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Buzz: Brides Try Feeding Tube Diet

Health Buzz: Brides Try Feeding Tube Diet
U.S. News & World Report
Also known as the KE method, it's the latest wedding crash diet, and it's raising eyebrows among health experts. The 10-day plan requires brides-to-be to live with a nasogastric tube inserted through their nose and threaded into their stomach. 

The KE Diet: Weight Loss Lunacy
Huffington Post
The diet gained fame by combining a 500 calorie/day meal plan with injections of a pregnancy hormone. The pregnancy hormone -- essentially, Dumbo's feather -- has induced legions of people to pay a fortune to lose weight by starving themselves.

Feeding Tube Diet Bride: It's Not Crazy, Besides "I Lost The Weight"
I'm just glad I found a healthy lifestyle that works." And Dr. Michael Cirigliano, on MyFoxPhilly, said this is "the most ridiculous, ludicrous thing... It's mind-boggling. I'm speechless. You should not do anything like this. It's dangerous.


Taking fitness plateaus from failure to feedback
Vancouver Sun
A fitness plateau can be your body's signal that it's time for a change, experts say, or a sign that you've been looking for progress in all the wrong places. "A plateau is a period where you stop making progress," said Marshall Roy, ...

New Jersey Fitness Expert and Diet Coach Denounces Feeding-Tube Diet for ... (press release)
Morris County, NJ personal trainer and fitness expert Carey Yang denounces the recent fad diet "KEDiet" for extreme weight loss as a biggest loser's hunger game. Denville, NJ, April 23, 2012 --( Medicine, ethics, and greed at the cross roads?

Can Following a Vegan Diet Be Appropriate for Children?
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
Going totally vegan is becoming increasingly popular among health-conscious adults and many encourage their children to follow suit. But some parents are unsure whether diet restrictions they find healthful for themselves are also a good choice for ...

Common Mistakes Women Make when Dieting
Yahoo! Sports
Contributor Network – 1 hour 50 minutes ago When it comes to dieting, many women have tried just about every diet out there. From fasting to diets to weight loss pills, the market is saturated withweight loss plans of all types.

Justin Levine: Supplements won't balance a bad diet
Visalia Times-Delta
I am a huge advocate of creating a healthy lifestyle first. No supplement or vitamin is the end all, be all to nutrition and health. Understand this first. The actual definition of supplement states: Something that completes or enhances something else ...

California Walnuts Seeks the Best Natural Ways to Defend the Human Body
MarketWatch (press release)
Leading health professionals, like Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr. Wendy Bazilian, believe that sharing tips and strategies for staying healthy and defending the body can help motivate others toward achieving health goals. Whether it's as simple as taking ...

Rice Eaters Have Healthier Diets
MarketWatch (press release)
Our research shows that it contributes important nutrients to the US diet, such as folate, iron and potassium, and may help improve overall diet quality and reduce the risk of becoming overweight." Using data from the National Health and Nutrition ...

Weight Loss Success: Jacquelyn Taylor Made Over Her Way Of Life And Lost 70 Pounds
Huffington Post
I knew I had to take control and gain back my health. How I Lost It: I started a lifestyle change (I will not call it a diet). I was very limited to the exercises I was able to do and any high-impact exercise was out of the question, ...

Die, Die, Diet: Robert Rosenblum's Diet-Themed Thriller/Mystery – Installment 1
CalorieLab Calorie Counter News
[Author Robert Rosenblum has published a couple of dozen books, mostly under pen names, but his latest, under his real name, is a change of pace for him: A humorous thriller/mystery about a series of murders of America's diet gurus.

Raspberry Ketone Plus: The Advanced Diet Supplement For Fat Burning, available ...
Albany Times Union
Recommended as the healthy, safe, natural product to help boost weight loss and fat burning, Raspberry Ketones are the latest and greatest when it comes to fat fighting dietary supplements. However, not all Raspberry Ketone supplements are the same.

UQ study seeks link between childhood dental problems and later poor health
Phys.Org (press release)
Researchers are working to determine whether poor dental health can influence children to eat unhealthy food, placing them at higher risk of obesity and chronic disease in later life. The University of Queensland Children's Nutrition Research Centre ...

Weight Loss: What drives women to diet and why do diets fail?
Plus Size Tall
I have just read an article in the Daily Mail by Jenni Murray about her struggle with weight loss after having put on the weight she lost after dieting. The article made me think about what drives us to dietand why diets fail.

Another Horrible Weight Loss Method
TopNews United States
It is the diet plan in which one shall consume their daily nutrition through a nasal tube. As bizarre as it sounds, this type of diet treatment is being used by a number of people in the vicinity to shed off the extra pounds. This is a costly procedure ...

TopNews United States

Napa Valley's Festival Del Sole Promotes Health by Highlighting Yoga and ...
Diets In Review (blog)
Further enhancing the extraordinary lineup of world-class concerts, theater and epicurean delight is yet another healthy indulgence. Diet and fitness expert of CNNhealth, Dr. Melina Jampolis will be discussing her wellness program, “The Secrets of ...

Health News: Top expert tips to get rid of tummy fat for good
Scottish Daily Record
In a study published in the health journal Depression and Anxiety, people who practised deep breathing exercises reported a 40 per cent reduction in their stress levels. DO you have a bloated tummy and a fondness for Pinot Grigio?

Babies Don't Want Vegan Mommies? What a Load of Baloney.
Miami New Times (blog)
The writer, Alexandra Le Tellier, was responding to the release of Vegan Is Love, a new children's book that explains and advocates a vegan diet. Le Tellier was clearly looking for evidence to support her own half-baked belief that veganism can't be ...

Miami New Times (blog)

Natalia Vodianova: 'It's Better to Be Skinny Than to Be Fat'
New York Magazine
I'm sorry, but today the NHS [Britain's National Health Service] are fighting against obesity, children are taken away from their parents because they're too fat … And here we are, defending that we are healthy and skinny." On her diet: "I respect my ...

New York Magazine

Losing weight without diets
Isle of Man Today
Forget crash diets, the only way to lose weight in the long term is a healthy balanced diet and daily exercise. Here Laura Williamson, of the Castletown Health and Beauty Store, explains: DID you know that up to a third of people who diet weigh up to a ...

Isle of Man Today

Rutgers Study: Vitamin E in Diet Protects Against Many Cancers
Next time you need to choose between vegetable oil and margarine in that favorite recipe, think about your health and reach for the oil. Vitamin E in vegetable oils and nuts prevents cancer, according to research done at Rutgers University and the ...

These people can ruin your diet
Dubuque Telegraph Herald
Your best buddy can throw a wrench in your weight loss just as easily as pizza, French fries and fast food. "Those who are close to us have great influence on our eating and exercise habits," said Angela Ginn, registered dietitian and spokesperson for ...

Burger King: Salad, Smoothies And 'Healthier' New Menu
Huffington Post
When most people think of fast food, they aren't exactly focused on health benefits. But over the last few years, several chains that are known for diet-busting cheeseburgers have introduced some better-for-you alternatives. The latest restaurant to ...

I felt down in Disneyland!
This is Leicestershire
She was personally picked by diet and fitness guru Rosemary Conley for the pampering in recognition of her progress in losing weight. She has lost 2st 7lbs since she joined Rosemary's dietand fitness class in Birstall. She said: "It feels unbelievable ...

Air Quality Weighs Heavy On Kids' Obesity Risk, Study Finds
There's no doubt that bad diet and exercise habits are the main causes of being overweight and obesity, but new findings from Columbia researchers shows air pollution might put your kids at greater risk of packing on extra pounds.


Avoid these foods to avoid constipation
Times of India
On the other side of the healthy-unhealthy food spectrum, there are also some popular foods that you should avoid if you want to stay away from constipation. We give you 5 foods to exclude from your diet. Processed food: Whether it is frozen foods or ...

Caprock Home Health Services, Inc. offers in -home telemonitoring program
While chronic, each of these conditions can be managed with proper medication, diet and lifestyle. As part of their dedication to offering the best possible home care for patients, Caprock Home Healthis pleased to offer a telemonitoring program ...

Skip breakfast and take a cold bath every morning: The new diet that will have ...
Daily Mail
By Sadie Whitelocks Skipping breakfast, cold baths and black coffee are some of the extreme weight-loss techniques that are taking the dieting world by storm. For more than a decade he helped the Hollywood elite trim down for the red carpet, ...

Daily Mail

Take a Gut Check
Poor health, that is; the combined consequences of an unwholesome diet, stress, aging, and not drinking enough water. Every year, more than 90 million Americans seek help from a doctor for gut-related problems such as acid reflux, pancreatitis, ...

Now it's Weight Watchers on your high street: Slimming chain opens first UK ...
Daily Mail
Weight Watchers has launched a Lifestyle Centre in Reading, Berkshire offering low-calorie meal deals and diet support to those on the go. If a success, the New York-based company which already has stand-alone stores in the US,Australia and China,...

Daily Mail

A cure for diabetes
Aiken Standard
By Brian Parr Ph.D., Feature columnist Diabetes is among the fastest growing health conditions in the United States. More than 25 million adults have diabetes, with nearly two million new cases in 2010 alone. If you include prediabetes, which tends to ...

Holistic nutritionist reveals top five spring trends and tips in healthy living
MarketWatch (press release)
Holistic nutritionist Joy McCarthy, in partnership with the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA), today released her top five healthy living trends and tips for spring 2012. Her findings are based on observations in her own practice and interviews ...

Now you can shape up with a smile
This is Leicestershire
He and Rosemary have teamed up to create Kardy-O-Fun workouts, which are to be introduced to all Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Clubs classes from the end of the month. Rosemary's national slimming chain is the only one to include a workout as ...

'Tubby' Dame Edna on a diet
The Age
Everage and Humphries were named weight loss company Jenny Craig's new ambassadors on Monday, ahead of their farewell tour around Australia in June. Edna says losing the weight is necessary in the interests of her health and as a role model.

The Age

6 Wise Daily Weight Loss Tips
The 6 wise daily weight loss tips below increase the efficiency of your diet to shed extra pounds without extra efforts. Eat smart snacks and filling meals that help you enjoy your healthy nutritional plan. Add more fiber to your meals to keep your ...

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