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From Pilates to diet, Jamie Lee Curtis gets in prime time shape

From Pilates to diet, Jamie Lee Curtis gets in prime time shape for NCIS
As for diet: "I eat very carefully," added Jamie. "I'm not saying obesity or lack of exercise is fine. I'm saying, "This is what I look like and I do that." I've had to accept that part of me." Jamie became famed several years ago when she posed ...

Adjusting Diet and Exercise to a Slowing Metabolism
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
Nothing in your lifestyle has changed, you are eating the same way and exercise as often as you always have, but, as you get older, you are gaining weight. How come? What you may not be aware off is that your body's metabolism has slowed down, ...

You Docs: Switch on your skinny, healthy genes
In fact, the study has experts around the world agreeing with us YOU Docs: Physical activity is great and enjoyable medicine; we like to call it Lifestyle Medicine. And this "gene therapy" isn't science fiction. We're not talking about freaky DNA ...

Small steps, big results
Worcester Telegram
30-Day Plan for Healthy, Lasting Weight Loss” (Weinstein Books), Freston suggests making small, focused changes toward a healthier lifestyle rather than the all-at-once approach manyweight loss programs advocate. The book gives one small step you can ...

Anne Hathaway Goes on Extreme Diet to Prep for Les Miserables Role
Us Magazine
It would be unhealthy for me to yo-yo diet, live anorexic-esqe lifestyle regularly by actresses don't generally eat just nothing... they eat a complex variety of super-healthy, low/no cal foods and shakes prepared FOR them. They may "act" like is soooo ...

Us Magazine

Weight loss inspires vow renewal
Green Bay Press Gazette
"Through the years, I had tried every fad diet there was, but there was Richard telling me the only way to lose weight is to eat right and exercise," she said. "When my husband, Darryl, came home from work, I said, 'There's a Weight Watchers meeting ...

Health Systems Ignore Patients at Their Own Peril
In my experience reviewing or implementing over 100 health IT systems, the core purpose of legacy healthIT systems is crystal clear — their job is to get as big a bill out as quickly as possible. Why wouldn't it? The much-criticized fee-for-service ...

The skinny on weight loss surgery
The Express Tribune
Weight loss surgery very much on menu for those who can't seem to lose extra pounds through diet and exercise. By Batool Zehra Weight loss surgery is very much on the menu for those who can't seem to lose the extra pounds through dietand exercise.
The Express Tribune

Sugar-free coffee or green tea: which is healthier?
Times of India
Green tea, on the other hand, is a healthy drink because it is a decent source of antioxidant polyphenols. A refreshing and calorie-safe beverage, green tea works as a good substitute for unhealthy beverages regularly consumed in today's lifestyles.

Sisters teach each other the basics of fitness
Sisters Rochelle LaRose, left, and Erica Eddings have relied on each other in their effort to lose weight. LaRose has lost 122 pounds in 17 months and Eddings has lost 83 pounds in nine months. The way Rochelle LaRose and Erica Eddings describe ...

Another kind of 'hunger games'
Los Angeles Times
Now I face the magazine rack with its promise that I can lose 30 pounds in 20 minutes by embracing three simple diet tips! Yes, I know there are few things more boring than other people's "weight loss journeys," but, conversely, there is nothing quite ...

Grace Notes: God, Give Me a Saner Attitude Toward Food
Atlanta Journal Constitution
By Lorraine V. Murray The first word I learned after “mama” was “diet.” Ever since childhood, I've been running the numbers in my head. How many calories are in the roll? And does the rigatoni harbor more carbohydrates than the rice?

Bel Marra Health Comments on a Recent Study that Shows Two Specific Genes Play ...
PR Web (press release)
Researchers speculate that consuming a chronic high fat diet results in gene mutation and a reduced ability to perceive and experience satisfaction from fats in foods, as opposed to the other way around. Bel Marra Health, well known for offering ...

Obese pets vie to lose weight in 'Biggest Loser'-style 'Pet Fit Club' competition
New York Daily News
Veterinarians have placed Maverick, a 22-pound puss that weighs 85% more than its ideal weight, on a strict diet to help him shed pounds. Fifi, a 21-pound cat that gorges herself at every opportunity, is one of 18 British pets vying to lose weight as...

New York Daily News

Healthy nutrition, healthy families
Malaysia Star
The objective of NMM is to promote greater awareness and the practice of healthy eating and active living, to reinforce the Government's healthy lifestyle programme. The NMM programme is a collaborative effort among the Nutrition Society of Malaysia ...

Skipping breakfast could cause diabetes in men
Times of India
They also show that even men, who are not overweight and may have a reasonably healthy diet the rest of the time, could still be at risk if they miss breakfast. The findings emerged as part of a wide-ranging study being carried out into male health by ...

Trauma Release For Enhanced Health And Happiness
Huffington Post (blog)
I still use EP in my practice or refer patients to EP practitioners while I focus on the more physiological aspects (diet, nutritional supplements, hormonal balancing, etc). I find the combination to be extremely useful: The brain functions better when ...

Indian moms are awkward around fat kids
Times of India
After Internet users unleashed a venomous attack against a US-based fashion magazine staffer, who wrote about the diet she put her 7-year-old daughter on, Anuradha Varma finds out how comfortable Indian mothers are when handling overweight kids.

Does Bioslim Work to Help Weight Loss? - Dietary Supplements News
Food Consumer
By David Liu, PHD Sunday April 8, 2012 ( -- The maker of weight lossproducts under the brand bioslim claim on its website that bioslim diet pills are a medical breakthrough and is the only truly naural, super-effective way to lose ...

Can changing my diet stop bloating?
South Asia Mail
The good news is there are changes you can make to your diet that may very well eliminate bloating. •Why does my healthy diet make me so flatulent? Bloating refers to gas buildup in the stomach and intestines that can be caused by several factors.

Crazy diets
The Express Tribune
This diet advocates sleeping 24/7 for weight loss. Elvis Presley apparently was a devotee of this diet fad back in the 1970s. The diet advocates sedating yourself for several days, so you can lose weight while sleeping. Unfortunately, our body is a ...

The Express Tribune

The skinny on weight-loss surgery
Daily Mail
The trial aims to help morbidly obese 13- to 18-year-olds lose weight 'The termweight-loss surgery encourages the idea that these are cosmetic procedures with the sole aim of making larger people look better,' says consultant Shaw Somers.

Daily Mail

CARMONA: Obesity in mature people is a growing problem
Sacramento Bee
That is why recent research has learned that, together with diet, exercise and lifestyle changes, drug therapies might help disciplined and motivated patients lose significant weight and possibly keep it off. Of course, diet and exercise are essential.

Highway to health
The nutrition targets that have been set to achieve a healthier diet reveal a number of trends specific to consumption and cooking in Malta. Changing the national diet will be hard, but it will do a world of good in making our population healthier.

Central Wisconsin has mix of most, least healthy counties in state
Wisconsin Rapids Tribune
Wood, Portage and Marathon all rank in the top third of counties statewide, according to the 2012 County Health Rankings study by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Shifa Hospital holds Health Mela to mark World Health Day
Pakistan Daily Times
He encouraged the citizens to visit parks and other places and adopt simple and healthy lifestyle. He praised Shifa Hospital, calling it a fine hospital in private sector that was not only providing best health facilities but also playing an effective ...

Crash diets do more harm than good
Times of India
And that causes irritation and physical change as well," She also says that you will pile back the weight you lost once you stop the diet. Ambika Shekhar, a dietician, believes that crash diets bring about unnecessary health problems.

Are salt substitutes healthy?
Idaho State Journal
The seasonings aisle at the grocery store can be overwhelming, especially if you're trying to find a healthy alternative to salt. There are many seasoning products on the market and the ways the food industry promotes them can make it difficult to find ...

Researchers say sugar is not so sweet
By Kelly Marose - email Amarillo, TX - For many of us, sugar may be a bigger part of our diet than we may realize and health problems are piling up. Some researchers are saying it can be toxic to our health and there are some red flags to look out for.

City marks World Health Day
Pakistan Daily Times
LAHORE: Like rest of the world, World Health Day was observed in Pakistan on Saturday to commemorate the foundation of World Health Organisation. Seminars and awareness programmes were arranged by the Punjab Health Department and non-governmental ...

At Shiwangfu, health is what's for dinner
China Daily
Ma began by clarifying some cornerstones for life defined by the World Health Organization: proper diet, exercise, no smoking, restrained drinking - and a balanced mental state. China has 70-90 million diabetes patients, and the number of people with ...

'Addicted to fitness'
Daily Inter Lake
“Lattes are my weakness, but I try to eat pretty healthy. I try to keep a healthy diet, lots of raw food. I don't eat out very much,” he said. His training schedule is enough to tire a person out. It's pretty much 1-2 hours, five days a week after work ...

Randy McClain: Startup eyes niche in healthy beverages
The Tennessean
George Malone figures running his own company to manufacture and market healthy drinks for kids and adults can't be any harder than the little hike he took two years ago. Malone is a former accountant who trekked on foot 1000 miles in Spain, ...

Health of oceans matters, too
Washington Post
As someone who hasn't eaten fish or other sea animals for more than 10 years, I must point out that there's more to the “fish debate” than health issues [“Help yourself,” Health, April 3]. Fish are complex animals that feel pain.

The Mediterranean diet | Justrec
By Marian L.
What is the Mediterranean diet? The Mediterranean diet is inspired by the foods eaten countries of the Mediterranean coast, such as Greece, France, Spain and southern Italy. In a way, the Mediterranean diet is similar to other heart-healthy diets . The diet ... Some studies have shown that making the Mediterranean diet has many health benefits, especially when combined with exercise. It can help you lose weight, control blood pressure and blood sugar and blood cholesterol. In older ...

My Diet/Fitness/Success - Crohn's Disease Forum - Support group ...
04-03-2012, 04:48 AM. dale0607. New Member. Join Date: May 2011. Location: West Point, New York. Posts: 21. My Diet/Fitness/Success ...

Free food events this week: Prohibition, Dukan Diet, healthy eating ...
Free food events this week: Prohibition, Dukan Diet, healthy eating on a budget, chocolate, urban farms. This week has a variety of free food events to check out.

Diet & Fitness - WMDT 47 News - Delmarva's Choice
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