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Plant compounds tied to fewer heart deaths

Plant compounds tied to fewer heart deaths
Baltimore Sun
"This provides further support for getting more of those foods in your diet," she said. The findings, reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, are based on more than 98000 men and women who filled out questionnaires on diet, lifestyle ...

Diet and weight loss more likely with a good night's sleep
Acute lack of sleep – even for one night – could thwart efforts to lose weight, shown in the new study, and suggested in past studies. Combined research shows diet and exercise may not be enough when it comes to tackling obesity. ...


Home Cooking Sabotages Diets, Says Bogus Study Sponsored By Weight Watchers
But eating microwaved dinners for the rest of your life just isn'ta sustainable approach to weight loss, or eating in general. Once you learn proper portion sizing and how to cook healthy meals, making your own dinners is a far better way to eat. ...


Wodraska: Pros and cons of a cleansing diet
Salt Lake Tribune
With any cleanse, remember that it should be done with a purpose. Focus on cleaner living with a better diet and you're bound to feel better. Lya Wodraska is a certified CHEK Practitioner and Holistic Lifestyle Coach. E-mail her at

Weight-loss Challenge: Try low-cal cocktails that won't blow your diet
For slimming recipes, menus and health tips, visit and follow Joy on Facebook and Twitter. What do you think of today's Challenge tip? Still sticking to your New Year's Resolution? Share with us on TODAY Health's Facebook page. ...

Mariah Carey - Cannon Forced To Adopt Healthy Diet After Hospitalisation
Mariah Carey's husband Nick Cannon has been forced to ditch his favourite sugary cereals and adopt a healthy diet after his recent hospitalisation for kidney failure. The America's Got Talent host fell ill during a family vacation in Aspen, ...

Nutrients from dairy foods difficult to replace in diets
Dentistry IQ
(6) Bottom line, eat healthy no matter which diet you choose. Resources abound for all age groups and lifestyles. As health care professionals, we are sometimes in a position to guide patients. Information for Health Care Professionals is available. ...

Fresenius Medical Care Salutes Patients Who Prioritize Fitness and Health
MarketWatch (press release)
Through its Healthy Lifestyle initiative, FMCNA is also promoting healthy diets and good nutrition, which are important considerations for all dialysis patients. To support the healthy nutrition program, FMCNA has partnered with Food Network star Chef ...

Overhaul your health
Sydney Morning Herald
If there's more packaged food than fresh in the kitchen, it's probably time for a dietary shakeup. Going too far in your health or weight-loss pursuits is just as worrying. "Lose weight to improve your lifestyle, but not at the sacrifice of your ...

Sydney Morning Herald

Losing weight the 'healthy weigh'
Windsor Star
Armed with information, two public health dietitians aim to help people lose weight without quick-fix, diet gimmicks. They're taking two classes in Windsor and Essex through a 10-week program by the Windsor-Essex County Public Health Unit that explores ...

Your Dieting Days Are Numbered: Start Living Your Way to a Healthy Weight
Huffington Post
Even more misleading, as I addressed in my latest film, America the Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandments, is that the diet industry suggests that weight loss, not a healthier lifestyle, is the key to living a happy and fulfilling life. ...

The Hindu THIRSTING for good health? Photo: Special Arrangement
The Hindu
We're discussing detox diets over tiramisu. As we dig our spoons into the creamy coffee-laced dessert, a friend tells us about her Maple Syrup diet. One week of maple syrup, pepper and water, weight loss guaranteed. There are appreciative oohs and aahs ...

The Hindu

Sponsored feature: Vital foods to help your eyesight
Irish Independent
Did you know that there are dozens of everyday foods that can help your eye health? The benefits of good nutrition are well known for general health, but experts suggest that eyesight can be helped by adding a range of certain foods to your diet. ...

Woman addresses challenges with 101 goals each year
St. George Daily Spectrum
Through a change of lifestyle and turning to the vegan diet "cold non-turkey" on May 7, 2007, Mathison said she overcame her health problems and feels good about herself. It didn't stop there. She wanted to help others throughout the world possibly not ...

Kendra Wilkinson's Diet Is Totally Nuts (For Real)
The Stir
It may be a semi-healthy way to lose some weight yet stay energized, but at some point, vegetables need to come back into the picture. After all, you are what you eat ... do you really want to be nuts? What do you think of Kendra's diet? ...

Barker's diet gives Worrall food for thought
Bury Times
By NickJackson » BURY winger David Worrall has revealed how Richie Barker's special diet is helping return to full fitness. After making an impressive start to the season, Worrall has been a fringe player while battling glandular fever and injury, ...

Black History Month: Oldways Says Claim Your Health by Claiming Your History
PR Web (press release)
The African Heritage Diet Pyramid can provide a roadmap for enjoying healthy, affordable, delicious foods that meet the guidelines promoted today by healthprofessionals everywhere. Health experts and scientists believe that heritage is a strong ...

PR Web (press release)

Are cleanses safe?
But are these programs safe, and should they be subject to the same regulations as other food anddietary products? Some nutritionists believe cleanses can actually be harmful. "Juice cleanses are aweight-loss fad marketed as a health-promoting ...

Weight Loss Doesn't Have to Be a Losing Battle
Huffington Post (blog)
And now, think very seriously and specifically about what sorts of habits and lifestyle someone who spends their life in that kind of body would have. For example, to be a person who maintains ahealthy body weight throughout life, you'd probably: ...

Health and Wellness: All Fats, Carbohydrates are Not Created Equal
Blanco County News
Whole grains are an important part of any healthy diet. Products containing bleached and enriched flour act like simple sugars in the body in that they cause blood glucose levels to rise quickly, triggering production of insulin. ...

Pediatricians recommend balanced diet over multivitamins
Your Houston News
If you believe the commercials and magazine advertisements, children need to take a fruit-flavored multivitamin in the shape of their favorite cartoon character every day to be deemed truly healthy. Medical professionals, however, suggest getting ...
Experts urge greater fiber consumption
Private MD
Individuals who have received unhealthy cholesterol test results may benefit from getting more fiber in their diet, as a team of experts is warning that far too many fail to consume adequate amounts of this heart-healthy nutrient. ...

Private MD

Best diets for your brain and heart
The Province
The authors of the BMJ study, and of other studies before it, note that positive lifestyle habits – the same ones that promote heart health - may lower the risk for developing dementia. "What's good for the heart is good for the brain," says Samantha ...

Making healthy choices easy for shoppers
Medical Xpress
The app will demystify nutritional labels and front of pack health claims, and give shoppers a true report of a product's fat, sugar and salt levels. "Choosing a healthier diet has to be made easier, because good eating habits are one of the best and ... Samples The Mediterranean Diet
PR Web (press release)
News of what the team have been doing has spread to a number of sites that are in the same healthand fitness sector. There are now comments appearing on those sites that are praising what the team are doing that are trying out the Mediterranean diet. ...

Lose weight before surgery patients told
Dr Nicolas Small, Chairman of Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group added: “GPs and practice nurses can provide information on what support is available to help patients to lose weight before surgery and to continue with their weight loss ...

A Mediterranean-Style Diet 'Halves The Risk Of Parkinson's Disease'
Huffington Post UK
It's not the first time scientists have pointed to a rich fruit and vegetable diet as a way of boosting ourhealth. Recently researchers discovered that fruit and vegetable juices help keep skin cells healthyand complexions radiant while other studies ...

Emily Maynard Is a Health-Food Freak
Diets In Review (blog)
Although it doesn't have any calories, one of Maynard's unhealthy habits is an obsession with DietCoke. “I drink way too many but can't get through the day without it!” When it comes to fitness, Maynard loves exciting, outdoors activities. ...

American Cancer Society: New Year opportunities to help fight cancer
Red Bluff Daily News
Evidence suggests that by taking preventive measures that will help you stay well such as regular health screening, regular active exercise, a healthy nutritious diet, and quiting smoking, you can reduce your risk of cancer by nearly half. ...

A before-and-after fitness transformation
Calgary Herald
When Colin started Bootcamp, he became 110 per cent dedicated to his health and fitness goals. When he started to get back into the social scene, jaws dropped at his 70-pound weight loss. Some clients didn't even recognize him! "I feel like the old me, ...

how can i lose weight | Diet Information| Tips and Free Resources
By Mike Watson
Windsor Star By Ted Whipp, The Windsor Star January 19, 2012 9:41 AM Dietitians Riddhi Shukla, left, and Heather Nadon conduct a 10-week weight loss class Losing Weight the Healthy 'Weigh', Wednesday January 18, 2012. ... Now, an article in Economist magazine reports that in these tough economic times, companies are using both soft and strong arm approaches to improve the health of employees. .... But what exactly is eating better? writes fitness blogger Jamie Johnston.
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