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Nutrients That Sports Aficionados Miss in Their Diet

Nutrients That Sports Aficionados Miss in Their Diet
Fox News
Andrew Meade Every sport and fitness activity seems to have its “own” top food choices. Energy gels to boots endurance for runners, sports drinks to prevent electrolyte imbalance in a two-hour-plus tennis match or soy foods to keep up with the vegan ...

Diet Detective's Random Weight Loss Tips to Help You Get in Shape
More >> By Charles Stuart Platkin I don't go to a lot of parties, but when I do, I find that because I'm in the "diet" business and a professor of public health, I get asked all kinds of questions about how to lose weight. So here's the advice I find ... Expert Mark Rosenberg, MD Reveals The Best Heart Healthy Foods
San Francisco Chronicle (press release) is a publisher and a leader in providing current natural health information on their website. Along with thousands of archived articles on health related issues, they also offer a complimentary health newsletter, quality nutritional ...

Weight-loss wonder or weird trend: Facts about the 'feeding tube diet'
At least one weight-loss doctor in Florida says it's not – that is, if you're willing to try the "feeding-tube diet." In a YouTube video, Dr. Oliver Di Pietro explains the diet, which is actually called the KE or European Ketogenic diet, and how he was ...

DRS. OZ AND ROIZEN: Too much fast food and diet drinks are threats to your ...
For more than a decade we've tried to convince you that too much fast food, trans fats, sugary and diet drinks are threats to your physical and emotional health. New info is out that drives this home big time. Threat No. 1: People who eat fast food are ...

Wash. mayors get started on weight-loss campaigns
Huffington Post
With a health coach and a new diet program, the two mayors hope to lead their respective cities to a collective weight loss. But first, they talked a little trash. "I'm planning on sabotaging you at every chance I get," Higgins said.

Green Coffee Bean Diet for Fast Weight Loss?
Muncie Free Press
Green Coffee Bean Extract Shown to Help With Fast Weight Loss in Study; More Research Needed? MUNCIE, IN - Does the Green Coffee Bean Diet really work? Dr. Joe Vinson, a professor of chemistry at the University of Scranton, recently conducted a study ...

Muncie Free Press

Study: Omega-3s may help lower risk of Alzheimer's disease
Fox News
The beneficial impact of omega-3 on brain health would fall in line with past studies of the nutrient, according to Scarmeas. Omega-3s have long been associated with positive benefits for memory and cognition. Scarmeas speculated that omega-3s may be ...

Eating More Foods Rich in Omega-3s May Lower Alzheimer's Risk: Study
Philadelphia Inquirer
"We considered only the omega-3 nutrient content in [study participants'] diets," Gu added, "because our previous studies showed that the Mediterranean diet -- which is characterized by fish, nuts, vegetables and a lower intake of read meat -- was ...

Tasty Tips for Healthier Eating
MarketWatch (press release)
MISSION, KS, May 03, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- (Family Features) Healthy food andlifestyle choices are top of mind for many people. Adopting even one new behavior will help you stick to a healthier lifestyle. "Eating a quality plant-based diet a ...

Vitamins E, C no help against vision disorder
Studies have found that people who get more antioxidants in their diet have a lower risk of macular degeneration. But that doesn't rule out other possible diet or lifestyle explanations behind the link. And so far, clinical trials using vitamin E have ...

Weight Loss Reduces Risk of Cancer in Overweight Women
Diets In Review (blog)
Those who lost weight through diet and exercise were able to lower their C-reactive protein by 42%, and their interleukin-6 marker by 23% in just one year. Both of these inflammation markers have been previously linked to cancer.

A healthy diet will fight Winter blues
Luigi Gratton, Herbalife's vice president of nutrition education, says this is the time to have a healthy balanced diet because an unhealthy diet does not only result in obesity but also in sickness. "So if you are sitting back without the extra pounds ...


Is there a diet that works for your body type?
By Kathleen Blanchard RN on May 3, 2012 - 8:09am for eMaxHealth Finding ways to lose weightis a challenge for everyone. Fad diets are never shown to work, except in the short-term. The secret to weight loss remains making total lifestyle changes that ...

Health Buzz: 15 Million Babies Born Prematurely Worldwide
U.S. News & World Report
And 1.1 million of those babies die shortly after birth, while many others suffer life-long physical, neurological, or educational disabilities, according to a report released Wednesday by the WorldHealth Organization and other agencies.

Right proteins essential to diet
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
Protein is the latest hip food supplement, appearing in everything from weight-loss shakes to pasta. Protein is marketed as vital to our health and well-being, and this is true. High-protein foods satisfy you for longer than high-carbohydrate foods, ...

The Importance of Healthy Eating
The Morning Sun
A healthy diet is rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients your body needs to function at its best. Often, a balanced diet can also help you feel more energized and less stressed. You decrease your risk for health complications.

The Truth About Diet Pills
Many dieters may be tricked into believing that there is a magic weight loss pill that will help them lose weight without changing their diet or exercise plan. Although there are many supplements that can assist a dieter in reaching their goal weight,...


Menus by Mesa de Vida Weekly Meal Plans Can Help Families Get Healthy, Save ...
Seattle Post Intelligencer
Weekly meal plans that help busy people be a rock star in the kitchen while enjoying healthy, inspired, delicious meals that are low-glycemic and gluten free. Chef designed weekly menus and recipes to flow perfectly, some meals only take 5 minutes of ...

Dr. John: Diet concerns, burning mouth syndrome, skin tags
Hi Dr.John, I have a couple of health/diet questions that I hope you could answer. 1) Would consuming 1-2 cooked eggs everyday be too much and bad for cholesterol? 2) Does using cooking spray have any negative health effects in the long run?

Why eating carbs can help you to look like this
The Sun
Telly health and fitness expert Danni Levy — who worked on Sky's Bigger Than Britney — says this is because they are an essential source of energy and the only form of fuel used by the brain. She has developed a new eating plan called the Pyramid ...

The Sun

My Battle to Lower High Triglycerides
CNN (blog)
Needless to say, we kids were generally on our own when it came to feeding ourselves and we got no training about nutrition or healthy eating. In college, I continued to eat without any regard for my health. After I got married, I rejected my wife's ...

How blueberries protect the body
Fox News
As spring reveals its vibrant blooms, reflecting these bright colors on our plates is a powerful step towards improved health. The compound that pigments fruits and vegetables are called flavonoids. Flavonoids have been found to have many health ...

Rub on red meat: Steak OK, but plant-based sides are important
Florida Today
“More fruits and vegetables, more of a plant-based diet are generally healthier,” she said. “But I always tell people, too, there's lots of different cuts of red meat that are pretty lean cuts. So if you do love red meat, it's fine to plan in small ...

More Japanese shunning traditional diet, table manners
Bellingham Herald
TOKYO - While traditional Japanese cuisine is becoming more popular overseas, Japanese people are gradually moving away from traditional food and table manners, according to studies on lifestyle habits. The trend was confirmed in a study by Tokyo Gas ...
Tasty Tips for Healthier Eating – Diabetes Diet | Beat Diabetes
By Beat diabetes
"Eating a quality plant-based diet a few times a week provides a wide variety of foods and nutrients the body needs for optimal function, and can also reduce your risk for developing chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes," says registered … ... The message shown in this research is one that highlights the importance of a healthy diet and moving more to prevent type 2 diabetes. ... Green Coffee Bean Diet for Fast Weight Loss? ... Low carb diabetic diet |Healthy Lifestyle ...
Beat Diabetes

I need some diet/fitness help because what I am doing isn't ...
So, I'm pretty knowledgeable about nutrition, but I've reached a point where I'm ... Hello, I'm a doctor. Use acomplia. I think that you want to get more info about it.

IS MY DIET HEALTHY? ? Breakfast: Whole grain cereal with light soy milk and strawberries. Green grapes. Snack: Steamed edamame beans. Lunch: ...

Mother's Day Health and Diet Weight Loss Advice | LifeZoneHealth ...
by Newbirth35 Write-up by nnamdi agha Mother's day is a special day for mothers when they are remembered and appreciated for all the operate they have.
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