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6 Surprising Health Hazards Lurking in Your Home

6 Surprising Health Hazards Lurking in Your Home
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
By Wise Bread From the bedroom closet to the kitchen, you might not be aware of everyday items that could pose some hidden health risks. While saving money is important, the cheaper products are not always the safest choices for your family.

Little goes a long way with nuts in a healthy diet
But the fat in most nuts is the healthy unsaturated variety. It doesn't mean you should eat nuts with abandon, but it does mean you should feel no guilt about working them into a healthy diet. The trick is moderation. And because nuts are so rich, ...

The Diet Doc: Managing weight loss
Evansville Courier & Press
I like to define weight-loss success as reaching a goal and being able to manage and maintain it. What? I can't eat all the ice cream I want once I lose this weight? If you add a teensie-weensie phrase to that sentence, ice cream can stay.

Unhealthy habits are costing Ontarians 7.5 years of life
MarketWatch (press release)
Smoking, physical inactivity and poor diet each contribute 2 to 2.5 years of lost life expectancy. If everyone modified only their most important health risk, overall life expectancy would increase by up to 3.7 years. "The evidence shows that these ...

The chocoholic's diet: Eat chocolate ALL day and lose half a stone in two weeks
We all look upon chocolate as a guilty pleasure, but now you can eat it three times a day and stilllose weight! Simply follow our brilliant new diet for two weeks over Easter - the biggest chocfest of the year - and watch as much as 7lb, a dress size, ...

Is It Possible To Eat A Clean, High-Protein Diet…And Be Vegetarian?
But now she's out to change the idea that vegetarians can't eat a clean, high-proteindiet: Her newest book, The Eat-Clean Diet® Vegetarian Cookbook, is exclusively aimed at helping vegetarians who want to maintain health with a clean diet, ...


Vegetarian, Flexitarian or Pescatarian?
Choosing the right diet no longer boils down to meat or no meat. There are many options for people who want a nutritious and delicious regimen. Incorporating a variety of color, veggies, herbs and fruits into your diet helps ensure balance in vitamins ...

As Smartphones Become Health Aids, Ads May Follow
New York Times
With smartphones changing the culture in so many ways, more and more young people are using their mobile devices to keep track of their health, and the trend is not going unnoticed by advertisers. Young adults are much more likely than older people to ...

New York Times

5 bad habits killing off Ontarians faster
A new study says there are five things killing Ontario residents more than seven years earlier. Those bad lifestyle choices include: Smoking. Drinking alcohol. Poor diet. Lack of physical activity, Stress finds Researchers found 60 per cent of all ...

Ontarians cutting their lifespan by 7.5 years
Toronto Star
A new study says unhealthy habits are costing Ontarians 7.5 years of life and the findings point to five culprits: smoking, alcohol, poor diet, inactivity and stress. That's the bad news. The good news is that by eliminating — or at least reducing ...

What are the chances this baby will live to 100?
A healthy diet and lifestyle are clearly key, but research at the University of Boston, published earlier this year in the science journal PLoS One, suggests that genetic factors may be more important. While our genes are only thought to influence our ...


How one workaholic is using exercise to bring her body back into balance
Globe and Mail
Of Indian origin, Ayurveda is self-healing based on treating mind, body and emotions, using herbal remedies, and managing diet, lifestyle and surroundings. Ms. Keehn may be overdoing it; she needs a little help to bring her body back into balance.

Globe and Mail

BalanceDiet™ Company Appoints Felicia Sanders as Senior Vice President
PR Web (press release)
Before joining BalanceDiet Company, she previously served as Vice President of Operations for Diversified Health and Fitness Franchise Corporation as well as Director of Training and Development and Pre-Sale Director for Lady of America Franchise ...

Aussies shun diet controls and bans
The Australian
Eight out of 10 Australians agreed the government should provide vouchers to help people buyhealthy food and 90 per cent thought there should be incentives to quit smoking. Ipsos Social Research Institute managing director Mark Davis said as a rule, ...

Weight-loss author plans to leave Sequim
Peninsula Daily
By Jeff Chew SEQUIM — Chiropractor Leslie Van Romer, who as a self-proclaimed cheerleader for a plant-based diet and physical fitness helped countless women lose weight and fit into their pants, is leaving Sequim after 34 years of practice.

The High Cost of Bad Habits
CTV.ca (blog)
Despite improvements in the rates of some unhealthy behaviours in the past decade, Ontario continues to lag behind British Columbia in healthy living. New research from the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES), Public Health Ontario (PHO), ...

Five unhealthy habits sending us to an early grave
Globe and Mail
That is the conclusion of a new report from the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences and Public Health Ontario. It's a staggering number. Yet, the average actually fails to convey the full impact of lifestyle choices by individuals.

Globe and Mail

CEPEDA: Weight-loss surgery isn't the answer
Sacramento Bee
"To promote gastric bypass surgery as a quick fix for diabetes is unconscionable," said Dr. Jane L. Delgado, president and CEO of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health, in reaction to the news about two studies published in the New England Journal ...

Study says five unhealthy lifestyle choices are killing Ontarians faster
Guelph Mercury
TORONTO — A new study says smoking, alcohol, poor diet, lack of physical activity and stress finds are costing Ontarians more than seven years of their lives. Researchers found that 60 per cent of all deaths in Ontario can be blamed on those five ...

Guest column: Chocolate diet? Count me in
A new study funded by the National Institutes of Health (and they should know, right?) says that people who eat chocolate more frequently tend to be thinner than those who consume it less often. I've just found my new diet plan, and it's one I can ...

Moderation doesn't mean what you think it means
The Seattle Times
That simple phrase has been used as shorthand for a balanced diet for so long that it's become nutritional dogma. Here's the problem: "Moderation" doesn't mean what you think it means. Too many people think they eat in moderation when, in reality, ...

Would you eat tapeworms to stay thin?
Independent Online
By Cate Rayner Long before the world obsessed over the sudden weight loss of Demi Moore and Victoria Beckham, there was William the Conqueror, who, in 1087, devised his own crazy slimming method. Apparently so fat that he had trouble staying on his ...

Independent Online

Fitness Icon Kathy Smith Raises Workout Bar for Healthy Living with Re-Launch ...
MarketWatch (press release)
World-renowned fitness and lifestyle expert Kathy Smith is urging individuals to Think Progress Not Perfection when it comes to eating right and losing extra pounds with the re-launch of her site KathySmith.com. Debuting this month, the new streamlined ...

Gluten-free for all: Even if they're not allergic to it, more people are going ...
Lexington Herald Leader
"It can be a good diet, it can be a bad diet," he says. "It depends on your approach." Gluten-free supporters and marketers make many claims about weight-loss and health. But health experts say people may lose weight or feel more energetic when they ...

Indians should stop excessive consumption of junk food, says diet experts
Newstrack India
According to the diet experts, the habit of consuming junk food among Indian is increasing day by day and have warned that this could lead to severe healthconditions. Deputy Programme Manager at the Food Standards and Safety Authority of India (FSSAI) ...

Newstrack India

The World's First Therapeutic Diet for Dogs
This is Bristol
Hill's also manufacture diets for normal, healthy dogs and cats, called Hill's Science Plan. These are created to maintain life-long optimum health for pets of different ages and needs. Science Plan was a pioneer diet to be made in slightly different ...

How long will you live? Just crunch the numbers
Globe and Mail
The calculator was created as part of a new report published Monday that found 60 per cent of deaths in Ontario are linked to five controllable lifestyle factors: smoking, alcohol, diet, physical activity and stress. “I was taken aback, even though I ...

Globe and Mail

Exercise To Gain Weight
Healthy weight gain tips include methods of increasing you muscle mass in a natural way. Some weight gain exercises for you to try are listed below. Weight Lifting- One of the ways to increase you weight is weight lifting. Exercises to gain weight ...


Fans Get Pumped with Fitness Guru Kathy Smith for “Ultimate Lifestyle Get-Away ...
MarketWatch (press release)
PARK CITY, Utah, Apr 02, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- One lucky fan will be kicking up their workout heels when they win The Ultimate Lifestyle Get-Away to Park City, Utah and get the chance to exercise, one-on-one, with world-renowned lifestyle expert ...

Study: 60% of deaths in Ontario attributed to 5 unhealthy habits
Toronto - You probably know at least one person that drinks alcohol, smokes cigarettes, maintains an unhealthy diet, leads a sedentary lifestyle and has a lot of stress. It seems these five attributes contribute to a decrease in lifespan for Ontarians.


Mountain sized mutt Molly faces diet challenge
The Star
As a result she's been picked to take part in Pet Fit Club, a six-month diet andfitness challenge run by the UK's leading veterinary charity, PDSA. The four-year-old mutt-mountain has been chosen as one of 18 finalists to take part in the annual...

The Star

Healthy physicians make better role models, research shows
American Medical News
A physician's health influences how comfortable he or she is offering healthy advice to patients — and that could motivate patients to adopt positive lifestyle changes, according to new research. “Practicing what we preach is important,” said Jo Marie ...

Adele Is on a "Strictly Vegetarian" Diet to Lose Weight | Adele ...
By Versus
Doesn't sound like she is dedicated to perminent weight loss :/ ... Just because she MAY be more active or not eating crap doesn't necessarily mean she is doing it to lose weight- health is a personal responsibility and she wont have longevity in her career if she loses a foot to diabetes.... I HOPE this isn't true, because it would make her just another skinny, blonde singer who doesn't even admit that staying slim is hard work: “You know, I'm just being healthy, that's my sole purpose”.
Skinny VS Curvy

Can You Lose Weight On A Gluten Free Diet? | About Grain - Gluten ...
By admin
The question of can you lose weight on a gluten free diet is being raised more and more. More information is coming ... To eliminate gluten means you will eliminate many sources of healthygrains. Some of the alternative grains do not have the same health benefits. Some of the “gluten free” products have more fat and sometimes more sugar. It is wise to do a lot of comparative shopping initially to make sure you focus on products that still provide some health benefit. It is also worthy to ...
About Grain - Gluten free diet,...

Mediterranean Diet Plan | Pam's Basic Bread Recipe – Quick Easy ...
By Adriano
Pam shows us how to make basic bread – the Mediterranean bread that we bake and eat on ourHealthy Mediterranean Diet. Taste the difference when you make this bread recipe yourself for the first time – you'll never buy bread again.
Mediterranean Diet Plan

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A comprehensive health information portal dedicated exclusively to weight loss related issues, including diet, nutrition, fitness,exercise, medications, gastric bypass surgery, and plastic surgery. Current and relavant weight news is displayed on ...
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Is the Dukan Diet Healthy? | Weight Loss Techniques
To decide if the Dukan Diet program is healthful or not, it is really a good idea to check the pros and cons linked to this diet plan. When opting to take on.

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