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Technology helps with fitness goals

Review: Technology helps with fitness goals - Businessweek: "Many of us know firsthand that losing weight and staying fit can be tough. For me, I started a journey a little over a year ago to get in better shape before my 30th birthday. While diet and exercise were the ultimate keys to my success, technology played an important role in keeping me accountable, tracking my progress and making my workouts more effective. Now that I've reached some of my fitness goals, I'd like to share the tools I used. "

Digital Diets Arrive? New DietOrb iPhone 5 Weight Loss App Hits App Store
Sacramento Bee
In less than a week since launch on the iTunes App Store, the new DietOrb app for the iPhone is taking the health and fitness world by storm through assuring weight loss in digital style. ...DietOrb developers have publicly stated on the DietOrb ...

Does the Sensa Diet Really Work?
Money Talks News (blog)
This weight-loss plan promises results without dieting or exercise. Is it too ... What if you could lose 30 pounds in six months – more than a pound a week – without dieting or exercising? All you ... Health magazine named it among the 18 Most ...

Money Talks News (blog)

Tyler Perry Unveils 30-Pound Weight Loss on Men's Health Cover
Us Magazine
Perry felt compelled to lose weight when he was cast as the titular homicide detective in the upcoming movie Alex Cross, based on the best-selling James Patterson novels. The Georgia resident's hourlong morning circuits included cardio, body-weight ...

Us Magazine

Weight loss surgery linked to alcohol abuse
Bariatric surgery has been proven to be extremely effective for reducing obesity in individuals who have been unsuccessful with a diet and exercise program. Many return to a normal weight; furthermore, hypertension and type 2 diabetes is either ...


Find out how much diet and exercise it takes to be the Biggest Loser.
Montreal Gazette (blog)
Ever wonder what it takes to lose 100+ pounds like the contestants on the Biggest Loser? Kevin Hall did. The researcher from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (part of the National Institutes of Health), used a ...

Coca Cola claims new beauty drink Beautific Oenobiol will also 'help you lose ...
Daily Mail
Coca-Cola and Nestle agreed to add disclosures to Enviga and any similarly formulated product to disclaim any weight loss benefits and note that weight loss is only possible through diet and exercise. The announcement comes as Coca-Cola battles to ...

Daily Mail

Modest Diet and Exercise Sustains Healthy Body Weight, Say Researchers
TopNews New Zealand
However, unhealthy lifestyle contributes towards obesity. No matter how obesity and overweight is defined, ... In the conference, the National Institutes of Health said, ".modest diet and exercise can sustain weight loss". Recent, a study was conducted ...

TopNews New Zealand

Kim Kardashian is defo on a weight loss mission then *rolls eyes*
Yahoo! omg! UK
However, Kim Kardashian's latest comments have confirmed that she is indeed on a weight loss mission - news which has made us sigh, roll our eyes a bit and wonder what on earth she's thinking. Kim Kardashian Does this look like a woman who needs to ...

'Biggest Loser' Study Finds Diet and Exercise Can Sustain Weight ...
Research by the National Institutes of Health analyzed the effects of daily strenuous exercise and a restricted diet by examining data from 'The Biggest Loser' ...

Diet Point - Weight loss meal planner for iPhone, iPod touch, and ...
Download Diet Point - Weight loss meal planner and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, ... More than 2 million people worldwide have used this app to lose weight.

How Health Care Is Playing Up And Down The Ballot
Kaiser Health News
The film, which the group has dubbed "The Determinators," is meant to underscore "the ills of the president's health care reform law that many have forgotten since the law was passed" (Cheney, 10/17). Also, health care issues are center stage in a ...

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