyonce's Post Pregnancy Plan to Lose Baby Weight Includes Exercise and Diet
International Business Times
The high profile couple's baby was born healthy at seven pounds in Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. While the couple seems to have happily embraced the new addition to their family, many are excited to see Beyonce return to the stage.

International Business Times

How to get all the nutrients needed for a healthy life
Vancouver Sun
But there are some elements critical to our health that can't be synthesized by our bodies and aren't easily added to our diets. Omega 3 fatty acids, for example, are essential for heart health and are valuable anti-inflammatory agents.

Stacey Irvine Chicken Nugget Diet: Teen Eats Nuggets For 15 Years; Rushed To ...
Huffington Post Canada
Single-item food diets like this one can occur when people are addicted to their food habits, want tolose weight, or even test out a theory. As an experiment in 2010, Mark Haub, a professor of human nutrition at Kansas State University, ...

OK! and Star Magazines Name Tosca Reno's "Just The Rules" as Hot New Book
Sacramento Bee
30th issue, OK! praised Just the Rules as the "clear-cut guide to achieving a healthy lifestyle," also citing the book as motivation to jump-start weight-loss resolutions and as inspiration to start an exercise plan. STAR Magazine has also named ...

Integrity Health targets 30-something women with Canadian diet aid
Drug Store News
ATLANTA — Integrity Health Products is bringing a line of diet aids from Canada, specifically targeting women between the ages of 30 and 50 years, to the US market. "Most [diet aids] appeal to a younger woman, one who still buys into the 'magic pill' ...

7-Eleven Dietitian Gives Advice on Healthy Resolution-Keeping
MarketWatch (press release)
Health clubs, diet-book publishers and weight-loss centers depend on good intentions and short memories for a large portion of their revenues every year. After all it's their bread and butter ... or at least their whole-grain bread and low-fat spread.

Feel the Burn: Exercise Burns More Fat Than Cutting Calories, SLU Study Finds
Saint Louis University
Exercise is more effective than diet in reducing fat between muscles and in the abdomen between organs (visceral fat), according to Saint Louis University research published in the Journal of Applied Physiology. According to researcher Edward Weiss,...

Saint Louis University

The Anchor: Five Super Easy Tips to a Healthier Diet
Eating a healthy breakfast is jump starts your metabolism and gets the brain going. Eating ahealthy breakfast doesn't need to be time consuming. Cereal with low-fat milk or yogurt with some fruit is a good option. For something even quicker, ...

Kids' health predicts parents' future heart disease, study finds
Fox News
One reason that's important, he told Reuters Health, is that many parents may not get check-ups themselves, but will regularly take their kids to the doctor. However, not everyone agrees that children should have numerous screening tests.

Dieting - What's Natural?
The word "Diet" has become so perverted to the degree that people will take up these nonsensical regimes for the sake of losing a few extra pounds, but without realising the negative effects that this "diet" can have on their own health, ...

Low meat intake linked to iron deficiency
Times of India
The study makes a valid point regarding nutrient deficiency resulting from sudden and incompletedietary changes. But let's take a deeper look at how this study can be misinterpreted and how it is relevant to an Indian diet.

6 Foods to Help You Lose Weight
Use our list of the 6 healthy foods and include them into your daily diet to help you lose weight and load your body with vitamins and minerals! Stop depriving yourself from filling meals and get used to the consumption of ingredients rich in vitamins ...

The Write Diet: Lose Weight With Just 15 Minutes and a Journal ...
The Write Diet: Lose Weight With Just 15 Minutes and a Journal ... The researchers think the weight loss was due to increased self-affirmation or self-esteem. Writing about their values made the women see themselves as better people and ...
Association for Psychological Science

A Diet Community offers Latest Diet Reviews and Weight Loss ...
By admin
You are here: Home // Health // A Diet Community offers Latest Diet Reviews and Weight LossPrograms for Achieving Fitness Goals ... Spring House, PA ( Kazor ) January 23, 2012 – A DietCommunity offers detailed information about diet plans in the form of informative articles and useful tools to aid people in their quest for a healthy lifestyle. This online community is designed to help members with information related to health, diet and fitness, as well as a forum for support and ... World Community News
Diet Plans In the Course of Pregnancy | AHIP's Health Care Plans
By Christine Gollies
News Feed Comments. Advertisement. Health Care Plans That Improve Your Life ... Pre natal dietplans usually do not recommend comprehensive non-carbohydrate diet regime because it may perhaps result| in manufacture of ketones in the blood vessels. Without carbohydrates, that may regarding conceiving a girl. Tags: diet, family, fitness, food and drink, health, home, marriage, other, parenting, Physical Fitness, pregnancy, relationships, self help, women, womens issues ...
AHIP's Health Care Plans

Diet Healthy | Henry The Health Hound
in a safe, healthy manner. Those who choose to lose weight this way usually succeed in much greater percentages than those who follow fad diets or take diet ...

Healthy Heart Diet Guide
Tips and Secrets about Healthy Heart Diet Guide. All FREE!! Don't look any further. Healthy HeartDiet Guide secrets FREE here.

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