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9 Bad Habits That Make You Fat

9 Bad Habits That Make You Fat
When you're working long hours on the computer, running from one business lunch to the next and traveling nonstop, your diet and fitness goals sometimes get derailed in ways you don't even think about. By running from one event to another and having ...


Caveman Diet, Barefoot Running Help Man Get Healthy
That's the message of AJ Jacobs's new memoir, “Drop Dead Healthy.” Jacobs, who describes himself as “skinny fat,” had begun worrying that he might not be around for major milestones in his children's lives. And so, since he's a pioneer in the field of ...

Diet books offer ways to slim down for summer swimsuits
USA TODAY's Nanci Hellmich shares weight-loss insights from the authors of several new diet books. Cynthia Sass, author of SASS Yourself Slim, says "healthy bodies aren't built on flimsy or restrictive plans." Cynthia Sass, author of SASS Yourself Slim...


Diabetes diet advice 'only for 2%' of new patients in Wales, says Diabetes UK ...
BBC News
The Welsh government said it continued to promote a healthy lifestyle. Diabetes UK suggests that 80% of the UK NHS's £9.8bn annual diabetes bill goes on the cost of treating complications, and that by 2035 diabetes will take up 17% of the NHS's entire...

BBC News

Diary of a Diabetic Chef: Readers weigh in on my diet approach and theirs
Some have been from doctors and other health care professionals involved in diabetes care or the treatment of various ailments associated with metabolic syndrome, and some of these have offered help and resources to get the word out about the benefits ...

New Research Suggests Grapefruit Consumption Associated With Lower Body Weight ...
MarketWatch (press release)
... and, when included as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, may help reduce some risk factors associated with chronic diseases.(1) As part of the study, researchers analyzed data from the 2003-2008 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey ...

Eating Recovery Center Encourages Healthy Lifestyle Choices in Preparation for ...
MarketWatch (press release)
Because diets are one of the most common eating disorders triggers, Eating Recovery Center advises individuals to think twice before beginning "quick fix" weight loss regimens and to consult a physician before engaging in diet or exercise programs.

Clue to centenarians' longevity lies in Mediterranean diet
Mother Nature Network
By MyHealthNewsDaily Staff The Mediterranean diet may be one of the keys to long life, a new study suggests. Researchers in Italy found that people living in mountain villages on the island of Sicily, who had lived to the age of at least 100, ...

Mother Nature Network

Los Angeles Bets On Crusading Doctor To Turn Around Public Health System
NPR (blog)
It would be easy to confuse Dr. Mitch Katz with any other doctor at the Roybal ComprehensiveHealth Center in East Los Angeles. His desk in a closet-sized, windowless office is littered with patient records, X-rays and cans of Diet Coke.

Balanced diet, not pork knuckles, key to healthy skin: nutritionists
Focus Taiwan News Channel
Taipei, April 25 (CNA) A balanced diet is the key to maintaining good skin, nutritionists said Wednesday, in response to a recent survey that found most Taiwanese women eat braised pork knuckles in an effort to look younger. Pork knuckles are a great ...

Israeli Diet Puts Pounds on Ethiopian Women
The Media Line
Researchers at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem followed a group of Ethiopians who have been living in Israel for at least 14 years to examine how they were impacted by their exposure to a Western lifestyle and Israeli eating habits.

The Boy Who Changed His Family's Diet
New York Times (blog)
As Marshall walked slowly into the house that day, he said, “Mom, let's do the opposite of 'Super Size Me' ”— Morgan Spurlock's documentary about a McDonald's-only diet for 30 days — “and be healthy for a month. I'm tired of this.

New York Times (blog)

Can Weight Loss Help African American Breast Cancer Survivors?
Phys.Org (press release)
Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago's Institute for Health Research and Policy have designed a novel community-based weight loss intervention designed for African American breast cancer survivors. Under a five-year, $3 million grant ...

Hungary to punish diabetics that cheat on diet
New York Daily News
Hungarian diabetics who fail to stick to their diet will be deprived of more modern treatments from July, under a government decree published Monday aimed at cuttinghealth spending. Diabetics undergo a blood test on average every three months and ...

New York Daily News

CFS announces First HK Total Diet Study findings on Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers
7thSpace Interactive (press release)
Hong Kong (HKSAR) - The dietary exposure of the local population to Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) was low, indicating that it was unlikely to be a significant health concern, according to the third report of the First Hong Kong Total Diet ...

Let Them Eat Slime
Huffington Post (blog)
Despite an almost perfect diet chock full of vegetables, legumes and whole grains, a well-known doctor convinced her she needed to adopt a low-grain Paleolithic diet. Marilyn had avoided meat for health reasons, but now she was adding the increasingly ...

Soft drinks - even diet ones - could lead to a stroke
Globe and Mail
A new study conducted in 127456 healthy men and women, has linked soft drinks – sugar-sweetened and diet – with a higher risk of stroke. The findings also revealed that substituting coffee or skim milk for soft drinks guards against stroke.

Globe and Mail

6 Dieting Rules You'll Love to Follow
Don't eat this, stay away from that — following a diet can seem like a total killjoy. If you're feeling depressed about how restrictive your diet is, here are some proven weight-loss rules you'll welcome with open arms. Dig into a big breakfast: ...

Kelly Bensimon Wants To Make You 'Hot'
Entertainment Tonight News
Kelly Bensimon: When I was on Housewives, a lot of the fans were always asking me about my diet, my health, my fitness, what I was wearing, my style, who does my hair, how I raise my kids – every aspect of my life was very, very interesting to them.

Entertainment Tonight News

Start your summer diet today, say experts
This allows dieters sufficient time to lose weight the healthy and sensibile way over a 12-week period, so by the time schools start to break up and the holiday period is in full swing, dieters will have achieved their summer weight loss goals.

How celiac sufferers can eat gluten-free
The Times Herald
That said, some folks have scoffed at Cyrus' announcement, calling her just another celeb riding “the gluten-free bandwagon” to lose weight. Norristown-based health coach Jennifer Fugo doesn't pretend to have the skinny on Cyrus' condition.

Foundation unveils diet plan to help smokers quit
Focus Taiwan News Channel
Taipei, April 25 (CNA) The John Tung Foundation, a health promotion body, on Wednesday unveiled a four-week diet plan that it said will help people quit smoking. The diet plan features five meals per day with a total calorie intake of 1800, ...

Health Blogger Could Be Jailed for Giving Health Advice While Unlicensed
The Atlantic (blog)
Cooksey, who had never thought much about dieting, began reading up on eating plans that would keep his insulin levels low, and eventually adopted the Paleo diet -- a low-carb, high-protein eating plan that mimics the imagined consumption habits of ...

The Atlantic (blog)

Healthy Diet Tips: Hints for Healthy Eating
Are you interested in a healthy diet, but don't know where to start? Here are a few easy tips to get you on your way. Healthy eating can be such a confusing topic. There are so many conflicting opinions from experts. We've spent most of the past decade ...


Why the Mediterranean diet is good for your health–and the environment (blog)
People who wish to eat healthy should consider the Mediterranean diet, according to a report released on Earth Day. The report “Eating Planet,” released by the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition (BCFN) and published in collaboration with Worldwatch ...

Owner Of Ideal Fitness Trends And Expert Fitness Trainer Jared DiCarmine ...
Seattle Post Intelligencer
Sadly, none of this worked until he changed up his methods and began really experimenting with physiology through diet and exercise. One of the biggest things DiCarmine found with regards to how to get rid of love handles is the ability for the body to ...

Six weeks to OMG: the diet that will make you disappear
The Guardian
The hot new advice book by Venice A Fulton, Six Weeks to OMG, is the latest fad dietsporting an internet-age title. It claims to use a mix of nutrition, biochemistry, genetics and psychology to help you lose weight – leaving one to wonder how a person ...

The Guardian

Dorfman: What's the skinny on new diet test?
The Star-Ledger -
Well, a Florida-based international company called Cell Sciences Systems has developed a program, actually a simple blood test, to reveal sensitivity to food and associated chemicals which causes chronic health problems, especially obesity.

The Star-Ledger -

Health Benefits of the Israeli Diet | Kosher Recipes – Joy of Kosher ...
By Tamar Genger MA, RD
Health Benefits of the Israeli Diet. Only a few days until Yom Ha'atzmaut (Israeli Independence Day) and it got me thinking about those amazing Israeli breakfasts of fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, cheeses and yogurts and fresh squeezed ...
Kosher Recipes - Joy of Kosher...

Random Thoughts: Obesity, Weight loss, Metabolism, Diet & Exercise
By Evelyn aka CarbSane
Welcome all seeking refuge from dogmatic lifestyle advice! ... First, so we're all (newer readers especially) on the same page, I did no formal exercise during the active weight loss phase and long plateau from sometime summer 2007 through spring 2009. This was ... Depending on one's level of obesity and accompanying fitness, exercise may be counterproductive. ... I must say that I've been surprised there aren't more injuries and health-scare events on shows like The Biggest Loser.
My Carb Sane-Asylum

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Sexy Loser: ABS TONED – Fitness & Diet. Sexy Loser: ABS TONED - Fitness & Diet Video ...

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