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Link between autism and obesity during pregnancy

Study finds link between autism and obesity during pregnancy
Los Angeles Times
By Amina Khan, Los Angeles Times Pregnant women might now have one more good reason to watch their diet and exercise: A new study links autism and developmental delays in young children to metabolic conditions, like obesity and diabetes, ...

Diet can help get a grip on gout
Fox News
So if you are at risk for gout, you'll do better with a different way to lose weight other than a low-carb diet. Gout is one of the oldest recorded medical disorders, which made me wonder about other ways to treat it besides Western medicines.

Fox News

Diet balanced?
Monroe News Star
Americans are pretty good about keeping their vitamins at healthy levels, but continue to be deficient in iron and vitamin D, according to a new report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is especially true of black ...

Crunch Time for Weight Loss
Huffington Post (blog)
If you've chosen to lead a healthier lifestyle, you've taken on a big challenge that likely includes many sacrifices. One great hurdle is denying yourself the freedom to indulge in snacks whenever you want, especially those that taste great and are ...

The 17-Day Diet: Dr. Phil's Family Ties to Book He Touts
Daily Beast
What those buying the book didn't know: Jay McGraw has had a financial interest in both The 17 Day Diet and another weight-loss plan he and his father heavily promoted. That plan, the PINK Method, is a weight-loss program aimed specifically at women.

Daily Beast

Ladies, watch out for these health problems - Lifestyle News
San Francisco Luxury News
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 80% of women face health risks associated with diet and the environment. While breast cancer is the most prevalent among women above the age of 20, cervical cancer is the second most common type of ...

Mom's Health While Pregnant Linked to Autism Risk
The take-home message would be that any modifiable changes that one can make in theirlifestyle or diet can benefit these conditions and potentially benefit the baby.? The study included more than 1000 children aged 2 to 5. Of these, 517 had autism and ...

7 Simple Ways to Save Money on Healthy Food
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
By Wise Bread Eating a diet of mostly unprocessed, wholesome, raw, and even organic foods can help you maintain a healthy weight and even give you more energy. However, healthy food doesn't always come cheap. Free-range eggs, organic chicken, ...

Julian Bakery Contributes to Healthy, Low-Carb Diets
PR Web (press release)
As such, Julian Bakery assists its customers in successfully adhering to a low-carb diet—ultimately helping them to lose weight and improve their health. According to the aforementioned press release, “During the study, people on the low-carb diet ...

Old Age Should Not Be a Pain
She emphasises that a healthy mother means a healthy baby. Similarly, Vincent Karuhanga, a general practitioner with Friends Polyclinic emphasises good health for a mother. "A woman who smokes or takes alcohol risks the baby's health later in life as ...

Autism Linked to Maternal Obesity
ABC News
"Our findings raise concerns that these maternal conditions may be associated with neurodevelopmental problems in children and therefore could have serious public health implications." The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta ...

ABC News

Foods that keep you cool in summer
Times of India
Eat the right foods that will keep you hydrated and healthy It's that time of the year when you start reaching for diet sodas, ice cubes and the remote to the air conditioner. But the quick relief can lead rather quickly to the opposite of what you ...

Mom's pregnancy weight may increase risk of autism
Fox News
Anything that is not genetic, we consider environmental – so this can include infections, diet, and nutrition. It also includes the health of the mother, because while the fetus is developing, that's the environment that it's in.

Healthy Recipes: chocolate raspberry pound cake
Baltimore Sun
Our latest healthy recipe comes from WebMD. It's for those of you trying to improve your diet, but that can't curb that sweet tooth. WebMD says you can serve this cake with raspberries and a dollop of Cool Whip. If you have a healthy recipe you'd like ...

Diet May Treat Some Gene Mutations
Newswise (press release)
Newswise — BETHESDA, MD -- April 9, 2012 -- Scientists have moved a step closer to correcting some unhealthy gene mutations with diet, according to a new research report appearing in the April 2012 issue of the journal GENETICS ...

Portland Personal Trainer Kisar Dhillon Offers Fat Blasting Exercise Tips To A ...
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
This is going to happen by increasing the intensity of the workout that is being done on the treadmill, elliptical or stair climber, or implementing some kind of high intensity interval training into the fitness routine. What Kisar Dhillon creates for ...

We're still hooked on healthy – 10 years on
This is Leicestershire
Agroup of women who joined a Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness club to lose weight are still regulars more than a decade on. The active lifestyle the women now lead after being inspired by the club means they are hooked on exercise.

A Healthy Diet May Reduce Your Risk of Prostate Cancer
Hive Health Media (blog)
Only 12 percent of Americans can accurately estimate the number of calories they need to eat per day to maintain their current weight, according to a national survey of health behaviors. For men, a high-calorie diet may increase your risk of developing ...

Letter: Diet, not surgery, for diabetes
Letters Newsday > Opinion > Letters Print Aa Letter: Diet, not surgery, for diabetes Published: April 8, 2012 10:34 PM The article "Study: Weight-loss surgery may help reverse diabetes" [News, March 27] reports that two studies conclude surgery is more ...


“MasterChef” Judge Joe Bastianich Cooks With “Heart” At New Chicago Walgreens ...
MarketWatch (press release)
Through the “Heart in the Kitchen” program, Joe shares his own 'recipe for good health,' including insights from his personal journey since he was awakened to the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. More information on this program can be ...

Sacre Bleu! French President Nicolas Sarkozy Rids His Diet of Cheese?
However, while Sarkozy's diet may be veering away from French tradition, it's not quite the controversy that's being reported. The Telegraph story reports: “Charles de Gaulle once famously declared: “How can anyone govern a nation that has two hundred ...


Healthy Foods For Women Over 30!
A healthy diet basically includes foods such as green vegetables, fresh fruits, cereals, grains and pulses. However, women over 30 need special foods that are rich in vitamins and proteins. These foods are important to fight diseases, promote fertility ...


Is doing a liquid diet healthy ? - Yahoo!7 Answers
"Is doing a liquid diet healthy ?" - Find the answer to this question and millions more on Yahoo!7 Answers.

Incisive Research Links Teeth With Diet - Health News - redOrbit
You are what you eat is truism that has been given new impetus by 'cutting edge' research led by the University of Leicester that reveals your teeth are literally ...

Diet & Fitness - WFXS, MyFoxWausau - News and Weather for ...
WFXS, FOX55 - MyFOXWausau.com - Channel 55, Wausau, Wisconsin, is "The Right Place" for all your Local News, Sports, Weather, Entertainment and ...

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