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Overcoming skepticism about meatless meals

World Chefs: Overcoming skepticism about meatless meals
As the granddaughter of a butcher who ate a standard American diet as a child, cookbook author Sarah Matheny may not seem to be the most likely promoter of a vegetarian diet. The Oregon-based former divorce lawyer started questioning what she ate when ...
Exercise and diet tips for diabetics
Times of India
Today we have Dr. Rajeev Chawla, Diabetologist of North Delhi Diabetes Center, who gives us some insights on exercise and diet tips for diabetics. Diabetic Query #1: How important is it to exercise for a diabetic patient? Exercise is an important part ...
Murray pins Slam hopes on new diet
Yahoo! Eurosport UK
And the Scot is confident that, even if his new diet does not bear fruit (whether it be red, amber or green), he will at least know that he has done everything he can to try and get the very most out of his talent. "It is all about finding ways of ...
High-Fiber Diet Might Lower Risk for Colon Polyps
U.S. News & World Report
TUESDAY, Aug. 9 (HealthDay News) -- People who regularly eat legumes, brown rice, cooked green vegetables and dried fruit have a reduced risk of colon polyps, a precursor to colon cancer. That's the finding of California researchers who analyzed data ...
Diabetes rise sparks deadly diet warning
By ADAM MORRIS THE number of people suffering from diabetes will increase four-fold in the Lothians if diet and alcohol habits don't improve, health chiefs have warned. It is feared as many as 70000 could be hit by the condition within 20 years, ...
A little weight loss may help obese men improve sexual health
Los Angeles Times
Some were put on a low-calorie diet that included liquid meal replacements and others were assigned to a high-protein, low-fat diet that decreased their calorie intake by 600 calories a day. For 42 weeks afterward the participants stayed on the ...
French Are Getting Fat, Threatening American Fad Diet Industry
French women, whose inability to gain an ounce has been studied by hundreds of diet books, are gaining weight. And as you might expect, Americans are partially to blame. For years the French have have been the bane of the American dieter's existence. ...
Baltimore HCG Diet Plan Helps Obese Lower BP
Emailwire (press release)
The HCG diet is rich in protein from steak, skinless chicken breast, lobster, crab, shrimp etc. Fresh vegetables like spinach, tomatoes, lettuce, fennel, onions, and asparagus to name a few. Fresh fruits are also a must like strawberries, apples, ...
Low-carb diet improves acne
Press TV
Following a diet with low or moderate amounts of carbohydrate not only helps the youth keep their weight balanced but also may improve acne. “Theoretically, people with acne may have hyperinsulinemia and foods that are low in the glycemic index (GI) ...
Bananas for weight loss
Times of India
Often recommended as workout snack even though they've won a poor reputation as non-diet friendly fruits, bananas are low in glycemic index, initiate fat burning, are excellent for digestion, and have large amounts of 'insoluble resistance starch'. ...
Kim Kardashian on Diet before Her Wedding
In the last two years she has undertaken a lot of exercise to keep the weight off and kept an eye on her diet. She has also developed psoriasis, askin disease which affects more than 500000 of us in the UK. Not only is Kim trying to lose weight in the ...
Sneaking More Fiber into Your Diet
"So if you were to eat the recommended, let's say 25-35 grams of fiber a day, it would be like canceling out 300 calories from your diet. Increasing your fiber intake is a good idea, but it's not always easy. Sass, the author of "cinch," has some tasty ..
Do servers assume women only drink *diet* soda?
Albany Times Union (blog)
For about a year, I only drank diet soda, never regular (this is back when I had an unhealthy obsession with food/fat/calories). Then I wised up and realized just how nasty and chemical-like dietCoke (or Pepsi) tasted. Today, I'd almost — almost ...
My Paleo Diet Experience: Fighting the Restaurant Menu
Blogcritics.org (blog)
During week four of my Paleo Diet experiment, I had family stay with me and we were going to be making plenty of day trips. This meant that I would be eating most of my meals in restaurants. I was very concerned that I was going to have trouble ...
Fencing Coaches Travel to Italy to Help Launch Mediterranean Diet Study
Columbia University Athletics
NEW YORK - Columbia's head fencing coach Michael Aufrichtig and assistant coach Daria Schneider recently traveled to Naples, Italy to mark the official launch of the Mediterranean diet study which will be conducted with elite fencers for six months .
Bad diet can 'up' the risk of developing some forms of cancer
TopNews New Zealand
With an Oxford study having found that the routine administering of the Tamoxifen drug to women fighting breast cancer can increase their chances of surviving the disease for at least ten years, an expert has warned that bad diet can up the risk of ...
French diet replaces paradox
Irish Times
SINCE 2003 I have lived in southern France, in the foothills of the Pyrenees. To begin with, life here was fantastic – laid back and chock-full of long lunches and dinners. This is rich, pastoral land, where food and wine take centre stage. ..
Worldwide Medical Insurance News: Diet is linked with cancer
Expatriate Healthcare
Expatriate health insurance customers should maintain a healthy diet to reduce their risk of contracting cancer. Dr Mark Matfield, scientific coordinator at the Association for International Cancer Research, argued between one-third and half of all ...
How to: Eat fruits every day
Times of India
So how do you get the recommended three to four daily servings of fruits in your daily diet? Here are some simple strategies on cheating your tastebuds into eating and enjoying more fruits every day... Mix with breakfast : Add one whole fruit to your ...
Increase the Fiber in Your Fishing Diet
New York Mills, Minn. - The initial reaction of that lucky angler who first stepped foot in a Lund boat back in 1948 was "finally, a boat built for me, a red-blooded fisherman." Over 60 years later, every angler who captains a Lund quickly comes to .
How to enjoy Thai food and stick to your diet
By Leela Punyaratabandhu 9 August, 2011 Everywhere you look, you're reminded of why Thailand is a street food mecca. The abundance of fresh, delicious food is one of the things that draws millions to the kingdom each year. After all, we're talking ...
Gwynth Paltrow credits Tracey Anderson for getting her in shape
Irish Independent
Anderson's training system, which is still associated with "the baby food diet", whether she likes it or not (and she doesn't), has already reshaped half of Hollywood -- "Tracy kicked my sagging ass into shape and I will be forever grateful," says ...

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