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Fat Cat 'Meow' Dies: Brought Awareness to Animal Obesity

39-pound fat cat 'Meow' dies
New York Daily News
An obese New Mexico cat who won America over last month with his quest to lose weight died Saturday from pulmonary failure. "I am devastated to share with you that the respiratory distress that Meow was experiencing last week ... took his life at 4:30 ...

New York Daily News

39-Pound NM Cat Dies From Health Complications
The shelter put Meow on a diet and posted all his weigh-ins on a Facebook page that got national attention. Meow had lost 2 pounds and was doing well when he began having breathing problems Wednesday, shelter Director Mary Martin said Monday.

Meow, 39 Pound Cat Dies: Brought Awareness to Animal Obesity
Christian Post
According to reports, Meow was the largest cat in the United States, and the Humane Society was trying to help him lose weight; unfortunately, he passed away before he could be healthy again. "We are devastated," Mary Martin, executive director of the ...

Christian Post

Famous Fat Cat 'Meow' Dies In New Mexico
Huffington Post
Shelter workers put the tabby on a diet to combat his health problems, but after experiencing breathing problems on May 2, Meow passed away on Saturday, May 5. SANTA FE, NM — A cat that got national attention for tipping the scales at 39 pounds has ...

How Much Have You Spent on Diets?
ABC News (blog)
This week, “20/20″ will take a revealing look at the weight loss industry, including books, diet plans and diet programs that can charge hundreds of dollars a month or more. We wanted to hear from you: Have you spent money on diets? How much?

ABC News (blog)

How to lose weight and keep it off for good
TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer takes on viewers' diet questions, including how to avoid gaining back weight you've lost and whether it's possible to develop lactose intolerance later in life. >>> it's time now for "joy's diet sos" answers to your diet ...

FOX 5 Investigates: Weighing diet and fitness apps
MyFox Washington DC
When they want to lose weight, it helps them count calories, it helps them self monitor, that is keep track," Tallmadge said. A Pew internet survey found 29 percent of adults download apps to track their health. It is a market with growth potential, ...

Lots of TV May Harm Kids' Diet
U.S. News & World Report
Seeking to better understand how TV watching affects diet, the researchers examined data from a 2009-2010 survey of more than 12600 US youngsters in grades 5-10, average age 13. The findings appear in the May issue of the Archives of Pediatrics ...

FDA revisits safety of Arena Pharma's diet pill
The Associated Press
WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal health regulators are asking tough questions about the risk of tumors and heart problems with an experimental diet pill from Arena Pharmaceuticals, which was previously rejected for similar safety concerns.

Health at Every Size
New York Times
Sunday was International No Diet Day, a health and social justice event celebrated since 1992. According to Alice Randall, not dieting is a bad idea. According to a 2008 study in the American Journal of Public Health, wanting to lose weight more ...

No joke: Lutui goes vegan for health of it
ESPN (blog)
By Mike Sando | Deuce Lutui, the team's new guard with longstanding weight issues, has indeed embraced a vegan diet as part of a renewed effort to improve his health and performance. Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE Arizona Cardinals guard Deuce ...

ESPN (blog)

How Scarlett Johansson Got in Superhero Shape For The Avengers
An (almost) vegan diet: Scarlett arrived on set already following a healthy diet plan, one that Strom describes as "mostly vegan." He says Scarlett focused on eating several small meals each day. As was the case during Iron Man 2, there was a lot of ...

How Did This Woman Lose More Than 100 Pounds?
ABC News (blog)
This photo shows a patient's progressive weight loss on the "KE Diet," also known as the "Feeding Tube Diet." (Credit: Dr. Gianfranco Cappello) You may have already heard about the KE Diet, or “Feeding Tube Diet,” but chances are you've never seen...

ABC News (blog)

Cookie Diet for Mother's Day - Much Healthier then Chocolates or Candy but ...
PR Web (press release) is a great resource to find the perfect Cookie Diet Gift this Mother's Day. Healthy Cookies for Mother's Day are for Real! Many ladies who may still be feeling the weighty effects of the holidays are searching for easy ways to ...

PR Web (press release)

A New Diet Here, A New Diet There! Everywhere A Diet, Diet! OMG!!
by Jeanie Ward Is your head still spinning, and your mind whirling, reaching for the next fad diet, weight loss program, or latest book to reveal the elusive "secret" to successful, sustainable weight loss and a healthy, happy, meaningful life, ...

Top 10 diet foods that can make you fat
Business Review India
Unfortunately, even with the best intentions, you could be sabotaging your weight loss with the wrong foods. They might look and seem healthy, but that's not always the case. Check out the top 10 diet foods that could pile on the pounds.

Weight loss proves a fickle business
Diet aids are often more successful at shedding dollars than pounds - for manufacturers as well as consumers. The weight management industry, worth USD 11bn in retail sales according to Euromonitor, should by rights be a major beneficiary of the times.

US FDA staff focus on safety of Arena obesity pill
Baltimore Sun (blog)
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - US drug reviewers on Tuesday said Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc's obesity pill appeared to help people lose weight and was unlikely to cause tumors in humans, but questioned if the company had provided enough data to rule out heart ...

Taking the pulse: Finding a diet plan you can live with
In reality, there probably isn'ta magic key, but there are some good resources to help you sort out fact from fiction when it comes to finding a healthy diet that you can live with. And, of course, you should check with your own health care provider ...

Health food movement challenges modern diet
Diablo Valley College Inquirer
Information available on the Internet and nutrition books from dietitians and food experts help us make better decisions on what is healthy or unhealthy. The recent “pink slime” scandal and documentaries like Food, Inc., Supersize Me and Fast Food ...

May celebrates National Mediterranean Diet Month
May is the time to celebrate National Mediterranean Diet Month, based on thehealthy diets of Greece, Crete and Southern Italy. The tradition of celebrating the Mediterranean Diet was launched four years ago by Oldways, to honor the the foods, ...

Obesity Could Affect 42 Percent of Americans By 2030
Diets In Review (blog)
All of this added weight will also contribute to billions of dollars in additional health care costs. As we know, when weight goes up, so do the chances for weight related diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, certain types of cancer, ...

OMG! Bestselling diet breaks the rules
The Age
"The minute we carry extra chunk, we're adding to whole host of [health] problems, a list so long, it's too scary to look at ... people who look after themselves aren't vain, they're smart." Fulton is certainly no shrinking violet.

The Age

Atkins Survey Finds Americans Are Confused About Carbohydrates
MarketWatch (press release)
However, knowing the risks of consuming too many carbs is only one small part of a healthy diet. Practicing a balanced diet is even more important. Still, among those surveyed, carb confusion remains: Carb Confusion American carb-eaters are in the dark ...

Pathway Genomics Enhances Genetic Testing Service with Health Coaching Option
MarketWatch (press release)
The health coaching service provides a comprehensive approach to diet and lifestyle change by using patients' genetic testing results to help set measurable goals and objectives, monitor progress, and track changes in health.

Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program in SF
San Francisco Chronicle
The goal of the program is threefold: Screen for diabetes and hypertension; educate about symptoms and prevention - diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle; refer to local providers who offer free or low-cost health care. In rare cases, according to the ...

TV Time Linked With Unhealthy Diet In Kids And Teens: Study
Huffington Post
Researchers from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development found that the more TV a pre-teen or teenager watches, the more likely he or she is to skip daily breakfast, eat fast food, candy and sugar-sweetened ...

Does Maria Menounos Get Her Body From The Ice Cream Diet?
International Business Times
So how is it possible that she follows an ice cream diet? InTouch Weekly reported that Menounos told the weekly publication that every night after "Dancing with the Stars" she goes home, takes a bath and eats a Snickers ice cream bar.

International Business Times

What Are Some Good Ideas for a Liquid Food Diet? Health ...
By Emma Christensen
What Are Some Good Ideas for a Liquid Food Diet?Health Questions · 2012-05-08-LiquidFoodsGQ2.jpg Q: My boyfriend had surgery last night, and the doctor said that it's nothing but clear fluids for a week. I have a freezer full of chicken stock, ...
Main | The Kitchn Makes Healthy Living a Social Affair - Press ...
By Minerva Worldwide Inc. Makes Healthy Living a Social Affair. COCONUT GROVE, Fla., May 8, 2012 — Minerva Worldwide today announced the launch of its much anticipated Diet, Health and Beauty website After a 9-month ...
eReleases Press Release Headlines

Eat Your Flavonoids For Better Health - Diet & Nutrition Article by ...
By EmpowHER
There is evidence that a diet rich in flavonoids may reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease and eating berries (in general) may help women with cognitive decline. 5. Green tea has been shown in research to have anti-cancer properties. 6. - Site Activity Feed

The Body Type Diet: Weight Loss Solutions for ... - The Dr. Oz Show
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