Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Building Block For Fitness is Diet

Diet: The Building Block For Fitness
Huffington Post
Being that this is my first post, I thought I should start with most important topic, which is diet. To me, the letters in the word diet stand for "death involving eating trends." OK, maybe that's a little harsh! There are so many diet trends out there ...
Focus28 Launches Newly-Designed Diet and Weight Loss Website
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
Focus28 Diet recently re-launched their weight loss website, providing customers with a more streamlined ordering experience, and additional online resources. "We are constantly looking for ways to improve the customer's experience," said Mitch Suss, ...
Diet and alcohol blamed for women's cancer risk
Health Insurance and Protection Magazine
"Together with other factors such as being physically active and eating a healthy plant-based diet without too much salt or red and processed meat, these changes could make a real difference to the number of women who develop cancer before the age of ...
Is this the daftest diet ever?
Independent Online
The French don't just obsess over every exquisite morsel that passes their lips, they drastically restrict their calorie intake by following a strict diet at least once each season. At least one person in my husband's extended family is usually trying ...
Unsustainable diet
"You can't outwalk a bad diet" is a popular and decent maxim. The dietary guidelines spell out just what foods are most tempting, what sends us over our limits. The USDA lists the top 25 sources of calories for Americans age 2 and older. ...
Braving Summer Ramadan With Proper Diet
Although many like him are hesitant to change their dietary adaptation, Abdi's experience with overeating underlines the importance of a proper diet during the holy month of Ramadan, where an improper diet can become counterproductive. ...
Some Scientists Eye Genetics, Others Focus on Diet and Environment
As some researchers continue to look for the answer in our genes, others are proposing a more provocative theory that invokes factors unique to the Jewish diet and to the environment shared by Jews in recent history. To date, more genes have been ...
Can't Diet? We're Hard-Wired to Eat Junk Food
If you have trouble abstaining from sweets and junk food during a diet, it might not be entirely your fault. To some degree, your brain may be wired to work against you, particularly in environments where junk food is abundant, researchers say. ...
Rihanna Admits 'Starvation' Diet on Twitter
ABC News
Rihanna caused a stir when she wrote on Twitter that she was starving herself for an upcoming Esquire magazine photoshoot. "#RihannaNavy I shot my first cover for Esquire yesterday with Russell James #rockstars*** Not much preparation for that besides ...
Obesity in kids: it's not all about diet and exercise
By Maiken Scott Some researchers suggest that stress, in addition to diet and exercise, also plays an important role in childhood obesity. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma) One in three American kids is overweight or obese. Obesity is especially common among poor ...
Is alcohol sabotaging your diet?
However, if you still want to enjoy the occasional drink, follow these diet-friendly tips. Lately my readers have been flooding me with questions about the energy content of alcoholic drinks. Most people ask; “Which alcoholic drink is better when I am ...

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