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Is Your Diet Making You Depressed?

Is Your Diet Making You Depressed?
Yet, relatively little information is known about the impact and role of diet in the development of depressive disorders. Research has suggested that omega 3 fatty acids, b-complex vitamins, as well as olive oil may have a role in preventing the ...


Look to the Mediterranean for dietary wisdom
The Seattle Times
By Carrie Dennett I'm not one to state that there is a single "right" diet for everyone. There are a number of ways to eat nutritiously and well, and what's right for one person may not be spot on for the next person. That said, healthful diets tend to ...

9 Health Myths Debunked
Huffington Post (blog)
Our world is saturated with advice about health and fitness. It is hurled at us from every direction - from sources that are clearly suspect (infomercials, fashion magazines and my "stylist") to those that are meant to have more heft, legitimacy and ...

Diet, exercise benefit cancer survivors: study
Times LIVE
Cancer survivors are being advised that avoiding a relapse could be as simple as maintaining a healthy weight, eating a balanced diet and getting plenty of exercise. New guidelines from the American Cancer Society suggest that for many cancers,...

Times LIVE

Why singer and actress Olivia Newton-John is hopelessly devoted to a healthy ...
San Francisco Luxury News
You can taste the Olivia Newton-John lifestyle at the Gaia Retreat and Spa near Byron Bay in Australia, a peaceful hotel that she co-owns, where guests can lose weight, detox and practise yoga. And now you can eat like she does, with the help of her ...

Why singer and actress Olivia Newton-John is hopelessly devoted to a healthy diet
She's all glossy, with shining eyes, and radiates that natural, healthy beauty that only Australians seem to have. She tells me she is 63 – 63! – but she could easily pass for a decade or so younger. I suppose it has always been this way.

Books offer various diet solutions
The Coloradoan
USA Today's Nanci Hellmich shares weight-loss insights from the authors of several new dietbooks. The book offers a four-meal-a-day plan and includes a mandatory daily dark chocolate. Sass, a registered dietitian with master's degrees in nutrition ...

Clever diet tricks from big-time 'losers' (blog)
By Joy Bauer, TODAY nutrition expert My new book, The Joy Fit Club: Cookbook, Diet Plan & Inspiration, profiles 30 weight loss superstars who have each lost over 100 pounds and transformed their lives. In the book, they share the smart, ...

One Year on the New York Times Bestseller List THE 17 DAY DIET By Dr. Mike Moreno
MarketWatch (press release)
NEW YORK, April 30, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- On May 6th, THE 17 DAY DIET: A Doctor's Plan Designed for Rapid Results by Dr. Mike Moreno (Free Press/$25.00 hardcover) will mark 52 weeks and counting on the New York Times Advice, ...

Top-Rated Diet in America Can Improve Employee Health and Productivity ...
PR Web (press release)
Alere Wellbeing will host the complimentary live webinar, Deconstructing DASH: How Your Workforce Would Benefit from America's #1 Rated Diet, on May 15 and May 22. Obesity expert Robert F. Kushner, MD, Clinical Director of the Northwestern ...

Dairy-Free is Problem-Free With New Vitality Health Foods, Inc.'s New Expanded ...
Houston Chronicle
The days of having a hard time finding a healthy, tasty, and versatile dairy-free alternative are long gone. New Vitality Health Foods, Inc. recently expanded its dairy-free selection and now offers consumers a variety of dairy-free choices of: ice ...

Oldways offers a Dietitian A Day Through the Month of May showcasing the foods ...
By Pati LaLonde Durning the month Oldways are offering a Dietitian A Day Through the Month of May program to showcase the foods and health benefits associated with the Mediterraneanlifestyle. Teaming up with it's Mediterranean Foods Alliance, ...

Former fitness trainer who ballooned to 27st after becoming addicted to CRISPS ...
Daily Mail
Former fitness trainer who ballooned to 27 stone after developing an addiction to crisps that saw him eat 20 packets every day. When doctors told him his lifestylewould kill him, he finally shed 14 stone - and now weighs in at 13st 10lbs But after...

Daily Mail

The Diet Doc: It Takes a Village — or at Least a Friend
Evansville Courier & Press
With her at the helm, we have small groups and classes for both fitness and nutrition work that have been overwhelmingly positive. There are irreplaceable benefits of effective community. In the current issue of The Atlantic, Stephen Marche highlights ... Continues to Expand Website with a New Health Category Section
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
"Therapeutic spa treatments, weight loss programs, fitness and stress reduction classes, and a full menu of healthy cuisine are just a few of the benefits of attending a health spa," says Mark Verkhovski, a rep for

Health Alert: Matthew Vettese Calls for Access to Healthy Foods
PR Web (press release)
Matthew Vettese calls for healthy foods to become more affordable and accessible to fight the epidemic of obesity in the United States. Throughout the year, individuals and organizations call attention to issues surrounding nutrition, diet, and health.

Snacking tips: Snacks for peak performers
Times of India
Eating well for your particular kind of sport can be very simple, if you understand the healthyeating dynamics well. All it takes is fueling the body with the right kind of carbohydrate, protein, fats, minerals, vitamins and liquids.

Industry Press Releases
Interbiznet Bugler (press release)
Top-Rated Diet in America Can Improve Employee Health & Productivity. Obesity Expert Robert Kushner Presents 2012s Best Diets in Alere Wellbeing's Free Webinar SEATTLE, Wash. April 30, 2012 — Alere Wellbeing will host the complimentary live webinar, ...

Diet, discipline, exercise are big keys for body builder
Great Falls Tribune
Tribune Photo/Rion Sanders Skyler Morgan once thought bodybuilding was a matter of “dietdown and flex.” He's since discovered, “There's a lot more to it,” he said. His pursuit of bodybuilding excellence means trading carbs for protein, spending 2-3 ...

The GMS Co-Hosts Test Out Blue Print Juice Cleanse
WFMY News 2
Greensboro, NC -- Every year there's a new weight loss fad, South Beach diet, Atkins diet, and lately we've heard of people using feeding tubes to lose weight. Another one on the list, The Blue Print Cleanse. News 2's Eric Chilton and Jackie Fernandez ...

WFMY News 2

6 Lose Weight Now Diet Tips
Shedding extra pounds becomes easier with the following 6 diet tips. Follow these simple food swaps and nutritional tricks to embrace a do-able slimming plan to help you lose weight in a healthy way. The regular consumption of well-balanced and ...

The best medicine
Aiken Standard
In fact, the impact of this procedure is greater than most people can achieve by diet and exercise, especially those who are severely obese. Despite the apparent benefits of weight losssurgery, many believe that obesity and obesity-related health ...

Serena changes diet to support sister Venus
By Abhimanyu Nagpal Serena Williams has come out in support of ailing sister Venus Williams and has adopted the her diet. Venus Williams who has been suffering from Sjogren syndrome has got some more support in the form of her sister.

County wants to spread message on healthy diets
Glens Falls Post-Star
Washington County public health officials are struggling with a worldwide problem, as those in lower socioeconomic classes continue to have poor diet quality. Federal health officials have for years quantified the link between class and nutritional ...

Parenthood doesn't help improve your diet, study finds
Globe and Mail
If your current diet is based largely on Kraft Dinner, instant noodles, potato chips and pop, researchers have bad news for you: Parenthood is unlikely to improve your eating habits. You'd think that having children would force people to eat better,...

Globe and Mail

Obesity-Linked Diabetes in Children Resists Treatment
New York Times
A doctor scolded her for being fat and told her she had to lose weight and could never eat sugar again. She left the office in tears and did not go back; soon after, she joined the study at Columbia. Like many of the children in the program, ...

New York Times

Good health keeps wealth in old age
But Clark is not just flexing her muscles, she's protecting her retirement nest egg by stayinghealthy. Economists say health care will become more crucial in retirement planning as medical expenses climb for the elderly. People on Medicare already ...

Newly Diagnosed Teens Have Trouble Managing Diabetes, Study Says
Fox News
All had their blood sugar normalized with metformin, then were given one of three treatments to try to maintain that control: metformin alone, metformin plus diet and exercise counseling, or metformin plus a second drug, Avandia.

Serena Williams Reveals Drastic Diet Change In Support Of Venus
Popular Critic
Venus Williams was forced to make a lifestyle change after being diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome, luckily her little sister Serena Williams is there for support. Venus adopted a new dietplan to help battle the autoimmune disease and Serena has ...

Losing weight's in the mind, not the belly
Being on a diet isn't just about denying yourself food. It's also about denying yourself the truth – because everyone knows that diets don't work in the long term. Think about it, if diets worked a fifth of the UK population wouldn't be obese, ...

What's in a Whole Grain?
Fox News
Who hasn't heard about the benefits of having a diet rich in fiber? Whether the goal is to decrease body fat or to lower the risks of heart disease and diabetes, fiber is a must. But where does the fiber in your diet content come from?

Survivors get tips to avoid cancer return
We've known for years that for people who don't smoke, the most important ways to reduce their risk of cancer are to strive to be at a healthy weight, live a physically active lifestyle, eat a dietmade up mostly of fruit, vegetables and whole grains, ...

Flexibility And The Power Of The Raw Food Spectrum
One Green Planet (blog)
Amazing benefits await when you start eating a raw vegan diet. Common experiences include effortless weight loss, increased energy, softer skin, clear and bright eyes, silky hair, better sleep, mental clarity, major health improvements, and peaceful ...

Teenage diabetes
The Seattle Times
(April 29, 2012, by tomday09) MORE OBESITY You can lose weight and still eat what you like, YOU have to prepare it... (April 29, 2012, by A Wise Grandfather) MORE New research sends a stark warning to overweight teens: If you develop diabetes, ...

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