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Some supplements for weight loss make illegal health claims

Inspector general: Some supplements for weight loss, immune system make illegal health claims
Greenfield Daily Reporter
This undated photo released by the Office of Inspector General of Department of Health and Human Services shows a label from a dietary supplement. Federal watchdogs say many dietary supplements marketed to help consumers lose weight or boost their ...

Benefits of exercise for children don't replace healthy diet
Children who are in formal routines may also miss out on play exercise, and parents who feel their children are in fitness programs may allow extra snacks or decide not to participate in an outdoor activity because their child has already worked out ...

Improve Your Digestion To Lose Weight
Our foods should agree with each other, rather than be in conflict. You may find food combining very helpful for your health and weight management. It was for me. Food combining, along with Acid/Alkaline balance, saved my life when my health was on a...

5 Ways to Start Losing Weight Tomorrow
Huffington Post
When I say five ways to lose weight tomorrow, I am not talking about gimmicky water weight, or performing some radical feat of unsustainable extremism with diet and exercise. The five suggestions that I am giving will not only have you losing weight ...

Camas, Washougal mayors halfway to better health
The Columbian
Six months into the yearlong Camas and Washougal on a Diet weight-loss campaign, both mayors have lost more than 8 percent of their body weight. Six months into a yearlong weight-loss challenge and Mayors Sean Guard and Scott ... weight-loss blitzes ...

Coles is competing with Woolworths in a new market war over weight loss products
... are muscling in on the growing weight loss market. Coles is releasing a Simply Less "health conscious'' food label - ranging from diet shakes to chocolate - as it tries to win over shoppers trimming waistlines and budgets and expands its private ...

Comedian Lisa Lampanelli dishes on 80-pound weight loss: I was addicted to food
"I got sick of trying everything," Lampanelli says on the "Dr. Oz Show" set to air Oct. 3. "I tried every single thing imaginable – diet, exercise. I even bought a house on the health spa property and I still gained weight." The former "Celebrity ...

Julia Kozerski Documents 160-Pound Weight Loss With Her iPhone
Diets In Review (blog)
Over the course of a year, not longer after her wedding in 2009, Julia embarked on an incredible weight loss journey that left her half her size. In the process of losing nearly 160 ... To slim down, Julia says she stopped eating junk food and cleaned ...

Obese Brain May Block Ability to Lose Weight
Medical Daily
And, while it is possible for obese and overweight people to win the battle of the bulge (as evidenced by NBC's weight-loss program "The Biggest Loser" and countless celebrities' gastric bypass surgery), successful weight loss tends to occur with ...

Medical Daily

Diet & Fitness: Nutrition, exercise, weight loss, tips, advice - WMBB ...
WMBB News 13 - The Panhandle's News Leader Diet & Fitness. Home. Vote 2012 ... 4 eating habits may help older women maintain weight loss · 4 eating habits ...

Tonight's Debate: 10 Health Care Questions For Obama And Romney
Governor Romney, it has been widely reported that the Affordable Care Act signed into law by President Obama is much like the health care coverage you signed into law when you were the Governor of Massachusetts. ... Given large subsidies hospitals ...

Kenya: Doctors strike over poor health care
The Seattle Times
Kenya: Doctors strike over poor health care. Doctors in Kenya's public hospitals on Wednesday spent their 17th day on strike to protest the dilapidated state of public health care. Emergency rooms in some of Kenya's public hospitals frequently don't ...

Why Health Care Will Just Keep Getting More Expensive
Health care has got more expensive, is getting more expensive and will continue to do so far off into the future. No, it doesn't particularly matter what system is used to deliver either the health careitself or the financing method for it. Direct ...

Affordable Care Act is important election issue
The Seacoast Sunday medical section featured interviews with officials from Portsmouth Regional Hospital, Wentworth-Douglass Hospital and the N.H. Hospital Association regarding the impacts of changes in the health care system under the Affordable Care ...

Medicaid Health Care Denied To Millions Of America's Poorest
Huffington Post
Without health insurance, those bills went unpaid and Scop remains exposed to health care costs if she gets sick again. As a Floridian, Scop could be left out even if Obama wins reelection and hishealth care reform law fully goes into effect in 2014 ...

Aging population a boon for health care workers
2012 - As Baby Boomers age into retirement by the millions each year, their growing health careneeds require more people to administer that care. That makes fields such as nursing one of the fastest-growing occupations, and hospitals are hiring now to ...

FAQ: Health Insurance Needs for Transgender Americans
Center For American Progress
Health care, particularly health insurance coverage, is another area where transgender people routinely experience serious and potentially life-threatening discrimination on the basis of gender identity. Transgender people are more likely to be without ...

Center For American Progress

Doctors Speak Out on Health Care Waste in US
U.S. News & World Report
WEDNESDAY, Oct. 3 (HealthDay News) -- The basic assumption in U.S. health care that more is better is being challenged by a group of doctors who put the cost of unnecessary care at as much as $800 billion a year, according to a new report. The report ...

New Health Care Law Hits Hospitals
Under a requirement of President Obama's health care reform law that took effect Monday, hospitals now face hefty fines if they readmit too many Medicare patients. The new rules are designed to improve quality of care and save taxpayers money, but ...

Debate Over Medicare, Health Care Reform
10/03/2012 @ 8:01AM |113 views. Debate Over Medicare, Health Care Reform ... For workers with employer-based health coverage, that sum would be on top of the $15,745 that workers must pay for family health insurance coverage (or $5,615 for single ...

Health Care Startup Finds Success Despite Public Sector Obstacles
By The Huffington Post News Editors
In an industry where roughly half of $2.8 trillion total spending comes from the U.S. government, Joanne Rohde had trouble attracting government interest for her new small business, Axial Exchange.
The Huffington Post | Full News Feed

Ryan Ad: 'Force Health Care Providers To Compete For Our - Livewire
By Eric Kleefeld
Paul Ryan took on health care reform Tuesday, in an ad he launched for his House seat in Wisconsin. As with his previous ads, Ryan does not specifically say which office he is running for, with him actually running simultaneously for his ...
TPM LiveWire

Obama vs. Romney: Who has the advantage when debating health ...
"I don't know how Mitt Romney criticizes the president's health care bill and isn't forced into trying to criticize the specifics of it, which are very popular.” — Dave Sirota.
The Feed

Connecting the Health Care Dots at PokitDok -
By Angela Guess
Elise Craig of Xconomy recently shared how PokitDok, helmed by CEO Lisa Maki, is helping patients connect the dots of a fragmented health care system.

Left In Alabama:: A Surprise Move on Alabama's Health Insurance ...
By DrAbston
A Surprise Move on Alabama's Health Insurance Exchange. by: DrAbston. Tue Oct 02, 2012 at 11:41:30 AM CDT. I learned yesterday that Governor Bentley has decided to throw the job of choosing an Essential Health Benefits package back ...
Left In Alabama - Front Page

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