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Calcium Supplements May Be Bad for Your Heart

Calcium Supplements May Be Bad for Your Heart: Study
U.S. News & World Report
"While a moderately high intake of calcium from diet may go along with a lower risk of heart attack, this is not true for supplementary calcium intake," said lead researcher Sabine Rohrmann, from the division of cancer epidemiology and prevention at ...

Conceiving a healthy child starts with diet
(Source: NBC/WVIT) (NBC/WVIT) – The dream of having a healthy baby starts long before the infant is brought home. Rebecca Brandt knows that. She and her husband have been trying to conceive for four months. "I'm approachingMore >> FORT MYERS, ...

Calcium pills double risk of heart attacks, scientists say
Fox News
"We should return to seeing calcium as an important component of a balanced diet, and not as a low cost panacea to the universal problem of postmenopausal bone loss," the researchers concluded. The participants in the Swiss study had taken part in the ...

Calcium supplements may raise heart attack risk
Participants answered questions about their use of supplements and their diet during an 11-year study of their health. The study did not look at what caused the heart attacks, but the authors write: "Supplements cause calcium levels to soar above the ...


The Mediterranean Diet: An Effective Weight Management Tool
International Business Times (press release)
Brisbane, Australia ( - May 24, 2012) Prasouda Diet, a newly established blog focusing on diet issues, has today released a new blog post titled: “Will The Mediterranean Diet Work For Me”, a topic that came out of a series of questions put to ...

Americans Find Doing Their Own Taxes Simpler Than Improving Diet and Health
Science Daily (press release)
Yet, only 20 percent say their diet is very healthful and 23 percent describe their diet as extremely or very unhealthful; less than 20 percent meet the national Physical Activity Guidelines. "This year's Survey was designed to reveal consumer behavior ...

Consumer Diet Confusion Continues
Farm Futures
Americans want to eat right, but in a new survey more than half say figuring out ahealthy diet is harder than figuring out their income taxes. That's the word from the International Food Information Council Foundation's 2012 Food & Health Survey.

Farm Futures

A healthy diet can include 'sensible indulgences'
Since I was allergic to just about everything, my mother was forced to become a student of sound nutrition in order to get and keep me healthy. Food and supplements became the "drug" of choice around our house and I was the "experiment.

Recipe for a slimmer waistline: One part balanced diet, one part exercise
Los Angeles Daily News
By LeeAnn Weintraub The key to leading a healthy lifestyle is simple: eat a balanced diet and exercise. But as a registered dietitian, I understand that marrying these two things is more of an aspiration than a reality. Unfortunately, of the two, ...

Married men's dirty little secret – it's healthy food at home and junk when out
Irish Independent
By James Hall MARRIED men eat healthy food at home in order to keep the peace with their wives but gorge on junk food when they go out, according to a new study. Researchers at the University of Michigan in the United States find that wives make their ...

Irish Independent

CRN Reacts To New Study On Calcium And Heart Health
Sacramento Bee
Statement by Taylor C. Wallace, Ph.D., Senior Director, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, CRN: "Calcium is an important mineral with proven benefits for bone health and a long history of safe use backed by an extensive body of observational and clinical ...

Ask a doctor: When can I begin weight loss just using diet and exercise ...
Chattanooga Times Free Press
When can I begin weight loss just using diet and exercise without the HCG? I usually like to have a kickstart to weight loss and then maintain the weight loss by dieting and exercise. Is this possible? A: It isn't just possible, it is a good idea.

Calcium pills 'double heart attack risk'
The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) also recommends them for women who need treatment for osteoporosis, unless they already get enough calcium from their diet. Calcium is essential for healthy bones and adults need about ...

Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday – Ryan Gosling's Fighting Spirit!
Access Hollywood
Now, as part of Access Hollywood Live's Beach Bodies Week, Men's Health magazine editor Clint Carter demonstrates the workout Ryan used to get that look — Muay Thai. Women's Health fitness expert Jen Widerstorm visits Access Hollywood Live for a ...

Access Hollywood

Epilepsy: 'Miracle Diet' Prevents Seizures; Scientists May Know Why
ABC News (blog)
While neurologists have known that a high-fat and very low-carb diet, known as a ketogenic diet, reduces seizures in epileptic patients who are resistant to medical therapy, the “why” to it all has always been a mystery. But today, some scientists say ...

Calcium supplements may raise heart risk
Appleton Post Crescent
Calcium supplements have been linked to kidney stones and bloating in other studies, according to the National Institutes of Health. “Calcium supplements have been widely embraced by doctors and the public, on the grounds that they are a natural and ...

Calcium pills 'can raise heart attack risk'
Independent Online
But a study of 24000 people aged between 35 and 64, whose health was tracked for 11 years, found that those who took the supplements had an 86 percent higher risk of a heart attack. Most combined calcium with other supplements, but among those who took ...

Independent Online

More Evidence Links Calcium Supplements to Heart Attacks
By Amanda Gardner WEDNESDAY, May 23, 2012 ( — Calcium supplements, widely taken by older people to prevent bone fractures, may be doing more harm than good, a large new study suggests. Researchers tracked nearly 25000 European adults for 11 ...

Married men only eat healthily at home to 'keep the peace'
Scientists found couples talking about new, healthy menu changes together is key to married men adopting a healthier diet. Researchers conducted focus groups with 83 African-American men, finding the majority of their wives do not consult them when ...

Fad diets are just quackery
Independent Online
It shouldn't be a secret, since there is a huge amount of scientific evidence that people who diet today gain weight tomorrow. Yet thousands of people still diet to lose weight. They should google “dieting doesn't work” and read the plethora of ...

Independent Online

High-fat diet triggers diabetes, metabolic syndrome
Zee News
Washington: Scientists have found new clues about the health-damaging molecular changes set in motion by eating high-fat foods. A better understanding of the body's response to indulgent eating could lead to new approaches for treating diabetes and ...

Zee News

Healthy diet one secret to aging gracefully
Daily Local News
I would also add strong family ties, regular physical activity and a generally healthy diet to the list. What's considered a generally healthy diet?Most studies on disease prevention will advocate a plant-based, Mediterranean-type diet, ...

Body building, diet supplements linked to liver damage
KFMB News 8
Body-building and weight-loss products are the types of dietary supplements most likely to cause liver injury, according to a small new study. Body-building and weight-loss products are the types of dietary supplements most likely to cause liver injury ...

Calcium supplements increase risk of heart attacks, study finds
Los Angeles Times
The body of evidence now seems to suggest that calcium consumed as part of a normal diet can, indeed, increase bone density and perhaps help lower blood pressure, but that supplements may be too risky for most people to take.

Study: Increased Calcium Intake Not Cardioprotective
Natural Products INSIDER
The study findings contrast with other previous trials looking at calcium supplement safety andhealth effects. Taylor C. Wallace, Ph.D., senior director of scientific and regulatory affairs, Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), noted calcium ...

Pregnant Women's Diet Could Be Good for Babies
Counsel & Heal
Pregnant women are always told that pregnancy is not the time to diet and in fact are encouraged to eat as much as they feel like so that the moms-to-be do not deprive their developing babies of much needed nutrients. However, a recent study published ...

Counsel & Heal

Health events May 24-30
Dr. Barnard's 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart, 6:30-8 pm, Whole Foods Market, 5805 Deerfield Blvd., Mason. Support in health-seeking journey with guest speakers, recipe ideas, healthy food and inspiration from others on same journey.

Study Links Calcium Pills To Heart Attacks
A diet high in naturally occurring calcium, from dairy products like cheese for example, may actually cut heart attack risks, a study shows. ( (CBS News) -- People taking calcium supplements may be increasing their chances of a heart ...


Calcium supplements 'double risk of heart attack', study finds
The Guardian
Researchers checked participants' health for 11 years afterwards, during which time 354 of them had a heart attack and 260 a stroke and there were 267 associated deaths. They also tracked how much calcium they consumed from any source.

The Guardian

Debunking the Myths About Alkaline Water : AlkaViva
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
While this is just a small fraction of the common claims that are out there, on the topic of healthyalkaline water, the following is experts opinion, with facts and research. It's better for the body to be slightly alkaline. Both alternative health ...

Healthy Diet May Protect Against LUTS
Renal and Urology News
Investigators assessed diet quality in 1385 men aged 40 and older using the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Health Eating Index (HEI), which grades diets by their conformance to USDA recommendations. Diets are scored from 0-100; higher scores mean ...

Diet and Fitness Secrets of Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Hudson, and Other ...
Diets In Review (blog)
We're always attuned to what's going on in the celebrity realm, especially when it's relating to dietand fitness. It's kind of our thing, after all. In a recent interview with health contributors Joy Bauer and Jill Martin, The Today Show gave the ...

Gummy calcium chews may raise heart attack risk
But the new study suggests supplements, many of which are sold as tasty gummy candies and chocolates, are no replacement for healthy foods. "Calcium supplements have been widely embraced by doctors and the public on the grounds that they are a natural ...


Ask Dr. K: Healthy snacks not a bad way to ease hunger
Greenville Daily Reflector
Dear Doctor K: I never thought snacking could be part of a healthy diet. Am I wrong? Can you give me suggestions for healthy snacking? Dear Reader: Snacking is not automatically unhealthy. In fact, it can be very healthy — but you have to choose the ...

Ask the Diet Doctor: How to Erase a Sugar Binge - Shape Magazine
By alerner
Other times we schedule planned cheat meals to reward our laser like fitness focus. My point is that getting off ... I don't recommend the use of these products in the context of a normal diet and especially not in a situation when you would be consuming large amounts of the food that is supposed to be blocked. When the ... Your health and body fat is determined by your long-term habits. So if you eat a lot of ... Ask the Diet Doctor: Eat Carbs and Still Lose Weight? Eat Carbs and Still ...
Shape Magazine - Diet, Fitness,...

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