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For Maximum Diet and Exercise Benefits, Timing Is Everything

For Maximum Diet and Exercise Benefits, Timing Is Everything
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
Diet and exercise are the two main pillars of a healthy lifestyle. For both weight ... “Metabolic cycles are critical for processes such as cholesterol breakdown, and they should be turned on when we eat and turned off when we don't,” Dr. Panda said in ...

Is participating in online weight loss forums a healthy option?
Saudi Gazette
JEDDAH — In the never-ending quest for weight loss and a slim physique, many Saudi women have begun creating and participating in online forums where they comfortably and safely discuss diet,weight loss, fitness, and health issues. ... Some of the ...

Jenny McCarthy dishes on her gluten-free, dairy-free diet with Dr. Oz
Recently, in an interview with Shape magazine, Jenny said that her new diet has helped her lose weight as well as improved her son's autism symptoms. She typically enjoys an egg white omelet for breakfast, followed by fresh fruit, veggies and fish for ...


3 Diets Worth Checking Out
Business 2 Community
Each year, dozens of new diet programs hit the market. Most of them are completely useless, as they focus on short-term weight loss at the expense of the dieter's health. However, dieting isn't always a bad idea. Here are three scientifically valid ...

El Pasoan loses 92 pounds, gains Atkins title
El Paso Times
Since then, after starting and stopping several diet plans, Gutierrez found the Atkins weight-lossprogram and has shed 92 pounds. ... "I really didn't know about her health issues; I just knew she wanted to lose weight," said daughter Diana Gutierrez ...

Weight-loss service hailed
Hartlepool Mail
Since then, she has lost five and a half stones – more than 55 per cent of her excess body weight – and now weighs in at just over 13 stones. ... They have to lose 10 per cent of their excess body weight before surgery. ... weight. This shows how ...

Hartlepool Mail

Healing from her heart attack, Rosie O'Donnell turns to plant-based diet
In addition, aware that her weight struggles may have contributed to her heart disease, Rosie has resolved to shed pounds with a plant-based diet and exercise plan, reported the New York Daily News on Oct. 14. Her diet is "plant-based — no animal ...


7 Diet Traps Even Experts Fall For | Yahoo! Health
Learn more about The Digest Diet, our cutting-edge weight-loss plan ... "Cut calories, lose weight" is the most basic weight loss advice out there, but going too ...

Let Doctors Cure Health-Care Costs
Wall Street Journal
For years the efforts to cure the health-care system's ailments—including runaway costs, less time physicians can spend with patients, and the rules and reports that consume more time of physicians and hospital staff—have failed. ... that received by ...
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