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Study: Diet, Exercise Beats Pills, Fads

Diet, Exercise Beats Pills, Fads: Study
ABC News (blog)
Eating a healthy diet and regularly exercising helps obese Americans lose more weight than those who turn to diet fads and pills. Researchers from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical Center analyzed data from the National Health ...

FDA will take 3 more months to review diet pill
Fox News
Drugmaker Vivus Inc. said Monday that regulators will take another three months to make a decision on its closely-watched obesity drug Qnexa, which could become the first new prescription weight loss pill to reach the market in more than a decade.

Eat more 'superfoods' to lose weight
And forget snacking after 8 pm; that would be breaking diet rule No. 364. "I've hated diets all my life," says Lucy Danziger, who is ironically the author of a new weight-loss book, "The Drop 10Diet." "If I tell you 'Don't think about this,' that's ...

'Drop Dead Healthy': Is the Perfect Healthy Lifestyle Possible?
ABC News
There are thousands of diet and exercise studies for how to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle: Don't eat that, drink more of this, run hard for this length of time then rest, but wait, maybe try a walk-run combo, or extreme yoga, ...

ABC News

New diet books offer weight loss tips
Lansing State Journal
Healthy bodies aren't built on flimsy or restrictive plans.” The DASH Diet for Weight Loss by Thomas Moore and Megan Murphy with Mark Jenkins, (Free Press, $26) is based on the well-balanced DASH Diet, and includes meal plans and recipes.

Want to Lose Weight? Skip Trendy Diets
By Denise Mann April 10, 2012 -- Here's what doesn't really work well if you want to lose weight: "diet" foods, non-prescription weight loss supplements, and liquid or fad diets. So what does work? Eat less fat, get more exercise, join a weight loss ...

For Successful Weight Loss, Forget Fad Diets and Pills
The researchers looked at data on 4021 obese people aged 20 and older who were participating in the government's National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Between 2001 and 2006, about 63% of those participants were trying tolose weight and 40% ...


Diet Doc Offers Announces Personalized hCG Weight Loss Plans for Men
Houston Chronicle
Diet Doc announces a new focus on men's health by offering a weight loss plan that supports normal metabolism function and hormone production. Their doctor-supervised program tailors their plans around each individual. Diet Doc Weight Loss announces ...

Dieters Share Success Strategies
U.S. News & World Report
Researchers who evaluated the strategies of more than 1500 successful obese dieters found that eating less fat, exercising more, taking prescription diet pills and joining a commercialweight-loss program led dieters to lose from 5 percent to 10 ...

Vivus Diet Drug Approval Decision Postponed to July
US health regulators have extended by three months their deadline for making an approval decision on Vivus' diet drug Qnexa, the company said on Monday, marking the latest delay to bring a new obesity treatment to market.

FDA will spend three more months reviewing Qnexa diet pill
By Nanci Hellmich, USA TODAY The Food and Drug Administration won't announce its decision on whether to approve the new diet drug Qnexa (kyoo-nek-suh) until sometime before or on July 17, instead of April 17 as previously announced.


Losing weight is 'not rocket science' claims new report
Irish Independent
Forget fad diets - the most effective way to lose weight is by simply eating less fat and taking more exercise, a study has found. The "not rocket science" weight lossformula achieved results in a large proportion of 2500 obese Americans.

Irish Independent

Researchers identify successful strategies for weight loss in the obese
EurekAlert (press release)
Diet foods and products, nonprescription diet pills, and popular diets were less successful, according to the researchers. "Despite popular perception that obese people are unable to lose weight, a substantial number of obese participants in our study ...

Study Reveals Staggeringly Successful Weight Loss Strategy for Men
MarketWatch (press release) ), the only company that pays Americans to lose weight regardless of which diet and/or fitness program they choose to follow (Jenny Craig(R), Nutrisystem(R), Atkins(R), or any other formal or informal diet/fitness regimen), ...

Health Buzz: Genes Linked to Childhood Obesity
U.S. News & World Report
"We're going to continue to look for more genes, and the more information we get, the more accurately we will eventually make lifestyle decisions for children based on their genetic makeup," study author Struan Grant, associate director of the Center ...

DASH diet is sustainable and safe way to lose weight
Honolulu Star-Advertiser
These are legitimate questions and should be asked before embarking on any diet. If your goal is simply weight loss, then a rather glib answer is that they all work. Cut your calories low enough and you are bound to lose weight.

Food plan considers calories per bite; article says gym trainers can be wrong
Washington Post
Weight Loss Eat more, Weigh less “The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet,” HarperCollins Chances are good that if you've fallen off your diet in the past, it was because you felt deprived of food. According to Barbara Rolls, a Pennsylvania State University ...

Health groups turn to social media to grow
Modesto Bee
For the millions of people who follow a specific diet – either for health, moral or religious reasons – social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and can provide a platform for finding others of the same ilk. Of the 510 Meetup groups in the ...

Miley Cyrus's Secret to Looking Hot: a Gluten-Free Diet
People Magazine
"It's not about weight it's about health. Gluten is crapppp anyway!" Seemingly making light of the buzz over recent photos of the singer-actress, 19, looking on the thin side, she posted a picture of her own. "I can't eat it," she wrote alongside a ...

Pulp fiction vs fact
Irish Independent
But are there any real health and weight-loss benefits to this citrus fruit or was it just one of the many diet crazes over the past few decades? As a citrus farmer's daughter, I really should know more, so I've done a little digging into its ...

FDA will take 3 more months to review Vivus drug
San Francisco Chronicle
(04-09) 15:38 PDT WASHINGTON (AP) -- Drugmaker Vivus Inc. said Monday that regulators will take another three months to make a decision on its closely-watched obesity drug Qnexa, which could become the first new prescription weight loss pill to reach ...

Beware the stealth sugar in your diet
Independent Online
We all know the dangers of too much salt, fat and calories in our diet, but healthprofessionals warn that not enough of us stop to consider our sugar intake. There are obvious sources of it - such as the Easter eggs consumed in large quantities at the ...

Independent Online

5 banned or discontinued appetite suppressants
Mother Nature Network
As Qnexa appears headed toward FDA approval, we take a look at diet pills that have fallen out of favor. By Matt HickmanMon, Apr 09 2012 at 6:12 PM EST Just like the hairstyles of celebrity dieter Oprah Winfrey, more than a few appetite-suppressing ...

Mother Nature Network

Review Is Extended for Vivus's Weight-Loss Drug Qnexa
Wall Street Journal
By DREW FITZGERALD The US Food and Drug Administration extended its review of Vivus Inc.'sweight-loss drug Qnexa by three months to give it more time to examine the company's latest submission. Following the news, Vivus shares sank 8.4% to $21 in ...

FDA Extends Review Of Vivus Weight-Loss Drug Qnexa To July
Wall Street Journal
The US Food and Drug Administration extended its review of Vivus Inc.'s (VVUS) weight-lossdrug Qnexa by three months to give it more time to examine the company's latest submission. Shares sank 8.4% to $21 after hours as the company said Qnexa's ...

One-day flat belly diet routine
Times of India
Even though achieving a flat belly is a matter of months of hard work, sheer dedication, extremely tight lifestyle habits and a rigid exercise routine, one can do tons of healthy dietary activities in a day to keep bloating and puffing of the tummy at ...

More exercise, eating less fat and weight loss programs are in, popular diets ...
EurekAlert (press release)
BOSTON – Contrary to popular perception, a large proportion of obese Americans can and dolose weight, say researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. What's more, they say, the old tried and true methods of eating less fat and exercising are ...

Nicolas Sarkozy Gives Up Cheese, Opts for Healthy Diet
The Daily meal
Apparently, French president Nicolas Sarkozy can — the leader of the fromage-loving nation is abstaining from cheese, meat, and wine to keep up a healthy regime. Of course, his food choices are now one of the many critiques of his character as the ...

How To Lose Weight Fast Without Diet | Fast Weight loss For Free
PR Web (press release)
The Best Way To Lose Weight | How to Lose Weight Fast, Without Being Hungry. Weight LossTips The only thing you need to restrict when eating low-carb is carbohydrates, and I usually recommend staying at 100-150 grams per day for steady weight loss and ...

Exercise beats diet fads when it comes to weight loss
News 10NBC
Those who simply exercised more and ate less fat were significantly more likely to lose extra pounds. Liquid diets and over-the-counter weight loss pills were not as successful in this study.Weight loss programs also seemed to help people lose weight.

Lance Armstrong Fuels Fitness With a Mostly Vegan Diet
by China DeSpain Freeman April 9, 2012 As one of the world's premier athletes and a cancer survivor, Lance Armstrong knows a thing or two about staying healthy and fit. And in a new interview with HuffPo, the IronMan and Tour de France champ reveals ...

Obesity Linked to Neighborhood Features: Do You Live in a Fat Neighborhood?
ABC News
Mom Puts Daughter, 7, on Strict Weight-Loss Diet Watch Video Cafeteria 'Boot Camp' Saves School Lunch Watch Video Ads Use Obese Kids to Scare Parents Watch Video Saelens added that researchers controlled for other variables that could contribute to ...

ABC News

Supplements Fill Gaps in Equine Diet
By Jessica Tremayne-Farkas Supplements are not always necessary to complement a healthy horse's diet, according to equine veterinarians and nutrition specialists. However, when a balanced diet isn't possible, supplements can help stave off mineral ...

Top 6 gluten free diet iPhone & Android apps
Phones Review
Today we've rounded up some of the top apps, for iOS and Android devices that cater for those with gluten-free diets and these should be really helpful for those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle while sticking to a restrictive diet.

Phones Review

The Yoga and Diet Connection
One Green Planet (blog)
Practicing yoga asanas or poses on a regular basis with a skilled teacher can naturally lead you to a cleaner diet and lifestyle. How is this possible? I discussed this correlation with my esteemed and beloved yoga teacher, Summer Quashie on just what ...

One Green Planet (blog)

Benefits Of Gluten Free Diet Weight Loss | Writing away with Blog ...
Welcome to the Benefits Of Gluten Free Diet Weight Loss where we strive to deliver to our readers the most informative and informative information not just ...

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