Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How I Saved My Dog from Obesity

New dog diet book helps pet owners conquer canine obesity
MMD Newswire (press release)
(MMD Newswire) August 30, 2011 -- "The Amazing Treat Diet for Dogs: How I Saved My Dog from Obesity" (ISBN 0615510515), a dog diet book by Katie Newman, tells the story of how Newman improved her own dog's life and how other pet owners can learn from ...
What the diet industry doesn't want you to know
Obviously something isn't working, because Americans are only getting fatter and thediet industry is getting richer. Tres Prier Hatch understands all too well an overweight person's frustration. She estimates that she has gained and lost at least a ...
Switching from soda to water, adding veggies to a diet help people lose weight
Killeen Daily Herald
By Rose L. Thayer Diet, exercise and weight loss can sound overwhelming, but sometimes a very small change can have a significant impact on a person's health. "Really, the key thing is to cut out calories whenever you're able to," said Vicky Cora,...
Learn to harness your inner vegan
National Post (blog)
Fruits and vegetables are important, but it's the inclusion of nuts, seeds and legumes that can make a vegan diet healthy. With the report that former US president Bill Clinton has gone vegan, a condition that can deepen one's personal relationship ...
Babies on a diet? Trend is rising, but experts say don't count kids' calories
FARGO – Obesity in children has become a serious health problem in the United States, to the point where even babies are at risk. Shirley Johnson takes her day care kids outside for at least two to three hours a day to let them run around and enjoy the ...
Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: When the Culprit is Diet, Not Drinking
CalorieLab Calorie Counter News
If you thought you'd heard just about all the unpleasant possible side effects of a poordiet and lack of exercise, try these on for size: Dementia. Clumsiness. Vomiting blood. (I figured that last one would jerk you awake. ...
Lessons from diet victories–and failures
EAT TO DIE. Bad eating habits, studies show, surely and swiftly lead one to the grave. (AP File Photo/Duane Burleson) We all learn from other people's experiences or our own, whether the easy or the hard way. But the best lessons are the ones where we ...
Can Alternating 'Diet Days' Help You Lose Weight? « CBS Chicago
By John Dodge
Sticking to a diet is easier said than done. But what if you could diet just one day and then eat whatever you want the next, even higher fat foods?
CBS Chicago

Should girls be dieting?
Washington Post (blog)
“Maggie Goes on a Diet,” (Aloha Publishers, October 2011) tells the story of a 14-year-old girl who is overweight and unhappy. The girl diets, loses weight and finds success and popularity in school. Author Paul Kramer has said his intent was to write ...
Good lessons on food
Edmonton Journal
Filling students' stomachs with the best from the four food groups should be as high a priority as feeding their brains a steady diet of Shakespeare, geography, mathematics and physics. So it is encouraging to learn that Edmonton Public Schools has ...
Murray boosted by Djokovic diet
The Press Association
Andy Murray is hoping changes in his diet will prove the missing piece in the grand slam jigsaw. The Scot begins his quest for a first slam title against India's Somdev Devvarman in the first round of the US Open on Wednesday. The 24-year-old is famous ...
History of the 20th century for weightwatchers: Zeppelin, doughnut and crash diet
Daily Mail
By Craig Brown Check out those abs: Did Labour leader James Keir Hardie work out for the workers? 1900: The Labour Party is formed. As 44-year-old socialist veteran Keir Hardie sweeps into London's Memorial Hall, surprised onlookers notice his flat ...
High Prevalence of Diabetes in Ghana: Effect of High Fat Diet
Peace FM Online
Type-two diabetes also occurs because of untimed production and insufficient levels of insulin, which is now partly known to be due to the negative effect of high fat diet. The recent discovery of the impact of high fat diet on the reduced production ...
A better option for low-cholesterol diets
Washington Post
They were randomly assigned to eat a low-fat diet, high in fiber and whole grains but void of specific cholesterol-lowering foods, or to add those foods to their regular diet. Cholesterol-lowering foods included margarine enriched with plant sterols; ...
Do acne cures really work? 'Little evidence' treatments are effective... it's ...
Daily Mail
Factors such as family history, diet, sunlight, and skin hygiene have all been implicated, but supportive evidence is lacking so acne sufferers may be going to great lengths to change their lifestyle for no reason at all. A recent study suggested that ...
6 Diet Tips from the Author of Go UnDiet
Epicurious (blog)
She shared the following tips for improving your diet and staying healthy through the busy fall season. Read on for advice on reading labels on packaged food, which food "villains" you should steer clear of, and more. 1. Of the "50 small actions for ...
Personal trainer publishes gluten free diet book
Daily Camera
Cole lost 30 pounds following Westfahl's gluten free diet plan. ( PAUL AIKEN ) Allison Westfahl doesn't have a problem with gluten. Other than the fact that she thinks it's making America fat. Westfahl, the director of personal training at Boulder's ...
The Paleo Diet: Should You Eat Like a "Caveman?"
The culinary aspect of this approach has gone mainstream in recent years, thanks largely to a slew of weight-loss books about the Paleo diet's proficiency at slimming people down, even while accommodating enough bacon-flavored ice cream to make Dr. ...
Study: High-sodium diet can also damage the brain
QUEBEC - By now, most of us know the dangers of a high-sodium diet. But beyond causing high blood pressure and heart disease, a new study out of Canada finds it could also be bad for your brain. Researchers found a strong link between a salty diet and ...
Zim Gazettes Improved Prisoners' Diet
Harare, August 30, 2011 - Prisoners serving time in Zimbabwean jails may soon have a better diet consisting mainly of beans and milk as pressure mounts on the government to improve the nutrition of inmates. A notice by Justice and Legal Affairs ...
Ditch the diet and go for Healthy Weighs
Stornoway Gazette
“THESE days I don't diet, instead I eat extremely well and exercise regularly. Sometimes we may over indulge but even that's ok if you learn how to balance your life,” wise words from island resident Sarah. Sarah has not only lost two and a half stone ...
Diet research backed by US meat industry: report
The Local.se
The latest in a slew of diet fads that have gained popularity in Sweden, the low-carb high fat diet(LCHF), is backed by research funded by the US meat industry, according to a new study. The diets are based on the consumption of higher amounts of meat ...
HCG Diet: Junk Science That Just Won't Go Away
Huffington Post
Specifically, I'm talking about one lousy idea born in the 1950s that keeps coming back into fashion: the HCG diet. No matter how many times scientific studies shoot down the effectiveness of this regimen, someone eagerly brings it back with expensive ...

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