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Your digestion holds the key to your health

What your gut's telling you: why your digestion holds the key to your health
But it can't be healthy.' For years the gut – or to be more precise, our system of digestive organs – has been the Cinderella of medical science. While the brain provides an endless focus for research, fascination and wonder, the gastrointestinal tract ... 

Moms: Lose Weight Before Pregnancy
Every parent's hope is to bring a healthy baby into the world. Women planning a pregnancy can increase those chances by first taking a good look at their own health - and their weight. A new study reveals that even eating a healthy diet during a ...

Lester Breslow, Who Linked Healthy Habits and Long Life, Dies at 97
New York Times
Dr. Lester Breslow, a public health leader whose research gave mathematical proof to the notion that people can live longer and healthier by changing habits like smoking, diet and sleep, died Monday at his home in Los Angeles. He was 97.

New York Times

Slimming before pregnancy ensures healthier birth
Times of India
Even if obese women eat healthy during pregnancy, their babies may suffer future healthproblems. So it is advisable to lose body weight before going in for pregnancy, says a news study. "We can see fat sequestered in the placentas of obese mothers ...

Koreans switching back to traditional meat-free diet
The Korea Herald
For them, forgoing meat in favor of vegetarian fare has been a decade-old family tradition to stayhealthy. “It used to be samgyeopsal and beef ribs when we ate out 10 years ago but not anymore,” the 41-year-old housewife said, as her family dined at a ...

Collaborate for a healthy weight
Beckley Register-Herald
By Lisa Shrewsberry Lifestyles Editor Children don't always listen to their parents, especially where matters of diet and exercise are concerned, said New River Health Association Physician Assistant Joy Woods, one of the midlevels participating in ...

Savvy Shopper is redoing her family's diet
By RACHEL HARDY Some of you may already know that I've started a new weight loss regimen. I'm walking and drinking lots and lots of water. It hasn't been easy, but I've almost completely eliminated Dr. Pepper from my repertoire. If you know me, ...

Is soy healthy? Rest assured, despite conflicting advice
Poughkeepsie Journal
Despite these findings, the US Food and Drug Administration authorized a health claim for products containing at least 6.25 grams of soy protein per serving stating that soy, “as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk ...

Physically It: Fool-proof-self-control lifestyle change will work wonders
The Dixie Sun
By Alissa Curto Diet shmiet! Moderation shmoderation! I don't need those because my new healthy lifestyle never fails. So, as you have probably experienced, diets suck, right? While they sometimes work, we are either starving ourselves or eating some ...

Dieting: a pot-bellied history
The Guardian
"Diet" comes from the Greek word diaita, meaning a sensible way of life, and a far cry from the fad weight-loss plans we wrestle with now. The Greeks did suggest avoiding sex and walking around naked (surely counter-productive?) to slim down.

The Guardian

Tried and true methods work best for losing weight
South Asia Mail
According to the study, successful “losers” followed tried and true methods: they ate less fat, exercised more and some joined a weight loss program. One in four Canadians are obese and roughly 60 per cent are trying to lose weight.

No diet plan for Adele
Times of India
In times when most celebrities are busy trying to lose weight, Grammy award-winning British singer Adele has no plans to slim down. She enjoys her food as much as ever. "Adele is enjoying her time off and living life to the max.

How to change your life in a week: the ten best health and fitness retreats
It sounds intimidating, but time flies due to the impressive variety of exercises – no day is the same – and the enthusiasm of the trainers (all of whom have backgrounds in military fitness). During the course of the week I tried a mixture of beach ...

Vic Magary's 31 Day Fat Loss Cure Review Released
Albany Times Union
After a quick 31 day fat loss cure review, discovered that 31 day fat loss cure breaks away from other health and fitness products by offering a program that allows people to get quick and lasting results.

6 Simple Weight Loss Principles
Stick to your slimming diet plan with a few simple tricks. Listen to the advice of nutritional experts and experiment with some of the 6 simple weight lossprinciples below. Food deprivation is definitely not the best solution for efficient slimming.

Madison ranks fourth in positive health behaviors
Richmond Register
According to the report's website,, some of the factors measured in the health behaviors category include diet and exercise plus alcohol and tobacco use. Although Madison County has fewer people considered obese than the ...

Fat girl slim
By Angela Hindle 'My diet starts tomorrow' adorned my mother's apron. Isn't it funny how tomorrow never comes? As a ravenous teenager I would arrive home, grumpy, from school. Mum knew how to quell those teenage moods – pop and biscuits galore with no ...

Doctors launch campaign to tackle obesity
The inquiry will look at action that can be taken by individuals, including diet, exercise and parenting, as well as the impact of advertising, food labelling and sponsorship. It will also examine clinical interventions, financial measures such as...

Health study has SE Iowa faring poorly
Burlington Hawk Eye
Health outcomes measure how healthy residents are and how long they live. Health factors focus on tobacco use, diet and exercise, unsafe sex and alcohol use, among others. Of Iowa's 99 counties, Winneshiek County topped the others in overall health ...

Gorillas' diet may fend off cancer
New Scientist
HUMANS aren't the only primate to risk the reproductive repercussions of a diet rich in oestrogen-like compounds. Gorillas and colobus monkeys both eat large quantities of plants containing the chemicals, which can disrupt reproduction but have been ...

Lose body weight before gaining baby weight
TopNews United States
The new maternal and newborn health study has found that chances of futurehealth problems for the infants is high even if their obese mothers stick to ahealthy diet during the course of their pregnancy. Noting that the researchers have observed “fat ...

TopNews United States

Health Q&A: fertility supplements
It's important for both you and your partner to be in optimum health to help your chances of conception. For women, along with folic acid, the most important mineral for fertility is zinc, and the antioxidant vitamins C and E. For men, ...

Diet secrets of Olympic sailor
Dorset Echo
TRIPLE Olympic gold medallist Ben Ainslie revealed a few diet secrets to his online fans. On his Facebook page, Ainslie revealed that to stay at his performing weight he had to eat between 5000 to 6000 calories a day – equivalent to about five roast ...

MTV's TRUE LIFE Returns With A Marathon of All-New Episodes, 4/15
Broadway World
Watch what it's like to be so obsessed with eating healthy that it's actually making three young people sick. And on a special edition of True Life Presents, join us as we give one of our most talked-about former subjects a chance to fix what is ailing ...

Ask Dr. K: Weight loss helps control sleep apnea and Type 2 diabetes
Greenville Daily Reflector
Many of my patients find that being part of weight-loss groups, with other people like themselves, helps them to lose weight. Losing weight through a healthy diet and a regular exercise program can not only improve both sleep apnea and Type 2 diabetes; ...

Health of Pasco residents declines slightly in state study
By CARL ORTH | The Suncoast News Pasco County got mixed scores in recent health rankings of Florida's counties and slipped slightly below last year's levels. In the rankings for 2011, Pasco came in at No. 42 overall among Florida's 67 counties in the ...

Self-made experts write books about getting in shape
Nashua Telegraph
“I read about an abs diet and that p----- me off because it said I couldn't drink. I read about 20 books in that health section. “One day I was standing there with another new book I was about to spend $25 on. I said to myself, 'You know what, dude?

Chuck Norris doesn't sugar-coat health advice
Gupta's segment has trended in top health news since its broadcast. The fact that sugar can be toxic is supported by the research of many people, including that of Dr. Robert Lustig, a leading expert in childhood obesity and pediatric hormone disorders ...

Weight Loss Programs Best Treatment for Obesity
Health Aim (blog)
Obese people who want to lose weight are advised to join a weight loss program for maximum results. This is according to a recent study. Participants of the research who lost at least 5 percent of body weight in the past year said that they ate less ...

Doing something about quitting those bad health habits (by Johnathan Baggs) (blog)
I'm old enough to remember when people discounted studies that smoking could kill you and/or lead to a wide range of health issues. People laughed and tobacco companies spent millions trying to debunk the science as inconclusive.

Why Alabama can't keep the weight off
So when her co-workers at Alexandria High School formed a team for Scale Back Alabama — a statewide weight-loss program — she signed up. She lost 50 pounds. "I had a lot of help from my daughter-in-law, who's into fitness," Duke said.

Vital Signs: Diabetes and stress
The Daily Progress
Vital Signs is a community health promotion column sponsored by Martha Jefferson Hospital, Region Ten, Thomas Jefferson Health District and University of Virginia Health System. Vital Signs is a community health promotion column sponsored by Martha ...

Daytona hospitals offer gourmet dishes, room service
Daytona Beach News-Journal
(NJ | David Tucker) Theresa Massie, manager of food nutrition at Halifax Health Medical Center, and Glenn Evans, the hospital's executive chef, are working to reverse the stereotype that hospital food is boring. (NJ | Skyler Swisher) DAYTONA BEACH ...

Keeping the bone healthy
The Nation Newspaper
Speaking on the importance of sticking to a healthy diet to help sustain our bones over a long period of time, Agnes Chidinuba, a trained nutritionist, says, "Diets that are significantly high in protein (like many low-carb diets) can lead to loss of ...

A Cure for Addiction to Sweet Drinks
The Epoch Times
(David McNew/Getty Images) The great rise of annual sugar consumption from five pounds per person in the 1800s to the present 132 pounds per person is having grave effects on our health. Sugar has no nutritive value unless you eat it from sugar cane.

The Epoch Times

Obesity during pregnancy may pose health risk for fetus: study
Edmonton Journal
TORONTO — A new Canadian study has shed fresh light on a growing problem in the nation's maternity wards: pregnant women whose obesity poses health risks for the fetus that may be as dire as the effects of smoking or drinking.

No shirt, no shoes, but you'll still get service: 5 ab-toning tips (blog)
Finally, for the obliques, basic side bends are a good newbie exercise, but fitness masters can try the Russian twist. Don't try to show off. Everyone's physical needs are different. If you're new to the gym or just doing a new exercise, ...

Is my diet healthy? Please help? - Yahoo! Answers
Is my diet healthy? Please help? I'm 14 and i've been on this "diet" for about 2-3 weeks i haven't eaten barley anything. I eat about 500 calories a day sometimes ...

Is a Gluten-Free Diet Healthy?
Gluten Cost-free Diet program Is a Gluten-Free Diet Healthier? Gluten FreeDiet program ...

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