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Food as an Expression of Love (video)

The Lifestyle Change Guru - Interview with Janet Thomson
... Change Guru – Interview with Janet Thomson. We chatted to lifestyle coach Janet Thomson about her techniques on how to lose weight and feel great. ... Indoor rowing is an effective exercise that helps us to lose weight and tone up because it works ...

Why popular diets don't work
It seems as if a day doesn't go by when we don't hear about something related toweight loss, diets or obesity. The latest figures from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Health Group and the Trust for America's Health predicts a national obesity rate of ...

Superfoods for guaranteed weight loss
Zee News
Salmon is an effective diet when it comes to weight loss as despite having fairly high fat content, it contains healthy omega-3 essential fatty acids that serve as a goodweight-loss tool. It is a better option than read meat any day. Broccoli Though ...
Zee News

Lose Weight With the "Easy Diet" from Michael Pollan
For success, you need to change your lifestyle, not just what you put in your shopping cart. (Learn how to navigate those tricky product labels.) Keep your goals in mind and align your diet with them. Stop stressing, enjoy your food and lose weight ...

Sniffing Out Weight Loss Supporters and Saboteurs
Shape Magazine (blog)
Whether it's family or friends, there will inevitably be someone who encourages me to stray from my diet and exercise routine, most likely veiled in a compliment such as, “You don't need to lose any more weight, you look great!” While it's nice to hear ...

Shape Magazine (blog)

News you should use: counting foods, cherries lessen gout and more!
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's exercise recommendations are: 2 hours and 30 minutes (150 minutes) of moderate-intensity aerobic activity (i.e., brisk walking) every week and weight training muscle-strengthening activities that work ...

Gluten Free Diet for Weight Loss and Healthy Lifestyle
Gluten Free Myth: The gluten free diet is healthier and is a good diet for weight loss. Truth: The gluten free diet is not necessarily healthier than the average diet ...

Lisa Lampanelli Weight Loss: Comedian Sheds 80 Lbs, Flaunts Slimmer Figure ...
Loud-mouthed comedian and former star of "Celebrity Apprentice" Lisa Lampanelli has experienced a significant weight loss thanks to gastric sleeve surgery, shedding an amazing 80-lbs. The 51-year-old insult comic flaunted her much slimmer figure on a ...


Top 10 foods to boost your health
From the macrobiotic to the student, many diets rely on the humble bean in its dry, tinned or baked form -- and this could be great news for our health. Studies have found that beans are not only excellent weight-loss and energy foods, but they are a ...


80% urban Indian working women fat: Survey
India.Com Health
The survey report “Rising Workplace Obesity among Indian Women” — by in association with Leisa's Secret, a firm that sells weight loss products — covered about 2,000 working women across Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, ...

Study: Health care case helped a law, hurt a court
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
WASHINGTON -- In June, the Supreme Court pulled off a neat trick. By upholding President Barack Obama's health care law, it simultaneously bolstered public support for the law and hurt its own reputation. That puts the health care case, a new study ...

Op-ed: Individual responsibility in managing health-care costs
The Seattle Times
THE health-care-reform debate has been conveniently reduced to whether we can we afford its costs. The price of care is important. However, this debate ignores a crucial question: How much skin in the ... including Medicare and Medicaid. I want ...

The Seattle Times

A sampling of California's new health insurance laws
Los Angeles Times
Beginning in 2014, under AB 792, Californians who lose their health insurancebecause of job loss, divorce or legal separation will receive information about reduced-cost plans available through the health exchange and no-cost coverage from Medi-Cal.

Los Angeles Times

Thousands march in Madrid to protest austerity cuts in Spain's health care ...
Washington Post
MADRID — Several thousand people marched in downtown Madrid on Saturday to protest austerity measures they say will lead to cuts in cherished national health care and the privatization of public services. Marching under banners reading “Neither cuts ...

With health care law, a real-world lesson for future medical, legal professionals
Lincoln Journal Star
The five-hour conference, held Saturday at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, brought nearly 200 students together to listen and ask questions about health care reform. "There's a lot of discomfort among current professional students because ...

The Case for Calm Over Rising Health Costs
New York Times
In his new book, “The Cost Disease: Why Computers Get Cheaper and Health Care Doesn't” (Yale University Press) William J. Baumol uses that headline to help us understand his central idea about the diverging paths of certain costs in our economy.

Romney Takes Heat Over Debate Health Care Claims - Kaiser ...
Romney's claim was this, part of what turned out to be a highly detailed discussion of health care: "No. ... He would make a tweak to broaden an existing law that helps people to move from job to job without losing their health insurance.
All Kaiser Health News

Health Care Policy Boosts Obama - Business Insider
By The Economist
Health care is back. ... Controversy has centred on the law's "individual mandate", the requirement to buy health insurance or pay a fine. The mandate tries to end the free-riding that occurs when the uninsured receive free care at hospitals, ...
Business Insider

Video: Cecile Richards and Kellyanne Conway on Health Care
By New Yorker Festival
At the Fifty-one Per Cent panel, Cecile Richards, the president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and Kellyanne Conway, the founder and president of the polling company inc./WomanTrend, discussed how the women's ...
New Yorker Festival

How the Rest of the World Does It - The Health Care Blog
The Health Care Debate Within the Debate. By David Merritt. The Health of Nations ... INSIDE THEAFFORDABLE CARE ACT. The Health Care Debate Within the ... Health Insurance Exchanges Work. More posts: 2012 election Affordable ...
The Health Care Blog

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